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One and borough's
One of the borough's largest employers is Welch's.

One and early
One of the early humorists already mentioned, Thomas Bangs Thorpe, can be used to illustrate another point where Faulkner touches authentic Southern materials and also earlier literary treatment of those materials.
One of the most beautiful buildings in Istanbul, it was constructed in the early years of the Seventeenth Century, with a huge central dome, two half domes that seem to cascade down from it, and smaller full domes around the gallery.
One company instituted, early in 1959, a vertical classification system consisting of four levels.
The matter got into the courts this way: One of the early strikes called by the AWOC was at the DiGiorgio pear orchards in Yuba County.
One of the attributes of ANOVA which ensured its early popularity was
One of the enduringly influential early resolutions of the conference was the so-called Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral of 1888.
One of the early published descriptions of implementing a compiler.
One of the sons of Odin was Yngvi, founder of the Ynglingar, an early royal family of Sweden.
One of his early titles, preceding his conversion to Islam, was atiqe, " the saved one ".
One of the circles in which this poetry and its ethic were cultivated was the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine ( herself the granddaughter of an early troubadour poet, William IX of Aquitaine ).
One early example is that of Leonor López de Córdoba ( 1362 – 1420 ) who wrote what is supposed to be the first autobiography in Spanish.
One story is that The Rolling Stones went to stay at Korner's house late one night, in the early 1960s, after a performance.
One of the earliest 20th century practitioners of this method was The Mills Brothers whose early recordings of the 1930s clearly stated on the label that all instrumentation was done vocally.
One early example is the founding in 1877 of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings in Britain to protect the built heritage, this society continues to be active today.
One paper has found that alcohol use at an early age may influence the expression of genes which increase the risk of alcohol dependence.
After two successful comedy albums, Comedy Minus One ( 1973 ) and the Grammy Award-nominated A Star Is Bought ( 1975 ), Brooks left the stand-up circuit to try his hand as a filmmaker ; his first film, The Famous Comedians School, was a satiric short that appeared on PBS and was an early example of the mockumentary sub-genre.
One of his early models was first constructed in 1945 at Bennington College in Vermont, where he frequently lectured.
One early source claims that his surname was Drummond, but the lack of any supporting documentation makes this unlikely.
One advantage Chaplin found in sound technology was the ability to record a musical score for the film ; he also took the opportunity to mock the talkies, opening City Lights with a squeaky, unintelligible speech that " burlesqued the metallic tones of early talky voices ".
One of the best examples of a local currency is the original LETS currency, founded on Vancouver Island in the early 1980 ’ s.
One of the early attempts was an electro-mechanical Chinese typewriter Ming kwai () which was invented by Lin Yutang, a prominent Chinese writer.
One explanation for the origin of obligatory celibacy is that it is based on Christ's example and on the writings of Paul, who wrote of the advantages celibacy allowed a man in serving the Lord, Celibacy was popularized by the early Christian theologian Origen and Augustine.
One clear benefit of the ' late arrival ' of the channel was that its frequency allocations at each transmitter had already been arranged in the early 1960s, when the launch of an ITV2 was highly anticipated.
One of the club's directors Henry Norris, and his friend William Hill, took over Arsenal in the early 1910s, the plan being to merge Fulham with Arsenal, to form a " London superclub " at Craven Cottage.
One of Lane's early trades in Cleveland was to send Roger Maris to the Kansas City Athletics in the middle of 1958.

One and leading
One of the leading members of the Amen corner was cook ; ;
One more muddleheaded play like that one and they'd be leading him away.
One of the most fascinating and intriguing aspects of Ancestral Puebloan infrastructure is at Chaco Canyon and is the Chaco Road, a system of roads radiating out from many great house sites such as Pueblo Bonito, Chetro Ketl and Una Vida, and leading towards small outlier sites and natural features within and beyond the canyon limits.
One of the main proponents of a Jewish homeland in Palestine was Chaim Weizmann, the leading spokesperson for organized Zionism in Britain.
One of the leading German universities for many centuries, it fell upon hard times in the early 19th century, and was forced to close in 1816.
One does not have the right for one phonecall: the police officer leading the investigation may inform relatives or similar if the investigation permits.
Among his leading films was It Happened One Night ( 1934 ), which became the first film to win all five top Oscars, including Best Picture.
One of the outstanding halakhists of the movement, he served as a leading member of the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards from 1948 until his death in 1979.
One of the issues which divided the administration was protective tariffs, of which Henry Clay was a leading advocate.
When Lawrence died on June 9, 2000, the New York Times called him " One of America's leading modern figurative painters " and " among the most impassioned visual chroniclers of the African-American experience.
One exception is Barjami road, named after one of the leading engineers behind Kistas modernisation, Sam Barjami.
One of the leading figures of the Darmstadt School, his compositions and theories were and remain widely influential, not only on composers of art music, but also on jazz and popular music.
One involved John Bonham riding a motorcycle through a rented floor of the Riot House, while another involved the destruction of a room in the Tokyo Hilton, leading to the band being banned from that establishment for life.
One example is reinforced Carbon-Carbon ( RCC ), The light gray material which withstands re-entry temperatures up to 1510 ° C ( 2750 ° F ) and protects the Space Shuttle's wing leading edges and nose cap.
One of the leading theories for the cause of the Cretaceous – Paleogene extinction event that included the dinosaurs is a large meteorite impact.
One of the frescos depicts Elisabeth of Poland, Queen of Hungary leading a chain dance.
One ancestor was a leading activist in the Irish National Land League of Mayo and the Irish Republican Brotherhood ; an uncle, Sir Paget John Bourke, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II after a career as a judge in the Colonial Service ; while another relative was a Roman Catholic nun.
One of the authors, Owen Toon notes: " In this new scenario, organics can be produced efficiently in the early atmosphere, leading us back to the organic-rich soup-in-the-ocean concept ...
One of the leading VSAT service providers is Syscomptech, they were voted the best Direct VSAT Marketers in 2008 and maintains satellites with direct footprints over Nigeria.
One of its leading members was Prince Nikolai Trubetzkoy, whose Grundzüge der Phonologie ( Principles of Phonology ), published posthumously in 1939, is among the most important works in the field from this period.
One of the leading authorities continuing the search for a coherent TOE is Edward Witten, a theoretical physicist who formulated the groundbreaking M-theory, which is an attempt at describing the supersymmetrical based string theory.
OMA New York: the office in Manhattan Koolhaas is leading by Shohei Shigematsu is now designing an extension of Cornell University ( NY ), 111 First Street, a high rise residential building and hotel in Jersey City ( NJ ) and a high end residential tower with CAA screening room at One Madison Park in NYC.
One of Germany's leading scientific researchers and Head of the SS Special Projects Division, Wilhelm " Deathshead " Strasse, is preparing to launch an attack on London.
One of these thirty leading men was a woman called Helen, and the first and most esteemed by John was Simon.
One reason for his success was fullback Maurice Carthon, who provided Morris with excellent blocking and was the team's second leading rusher with 260 yards.

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