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Only and few
Only a very few of the more advanced ones, such as India and Pakistan, have developed systematic techniques of programing.
Only a few more than 10,000 boats had been registered with the Division of Harbors and Rivers at the end of the 1960 boating season, but many had been taken out of the water early when the threat of a hurricane brought the season to an early close.
Only a few years ago a middle western college circulated a request for a teacher of interior design.
Only a few other people -- very important people -- knew of the nitrogen-mustard eggs nestled below decks.
Only a few days after moving into the White House.
Only in a few cases are leaves produced along the length of the stem.
Only a few weeks after his accession the Ottoman Empire sustained a crushing defeat at the Battle of Slankamen from the Austrians under Margrave Louis William of Baden and was driven from Hungary.
Only a few dates and descriptions in Gettens ' and Stout's book are now outdated.
Only a few individuals in the Soviet Union dared to defend ' traitors ' like Sakharov and Solzhenitsyn, and those who had dared were inevitably punished.
Only a few weeks after signing the agreement, Shuja was deposed by his predecessor, Mahmud.
Only a few months later, Karl Schwarzschild found a solution to Einstein field equations, which describes the gravitational field of a point mass and a spherical mass.
Only a few monarchies ( most notably Japan and Sweden ) have amended their constitutions so that the monarch is no longer even the nominal chief executive.
Only a few species are arboreal-the North American gray fox, the closely related Channel Island fox, and the raccoon dog habitually climb trees.
Only a few, trusted people are aware of it, such as Batman and other members of the Justice League, Superman's cousin Supergirl, and Clark's childhood friend Lana Lang ( In pre-Crisis stories, Lana did not know but their friend Pete Ross did, unbeknownst to anyone — including Clark ).
Only a few interior valleys and coastal strips are flat enough for soil accumulations of consequence, however.
Only a very few comparable DOSes were stored elsewhere than floppy disks ; among these exceptions were the British BBC Micro's optional Disc Filing System, DFS, offered as a kit with a disk controller chip, a ROM chip, and a handful of logic chips, to be installed inside the computer ; and Commodore's CBM DOS, located in a ROM chip in each disk drive.
Only a few educated Romans with antiquarian interests, such as Varro, could read Etruscan.
Only a very few Protestants believe in the infallibility of ecumenical councils, but they usually restrict this infallibility to the Christological statements of the first seven councils.
Only a few compositions that Satie took seriously remain from this period: Jack in the Box, music to a pantomime by Jules Depaquit ( called a "" by Satie ),, a short comic opera on a serious theme, text by Lord Cheminot, The Dreamy Fish, piano music to accompany a lost tale by Lord Cheminot, and a few others that were mostly incomplete, hardly any of them staged, and none of them published at the time.
Only few scholars have argued against Paul's authorship.
Only a few fragments and letters of Epicurus's 300 written works remain.
Only in occupations relating to agriculture, forestry, and school teaching was a rough parity approached, and as few as 6 percent of Finns worked in jobs where 40 to 60 percent of workers were of the opposite sex.
Only a few years into his service as a federal judge, Hopkinson died in Philadelphia at the age of 53 from a sudden epileptic seizure.
Only a few fans could afford more professional printers, or the time it took them to print, until photocopying became cheap and ubiquitous in the 1970s.

Only and examples
Only female voices, examples and opinions provide evidence within this text.
Notable examples include Mike Oldfield's " Guilty " ( 1979 ) Blondie's " Heart of Glass " ( 1978 ), Cher's " Hell on Wheels " and " Take Me Home " ( both 1979 ), Barry Manilow ’ s " Copacabana " ( 1978 ), David Bowie's " John I'm Only Dancing ( Again )" ( 1975 ), Rod Stewart's " Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Only a tiny minority of modern republics do not have a single head of state: examples are:
Only a few examples are given here:
High-profile examples of programme losses include many episodes of Doctor Who, The Wednesday Play, most of the seminal comedy series Not Only But Also, all of the 1950s televised Francis Durbridge serials ( further, the first two serials were never recorded ), the vast majority of the BBC's Apollo 11 Moon landing studio coverage, all but one of the 39 episodes of The First Lady, and all 147 episodes of the soap opera United !.
Some of the most successful examples include As Time Goes By, Steptoe and Son, Dad's Army, Keeping Up Appearances, The Likely Lads, Fawlty Towers, Allo Allo, The Good Life, Are You Being Served ?, Yes Minister, Only Fools and Horses, Absolutely Fabulous, Red Dwarf, The Vicar of Dibley, Father Ted, Blackadder, One Foot in the Grave, Some Mothers Do Ave Em, Porridge, The Thin Blue Line, The Office, The Young Ones, Coupling, Outnumbered and Game On.
Only a few examples of signaling pathways leading to epigenetic changes that alter cell fate currently exist, and we will focus on one of them.
Only a handful of examples survive, which are collected together in the Greek Anthology.
There are many examples of shared memory ( multiprocessors ): UMA ( Uniform Memory Access ), COMA ( Cache Only Memory Access ) and NUMA ( Non-Uniform Memory Access ).
Only a few postally used examples exist, which probably originated from the Post Office circulars sent out as advance notice that the new stamps would be brought into use.
Only eleven examples are known to survive.
Only three examples of this coin are known to exist: two discovered on the River Tyne in 1857, and one discovered in January 2006.
Only four examples of an experimental glide bomb, the Pratt-Read LBE, were produced.
He was briefly the subject of a spin-off strip in the early 1990s that parodied famous films, usually in ways involving the character's love of food ( examples including ' You Only Eat Rice ' and 20, 000 Leeks Under The Sea.
The Deal $, Dollar Tree, and 99 Cents Only Store chains in the US are examples.
Only a few examples of the cupboard desk had more divisions, but they were of a very utilitarian different style, and were often produced by the very families or communities which used them, such as the Shakers.
Only 8, 077 examples of the ES were built in its two model years.
Only 296 examples of the S1 were manufactured ( chassis numbers from 460001 to 460296 ).
Only a few examples survive in private hands, making this stamp one of the great rarities of British philately.
Only a few examples are offered, and apart from plans, the book has only two illustrations to show how an octagonal house might look.
Only six examples were finished making this the rarest of all Corgi Toys products.
Only 500 examples were made.
Only a tiny proportion of these companies have so far grown into multinationals: ARM, Autonomy Corporation and AVEVA are the most obvious examples, and more recently CSR has seen rapid growth due to the uptake of Bluetooth.
Only eleven were built, seven of which were sold domestically, and examples of these cars have sold for US $ 2 million.

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