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One and advantage
One advantage that would come to the city in having a full-time director, he said, is that East Providence would become eligible to apply to the federal government for financial aid in purchasing equipment needed for a sound civil defense program.
One advantage of benzodiazepines is that they alleviate the anxiety symptoms much faster than antidepressants, and therefore may be preferred in patients for whom rapid symptom control is critical.
One less-noted advantage of PCCs is their lower muzzle report compared to more powerful rifles ; because they are less noisy when fired, they are less likely to cause permanent hearing damage when fired indoor without hearing protection-this can be an important consideration during home defense.
One apparent advantage of the cable car is its relative energy efficiency, because of the economy of centrally located power stations, and the ability of descending cars to transfer energy to ascending cars.
One significant advantage that doubles have over single barrel repeating shotguns is the ability to use more than one choke at a time.
One advantage of keeping the clock frequency down is that it reduces the signal integrity requirements on the circuit board connecting the memory to the controller.
One of the most common issues was that as PC clones became more common, PC manufacturers began ratcheting up the processor speed to maintain a competitive advantage.
In 1991 the performance of some Italian teams attracted attention-they had started using Agip's " jungle juice " Formula One fuel, worth an estimated 15 bhp — giving their drivers a significant advantage.
* Efforts to improve fairness by reducing first-move advantage include the rule of swap, generalizable as " swap -( x, y, z )" and characterizable as a partially compounded and partially iterated version of the pie rule (" one person slices ; the other chooses "): One player places on the board x stones of the first-moving color and a lesser number y stones of the second-moving color (" slicing " in the pie metaphor ); the other player is entitled to choose between a ) playing from the starting position, in which case the selecting player is also entitled to choose which color to play, and b ) placing z ( usually-y ) + 1 ) more stones on the board at locations of that player's choice (" reslicing " in the pie metaphor, with limitations created by the board's existing setup akin to limitations arising from the existing slices in the pie ), in which case the former player is entitled to choose which color side to play.
One reason given for their use is that they are capable of ‘ growing the commons ’, by encouraging future works to be libre to take advantage of existing libre resources.
One advantage of an MRI scan is that it is harmless to the patient.
One advantage this gives IMAP is that the same messages are visible from any computer accessing the email account, since messages aren't routinely downloaded and deleted from the server.
One advantage gained by owning the stadium is that the teams saved considerable money in tax payments.
One observed method Microsoft uses to put the network effect to its advantage is called Embrace, extend and extinguish.
One advantage of printed electronics is that different electrical and electronic components can be printed on top of each other, saving space and increasing reliability and sometimes they are all transparent.
One advantage is that every packet sent contains the sender's and recipient's amateur radio callsign, thus providing station identification with every transmission.
One important advantage ray casting offered over older scanline algorithms is its ability to easily deal with non-planar surfaces and solids, such as cones and spheres.
One advantage of writing code in a referentially transparent style is that given an intelligent compiler, static code analysis is easier and better code-improving transformations are possible automatically.
< Blockquote > One of their kings tried to make a canal to it ( for it would have been of no little advantage to them for the whole region to have become navigable ; Sesostris is said to have been the first of the ancient kings to try ), but he found that the sea was higher than the land.
One of the earliest authors to take advantage of this leap in technology was Andrea Cesalpino ( Italy, 1519 – 1603 ), who is often referred to as " the first taxonomist ".
In Satisficing Consequentialism Michael Slote argues for a form of utilitarianism where “ an act might qualify as morally right through having good enough consequences, even though better consequences could have been produced .” One advantage of such a system is that it would be able to accommodate the notion of supererogatory actions.
One advantage of this type of filtering is that the location of the linear predictor's spectral peaks is entirely determined by the target signal, and can be as precise as allowed by the time period to be filtered.
One method to solve the initial value problem ( with the initial values as posed above ) is to take advantage of the property of the wave equation that its solutions obey causality.
One advantage of service with the East India Company was that employees were allowed to trade in goods on their own account.

One and Chaplin
One of Nikita Khrushchev's most enthusiastic eulogizers, the U.S.S.R.'s daily Izvestia, enterprisingly interviewed Red-prone Comedian Charlie Chaplin at his Swiss villa, where he has been in self-exile since 1952.
" Following its completion, Chaplin embarked on the Third Liberty Bond campaign, touring the United States for one month to raise money for the Allies of World War One.
One journalist wrote: " Nobody in the world but Charlie Chaplin could have done it.
He also often employed inanimate objects in his films, often transforming them into other objects in an almost surreal way, such as in The Pawnshop ( 1916 ) and One A. M. ( 1916 ), where Chaplin is the only actor aside Chester Conklin's brief appearance in the very first scene.
One author called it ' the first lifetime achievement award ' ( despite the fact Charlie Chaplin had won something similar the year before ).
One of the casualties of this tracklist reshuffling proved to be another Fataar / Chaplin tune, written with Mike Love, called " We Got Love ", which would resurface later in 1973 in a live context.
One of his earliest film assignments was as assistant to Charlie Chaplin in the composition of the score to Modern Times ( 1936 ).
One evening, he is visited by a local chapter of Chaplin Fan Club (" Thank You ").
One of the aluminium cutouts of Charlie Chaplin that Cobby attached to his Sopwith Camel in World War I later went on show at RAAF Museum, Point Cook, and the tail skid of one of his victims was displayed at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra.
One A. M. was a unique Charlie Chaplin silent film created for Mutual Film in 1916.

One and found
One indication of the merits of the new management is found in the fact that during the period 1951-1956, while total annual mileage put on the vehicles increased 35%, the total maintenance cost increased only 11%.
One gram of cotton has been found to have a specific surface area of Af.
One study, which involved 1,524 pupils in grades one to six, found that 12 percent of the pupils were seriously maladjusted and that 23 percent were reading a year below capacity.
One medium saw two sheets flapping on a line and found that the name Shietz was significant to the sitter.
`` One of the best matches I've ever found.
One study found that slightly altering photographs so that they more closely resembled the faces of study participants increased the trust the participants expressed regarding depicted persons.
One study examined the physical health of mothers who volunteered over a 30-year period and found that 52 % of those who did not belong to a volunteer organization experienced a major illness while only 36 % of those who did volunteer experienced one.
One of the numerous cuneiform records dated circa 20th century BC, found in Anatolia at the Assyrian colony of Kanesh uses an advanced system of trading computations and credit lines.
One of the few Inca sites the Spanish never found in their conquest was Machu Picchu, which lay hidden on a peak on the eastern edge of the Andes where they descend to the Amazon.
One study on respiratory tract infections found " physicians were more likely to prescribe antibiotics to patients who appeared to expect them ".
One review concluded there were no differences while another found that atypicals were " only moderately more efficacious ".
One paper has found that alcohol use at an early age may influence the expression of genes which increase the risk of alcohol dependence.
One of the last remaining Sunday closing laws in the United States that covers selling electronics, clothing and furniture is found in Bergen County, New Jersey.
One hundred and fifty more occur with the prefix ge-( reckoning a few found only in the past-participle ), but of these one hundred occur also as simple verbs, and the prefix is employed to render a shade of meaning which was perfectly known and thoroughly familiar except in the latest Anglo-Saxon period.
One of the densest natural sources for phages and other viruses is sea water, where up to 9 × 10 < sup > 8 </ sup > virions per milliliter have been found in microbial mats at the surface, and up to 70 % of marine bacteria may be infected by phages.
One boomerang that was discovered in Jaskinia Obłazowa in the Carpathian Mountains in Poland was made of mammoth's tusk and is believed, based on AMS dating of objects found with it, to be about 30, 000 years old.
One defector, Mike Thomas, said he was tempted to send a telegraph to Healey reading " Have found somewhere else to go ".
One of the earliest accounts relating to a large unknown freshwater animal was in 1818, when Hamilton Hume and James Meehan found some large bones at Lake Bathurst in New South Wales.
One of the earliest evidence of Hindu influence in Southeast Asia were stone pillars which bear inscriptions in the Pallava script found in Kutai along the Mahakam River in East Kalimantan, dating to around the second half of the 300s AD.
One academic study ( Heffernan, 2003 ) found that demutualised societies ' pricing behaviour on deposits and mortgages was more favourable to shareholders than to customers, with the remaining mutual building societies offering consistently better rates.
One study found that only 10 % of the patient population presenting with a benzodiazepine overdose are suitable candidates for treatment with flumazenil.
One of the finest natural examples of this ordering phenomenon can be found in precious opal, in which brilliant regions of pure spectral color result from close-packed domains of amorphous colloidal spheres of silicon dioxide ( or silica, SiO < sub > 2 </ sub >).
One example was found in northern Maine growing solitary, instead of in clumps, also exhibiting dingy grey flowers.
One of the first mentions of the term " computational chemistry " can be found in the 1970 book Computers and Their Role in the Physical Sciences by Sidney Fernbach and Abraham Haskell Taub, where they state " It seems, therefore, that ' computational chemistry ' can finally be more and more of a reality.

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