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Other and considerations
Other considerations.
Other pollutants, such as benzene and 1, 3-butadiene, are regulated as hazardous air pollutants whose emissions must be lowered as much as possible depending on technological and practical considerations.
This finish is generally used in schools and factories where washability and durability are the only considerations .< ref >" Paint Finish and Sheen Information ; Info on Satin, Eggshell, Matte, and Other Paint Finishes.
Other promotions were for political or family considerations or to secure money for the war against Urbino.
Other considerations were that the FN MAG gunner's position was too exposed.
Other blending considerations include ensuring the coke doesn't swell too much during production and destroy the coke oven through excessive wall pressures.
Other important goals of colonialism were European political considerations, and religious fervor.
Other considerations of the possibility of avoiding unwieldily large numbers can be based on computational complexity theory, as in Andras Kornai's work on explicit finitism ( which does not deny the existence of large numbers ) and
He provided some backing vocals for both The Other Side of Life and Sur La Mer ; however, multiple production considerations led Visconti to leave Thomas ' vocals off of the latter of these two albums, thereby further reducing the texture of their overall vocal sound, which had been rich four-part harmonies, then went down to three, now reduced still further to just the more similar-sounding voices of Hayward and Lodge ( Lodge also providing falsetto vocals and high harmonies ), with Pinder and Thomas each having provided both lower-and higher-pitched vocal harmonies in the group's earlier vocal sound.
Other considerations include the type of turnout ( e. g. normal or swing nose, or slips etc.
Other confessions had acquired popular, if not legal, legitimacy in the intervening decades and by 1555, the reforms proposed by Luther were no longer the only possibilities of religious expression: Anabaptists, such as the Frisian Menno Simons ( 1492 – 1559 ) and his followers ; the followers of John Calvin, who were particularly strong in the southwest and the northwest ; and the followers of Huldrych Zwingli were excluded from considerations and protections under the Peace of Augsburg.
Other considerations are physical characteristics, speech level, scientific testing, and vocal registration.
Other considerations and innovations exist.
Other specific design considerations include operator visibility and load suspension.
Other legal requirements come from malum prohibitum considerations, or things that are a matter of custom or expectation, such as isolating businesses to a business district and residences to a residential district.
Other specific design considerations include operator visibility and load suspension.
Other considerations enter the choice of a code.
Other very important considerations are price and availability.
Other considerations include phenological ripeness, berry flavor, tannin development ( seed color and taste ).
Other considerations during this sentence include:
Other statutory considerations are that the Attorney General or a provincial director may apply to extend the length of time the young person will spend in custody.
Other shapes include: three-pointed, quatrefoil, shielded, flower-like, rounded ( typical of Islamic and African world ), pyramidal, etc., depending either from the type of attacks expected or aesthetic considerations.
Other contraindications are relative, meaning that the patient is at higher risk of complications, but these risks may be outweighed by other considerations or mitigated by other measures.
Other options included a round, counterbalancing " sail " for use in windy areas and which were sometimes painted in the same scheme as the main target, a warning light with adjustable housing, a rare, adjustable turret-style mount for properly aiming the signal if space considerations did not allow for the cantilever to fully extend over the roadway and an " OUT OF ORDER " warning sign that dropped into view if power to the signal was interrupted.

Other and rules
Other items on the agenda during the meetings, which are expected to continue through Saturday, concern television, rules changes, professional football's hall of fame, players' benefits and constitutional amendments.
Other rules include International Financial Reporting Standards, or IFRS, or US GAAP.
Other, non-Chaosium games have used BRP for its core rules.
Other such rules are as follows:
Other fixed earning rules such as a 25 / 75 rule or 20 / 80 rule are gaining favor, because they assign more weight to finishing work than for starting it, but they also motivate the project team to identify when an element of work is started, which can improve awareness of work-in-progress.
Other rules include ; no foot to ball contact, obstructing other players, high back swing, and no third party.
Other fanzines support Warhammer and other popular rules sets.
Other deviations from the standard 4th Edition D & D rules include new damage types such as " Radiation ", Gamma World-specific skills, and increased lethality.
Other, more minor rules changes include folding Armor and Force field into Resistant Defense and reestablishing Regeneration as a separate power.
Other approaches focus on the problem of the formation of international rules: why states voluntarily adopt international law norms, that limit their freedom of action, in the absence of a world legislature ; while other perspectives are policy oriented: they elaborate theoretical frameworks and instruments to criticize the existing norms and to make suggestions on how to improve them.
Other similar Stock Car classes are the 2 Litre Stock Cars licensed by Spedeworth and the 1300 Stock Cars licensed by several different promotors each to slightly differing rules although steps are currently being taken to standardise the specifications in order to make it a national class.
Other deductive systems describe term rewriting, such as the reduction rules for λ calculus.
Other deities might include Mami Wata, god / desses of the waters, Gu, ruling iron and smithcraft, Sakpata, who rules diseases and many others.
Other than the exception for continuing to work after age 70½ differs from the rules for IRA minimum distributions.
Other rules forbid " full nudity ".
Other rules for Class-A roads above apply to these roads.
Other states have discovery rules that are set out either in court rules or statutes, and which vary somewhat from one state to another.
Other manufacturers had no production four-wheel drive car on which to base their response, so FISA was persuaded to change the rules, and open the Championship to cars in Group B.
Other examples of EXPTIME-complete problems include the problem of evaluating a position in generalized chess, checkers, or Go ( with Japanese ko rules ).
Other rules require diversifying counterparty risk and portfolio stress testing against extreme scenarios, which tend to identify unusual market liquidity conditions and avoid investments that are particularly vulnerable to sudden liquidity shifts.
Other inductive games in which not all players know the rules include Penultima and Zendo ; however, the secret rules in those games are made up at the start of play and disclosed at the end of each round, and the scope and subject matter of Eleusis, Penultima or Zendo rules may be more explicit and closely circumscribed.

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