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Other and good
Other good editions are in vol.
Other faiths are even more subtle: the doctrine of karma shared by Buddhism and Hinduism is a divine law similar to divine retribution but without the connotation of punishment: our acts, good or bad, intentional or unintentional, reflect back on us as part of the natural working of the universe.
Other factors can change demand ; for example an increase in income will shift the demand curve for a normal good outward relative to the origin, as in the figure.
Other good examples of this technique for eliminating several yards of waste space and a few seconds of waste time can be seen in Ralph Ince's films, particularly The Right Girl ( 1915 ), and by 1919 it was widely diffused in American films, but not in those made in Europe.
Other theorists may argue that ' complex ' things are ' good ' things.
Other classifications used also include: ḥasan ( good ), which refers to an otherwise ṣaḥīḥ report suffering from minor deficiency, or a weak report strengthened due to numerous other corroborating reports ; and munkar ( denounced ) which is a report that is rejected due to the presence of an unreliable transmitter contradicting another more reliable narrator.
Other suggested folk etymologies or backronyms for kludge or kluge is from klumsy, lame, ugly, dumb, but good enough, or klutzy, lashup, under, going, engineering.
Other philosophers such as Nicholas Rescher or Richard Double have adopted the term, putting it to good use.
Other apotropaic rites include, in some areas of the country, people washing their faces with the morning dew ( for good health ) and adorning the gates for good luck and abundance with green branches or with birch saplings ( for the houses with maiden girls ).
Other roads are two lane highways in very good condition.
Other questions studied in the philosophy of religion include what, if anything, would give us good reason to believe that a miracle has occurred, what is the relationship between faith and reason, what is the relationship between morality and religion, what is the status of religious language, and does petitionary prayer ( sometimes still called impetratory prayer ) make sense?
Other activities promote rural economic growth and support good governance and decentralization.
Other linguistic metaphors may be common to most languages because they are based on general human experience, for example, metaphors likening up with good and bad with down.
Other protective items include dorei, which are earthenware bells that are used to pray for good fortune.
Other problems that have been faced in the past include differences in the fonts used by the printer and the on-screen display ( largely solved by the use of downloadable font technologies like TrueType ) and differences in color profiles between devices ( mostly solved by printer drivers with good color model conversion software ).
Other tasks that don't have this dual-task nature have also been shown to be good measures of working memory capacity.
Other collectors might be a good source of information on insurance protection.
Other good sources are fresh apple cider and unpasteurized beer that has not been filter sterilized.
* Other series strings wired in parallel with the degraded string will now discharge through the degraded string until their voltage matches the voltage of the degraded string, potentially overcharging and leading to electrolyte boiling and outgassing from the remaining good cells in the degraded string.
Other references in classical literature include the belief that upon death the otherwise silent Mute Swan would sing beautifully-hence the phrase swan song ; as well as Juvenal's sarcastic reference to a good woman being a " rare bird, as rare on earth as a black swan ", from which we get the Latin phrase rara avis, rare bird.
Other areas of the pitch may also often be used as a variation to a good length delivery.
Other US diplomats and politicians were also advised and to play on Bildt's self-image to " keep him on a good mood ".
Other recurring bits on the show include fictional commercials, including those for The Catchup Advisory Board ( its name a compromise between the two common spellings for the condiment: " catsup " and " ketchup "), which proclaims the good news about the condiment's " natural mellowing agents " after a short skit of the sufferings of Jim and Barb, a middle-aged couple ; the American Duct Tape Council ; Marvin and Mavis Smiley seasonal bluegrass albums ; Fred Farrell Animal Calls ; the Professional Organization of English Majors ( P. O. E. M.

Other and miles
Other forms of legend describe Solomon as having had a flying carpet that was 60 miles square, and could travel so fast that it could get from Damascus to Medina within a day.
Other historians believe this polity was situated many hundred miles to the north.
Other nations extended their territorial seas to 12 nautical miles.
Other noble examples can be seen in the churches of St. Didier, St. Peter and St. Agricola, as well as the Clock Tower, and in the fortifications built between 1349 and 1368 for a distance of some three miles ( 5 km ), and flanked by thirty-nine towers, all of which were erected or restored by the Roman Catholic Church.
Other towns in Lauderdale County competing for early settlers because of their proximity to the river were Savage's Spring, nine miles ( 14 km ) below Florence and Waterloo, some downriver.
Other settlers came from Oksik, a few miles upriver.
Other nearby communities are Lake of the Woods ( 3. 6 miles ), Lebec ( 4. 6 miles ), Pine Mountain Club ( 14. 5 miles ), and Mettler ( 16. 7 miles ).
Other Native American casinos are nearby as well such as the Viejas casino, located a few miles east of Lakeside on I-8.
Other activities included a large midway with various games, refreshment stands, picnic grounds and several miles of walking trails.
Other university-based opportunities exist at Grambling ( 6 miles ) and Monroe ( 35 miles ).
Other towns were forbidden to hold markets within 11 miles of Berkhamsted.
Other nearby attractions include the Aztec Ruins, about 15 miles to the north in the town of Aztec, and the Chaco Culture National Historical Park, approximately 50 miles to the south.
Other species — most of the New World quails ( also known as the toothed quails ), the enigmatic Stone Partridge ( Ptilopachus petrosus ) of Africa, guineafowl and eared pheasants ( Crossoptilon )— are all notable for their daily excursions on foot which may take them many miles in a given day.
Other than 40 slot exemptions, flights into and out of DCA are not allowed to exceed 1, 250 statute miles in any direction nonstop, in an effort to send the major air traffic volume to the larger but more distant Dulles International Airport.
Other findings, such as low figures for weekend trips and low average numbers of miles traveled by car per resident, bore out this claim.
Other connections were formed also in the village of Stoke Newington a few miles north of London, where James Stephen's father leased a family home from 1774 onwards called Summerhouse.
Other grievances held by this group included seasonal restrictions on the hunting of native birds, the land tax ( on land held under Crown grant within five miles of a public road ), the wheel tax ( on vehicles with certain tyre widths ).
Other parts of the film were filmed in Whitwell, Bramley Vale and Shirebrook Community school, just a few miles from Bolsover.
Other stations may have protection out to 130 nautical miles ( NM ) or more.

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