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Page "fiction" ¶ 350
from Brown Corpus
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Or and was
Or was it her own first ball as mistress of this big house, a Van Rensselaer bride from way upstate near Albany, from Rensselaerwyck.
Or it might have been the absent nephews she addressed, consciously playing with the notion that this was one of the summers of their early years.
Or was the answer less metaphysical??
Or, he might remind Fromm that the 41 per cent figure is really astonishingly low: after all, the medieval guild system was dedicated to the proposition that 100 per cent of the workers ought to turn out only the average amount ; ;
Or was it another revolt inside Vientiane??
Or what was it that, before Via, Sonny, Walter and all, I began almost to dance with shuddering and cry out, `` I knew she'd do it!!
Or, what was worse, she prayed for him out loud at bedtime: `` Please, Lord Gord, please give my brother the strength to go swimming like he promised ''.
Or was that after the torso and legs, waist to toe-tips, of the little girl which had grown from his side??
Or perhaps this was a natural development in their political system.
St Gregory Nazianzen, fellow Doctor of the Church, 330-390, said in Or. 21: " When I praise Athanasius, virtue itself is my theme: for I name every virtue as often as I mention him who was possessed of all virtues.
His long poem The Hashish-Eater ; Or, the Apocalypse of Evil was written in 1920.
Or there can be corroborating evidence related to a certain source, such as what makes an author think a certain way due to the evidence that was supplied by witnesses or objects.
Five months after the release of Tommy, The Kinks released another concept album, Arthur ( Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire ) ( September 1969 ), written by Ray Davies ; though considered by some a rock opera, it was originally conceived as the score for a proposed but never realised BBC television drama.
In 2002, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada, and in 2006 he was awarded the Cannes Film Festival's lifetime achievement award, the Carrosse d ' Or.
The Conversation, which Coppola directed, produced and wrote, was released that same year, winning the Palme d ' Or at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival.
The movie was a critical success, and won Coppola his first Palme d ' Or at the 1974 Cannes Film Festival.
The film was overwhelmingly lauded by critics when it finally appeared in 1979, and was selected at the 1979 Cannes Film Festival and won the Palme d ' Or, along with The Tin Drum, directed by Volker Schlöndorff.
Three films have so far received international recognition by being selected to compete in major film festivals: Caterpillar by Kōji Wakamatsu was in competition for the Golden Bear at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival and won the Silver Bear for Best Actress, Outrage by Takeshi Kitano was in competition for the Palme d ' Or at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival and Himizu, by Sion Sono was in competition for the Golden Lion at the 68th Venice International Film Festival.
Gustave Eiffel was born in Dijon, in the Côte-d ' Or department of France, the first child of Alexandre and Catherine Eiffel.

Or and now
Or else the North really believes that all Southerners except a few quaint old characters have come around to realizing the errors of their past, and are now at heart sharers of the American Dream, like everybody else.
Or, third, it incorporates the United Kingdom rules of succession into the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, which itself can now be altered only by Australia, according to the Australia Act 1986 ; in that way, the British rules of succession have been patriated to Australia and, with regard to Australia, are subject to amendment or repeal solely by Australian law.
Examples include the ISO / IEC 17799 ( Or more properly BS 7799-1, which is now ISO / IEC 27002 ) or the German IT-Grundschutzhandbuch.
Or if it had once been descriptive ( and then perhaps not even a proper name at all ), it may no longer be so ( a location previously referred to as " the new town " may now have the proper name Newtown, though it is no longer new, and is now a city rather than a town ).
In Gallo-Roman religion, Alisanos or Alisaunus was a local god worshipped in what is now the Côte-d ' Or in Burgundy and at Aix-en-Provence.
" In 1986, Menorah merged with The B ' nai Or Newsletter to become New Menorah, now available online through ALEPH.
Some examples of Jewish Renewal-affiliated communities can be found at Beyt Tikkun in San Francisco, founded by Rabbi Michael Lerner in 1996 ; Bnai Or in Boston, founded by Lev Friedman and at one time led by Rabbi Daniel Siegel and Rabbi Hanna Tiferet Siegel ; and Pnai Or in Philadelphia, founded by Reb Zalman in the early 1980s and now led by Rabbi Marcia Prager.
In 1995, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jersey's liberation from Nazi occupation, and thus 50 years of peace, a sculpture was erected in what is now called Liberation Square, in front of the Pomme d ' Or Hotel, the focal point for the celebrations when the island was liberated.
* A one-volume edition ( 1000 pages ), published by Yeshivat Or Vishua and now in its third edition, reflects all the editions based on reliable manuscripts, accompanied by surrounding indexes but with no commentary.
but Scottish heraldry does use ' tierced in pale ' ( e. g. Clackmannan county ( now Clackmannanshire ) has Or ; a saltire gules ; a chief tierced in pale vert, argent, vert ...) A particular type of tiercing, resembling a Y in shape ( division lines per bend and bend sinister coming down from the chief, meeting at the fess point, and continuing down per pale ), is called per pall ( also per pairle ).
" A Line o ' Type Or Two ," Bert Leston Taylor's verse column in the Chicago Tribune, was now being done by Richard Henry Little.
: Consult the genius of the place in all ;/ That tells the waters or to rise, or fall ;/ Or helps th ' ambitious hill the heav ' ns to scale ,/ Or scoops in circling theatres the vale ;/ Calls in the country, catches opening glades ,/ Joins willing woods, and varies shades from shades ,/ Now breaks, or now directs, th ' intending lines ;/ Paints as you plant, and, as you work, designs.
John Evelyn, interested in the early structure of the Society, had sketched out at least six possible designs, but in August 1662 Charles II told the Society that it was allowed to use the arms of England as part of its coat, and the Society " now resolv'd that the armes of the Society should be, a field Argent, with a canton of the armes of England ; the supporters two talbots Argent ; Crest, an eagle Or holding a shield with the like armes of England, viz.
Or the German people can again disguise the truth and start on the road to inflation by incurring further debts and by letting things go on as they are doing now.
The western panhandle section became Abitibi-Ouest MRC, the northcentral section went to Abitibi MRC, the eastcentral and southern sections went to Vallée-de-l ' Or MRC, the farthest eastern section went to Le Haut-Saint-Maurice MRC ( now La Tuque ), and a small part in the southwest went to Rouyn-Noranda MRC ( now Ville de Rouyn-Noranda ).
Or " in " and " out ", " here " and " there ", " now " and " than ", " past " and " present " and " future " and " eternal ".
It has 2 platforms as of now, where both only cater to Churchgate and Borivali ( Or Virar ) bound slow trains.
The armorial bearings of the Victoria University showed charges representative of the three colleges Per pale argent and gules, a rose counterchanged, in dexter chief a terrestrial globe semée of bees Or, in sinister chief a fleece Or, in point a liverbird rising argent, beaked and membered gules holding in the beak a fish argent with the motto Olim armis nunc studiis (" Formerly by weapons, now by studies ").
The group was recognized in the category of " Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album " for their 2008 album, Rock What You Got which is now featured on " ABC Family's " new hit show " Make it or Break it ".

Or and taking
Or am I taking something that could really apply to almost anybody, and forgetting that many other people probably have had a similar experience ''??
The Joshers: Or London to Birmingham with Albert and Victoria by Humphrey Carpenter ( ISBN 0048231428 Hardback, 1977 ) is a children's adventure book ( similar in style to The Railway Children ) based on the adventures of taking a working narrowboat up the Grand Union Canal from London to Birmingham.
Or they can simply lower weights more slowly than they lift them: for example, by taking two seconds to lift each weight and four seconds to lower it.
Roth said working as an actor for Tarantino was like taking a masterclass in directing, and said the only directors he would ever act for were people who had won the Palme d ' Or at the Cannes Film Festival.
It contains a positive message in the lines " Are you taking over / Or are you taking orders?
Hero of Sergey Lukyanenko's Spectrum ( 2002 ) prefers not to seek troubles cooperating with FSB, though taking it half-ironically (" Or do you consider that government is able to exist without counterintelligence ?").

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