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Other and morphological
Other morphological findings that are common to all members of this phylum include:
Other significant morphological changes included the evolution of a power and precision grip, a change first occurring H. erectus.
Other algorithms can be used when the characteristic data includes both molecular and morphological data.
Other than that there is little morphological difference between slugs and snails.
Other definitions equalise the terms DEM and DTM, or define the DEM as a subset of the DTM, which is also representing other morphological elements.
Other morphological characteristics of the teeth, such as the detailed form of the denticles and the presence of blood grooves, also seem to indicate carnivory.
Other plants bear morphological similarity to S. quitoense, but they may or may not be closely related.

Other and physical
Other approaches may include a more physical approach, following the teachings of Jerzy Grotowski and others, or may be based on the training developed by other theatre practitioners including Sanford Meisner.
Other physical implementations were also available.
Other medications that are not usually called antidepressants, including antipsychotics in low doses and benzodiazepines, may be used to manage depression, although the use of benzodiazepines can cause a physical dependence.
Other physical effects include an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, malabsorption, alcoholic liver disease, and cancer.
Other theorists such as Milam & Ketcham ( 1983 ) focus on the physical deterioration of alcohol.
Other authors have found small or inconsistent differences in concentrations but claim that exposure of cyclists is higher due to increased minute ventilation and is associated with minor biological changes .< ref > The significance of the associated health effect, if any, is unclear but probably much smaller than the health impacts associated with accidents and the health benefits derived from additional physical activity.
Other less exotic methods of crystallization may be used, depending on the physical properties of the substance, including hydrothermal synthesis, sublimation, or simply solvent-based crystallization.
Other parts of plants such as the leaf stalk may acquire similar reinforcement to resist the strain of physical forces.
Other newer video formats such as DVD and Blu-ray use the same physical geometry as CD, and video players can usually play audio CDs as well.
Other forms of communication, such as visual cues or spoken cues, are often considered to spoil the dance, unless used in specific circumstances, e. g., practicing figures, or figures which are purposely danced without physical connection.
Other techniques, such as wavetable synthesis and physical modeling, only became possible with the advent of high-speed microprocessor and digital signal processing technology.
Other types of noise, such as shot noise cannot be removed as they are due to limitations in physical properties.
Other physical characteristics vary according to habitat.
" Other items he suggests for inclusion include the physical and mental condition of the experimenter, the time and place, and environmental conditions, including the weather.
Other subfields study the physical effects of continual immersion in sea water and the ocean in general, adaptation to a salty environment, and the effects of changing various oceanic properties on marine life.
Other suggestions include the use by one of the royal and the other of the natural line, one using the legal line and the other the physical line, or that Joseph was adopted, mentions Solomon's construction of the Temple ().
Other metaphysical theories may use the terminology of universals to describe physical entities.
Other vector-like objects that describe physical quantities and transform in a similar way under changes of the coordinate system include pseudovectors and tensors.
Other physical vectors, such as the electric and magnetic field, are represented as a system of vectors at each point of a physical space ; that is, a vector field.
Other physical examples come from thermodynamics, where many of the quantities of interest can be considered vectors in a space with no notion of length or angle.
Other physical therapy involves direct manipulation of the muscles ; the therapist may go inside the vagina and physically press on and stretch the muscles.
Other cut scenes were experiments of how to show the angel's invisibility / lack of physical form using double exposure.
Other methods for copy prevention were also used including asking for a particular word from the documentation included with the game — often a novella like in Silicon Dreams trilogy — or another physical device distributed with the software — e. g. Lenslok as used in Elite.

Other and optical
Other applications rely on the peak pulse power ( rather than the energy in the pulse ), especially in order to obtain nonlinear optical effects.
Other optical devices, such as spinning mirrors, modulators, filters, and absorbers, may be placed within the optical resonator to produce a variety of effects on the laser output, such as altering the wavelength of operation or the production of pulses of laser light.
Other uses include diaphragms for oxygen-breathing equipment, marker dials for navigation compasses, optical filters, pyrometers, thermal regulators, stove and kerosene heater windows, and micathermic heater elements.
Other phantom islands are probably due to navigational errors, the misidentification of icebergs, fog banks, or to optical illusions.
Other implementations use optical fiber for a length of up to 100 km and speeds around 150 Mbit / s
Other uses of waveguides are in transmitting power between the components of a system such as radio, radar or optical devices.
Other types of optical waveguide are also used, including photonic-crystal fiber, which guides waves by any of several distinct mechanisms.
Other phenomena are simply interesting aspects of optics, or optical effects.
Other important areas of research include the development of novel optical techniques for nano-optical measurements, diffractive optics, low-coherence interferometry, optical coherence tomography, and near-field microscopy.
Other companies with headquarters in Washington County include optical instruments manufacturer Leupold & Stevens, Columbia Sportswear, and Reser's Fine Foods.
Other research in macroporous structures have yielded highly ordered materials that have similar optical properties to opals and have been used in cosmetics.
Other developments followed: including the laser diode in the 1970s, optical fibers for transmitting information, and the Erbium-doped fiber amplifier.
Other telescope designs are used such as Schmidt and Maksutov optical assemblies.
Other sidestalls range from the trivially easy, such as hooking rubber ducks from a water trough in which nearly every player is expected to win a prize, to the deceptively challenging, which includes games which utilise optical illusions or physical relationships that are difficult to judge.
Other hardware components were supplied as follows: the beam-combining mirror from REOSC at Saint Pierre du Perray ; the spherical, folding and relay mirrors from Carl Zeiss AG in Oberkochen ; the external straylight baffles from CASA in Madrid ; the modulating grid from CSEM in Neuchatel ; the mechanism control system and the thermal control electronics from Dornier Satellite Systems in Friedrichshafen ; optical filters, the experiment structures and the attitude and orbit control system from Matra Marconi Space in Velizy ; instrument switching mechanisms from Oerlikon-Contraves in Zurich ; the image dissector tube and photomultiplier detectors assembled by the Dutch Space Research Organisation, SRON in The Netherlands ; the refocusing assembly mechanism designed by TNO-TPD in Delft ; the electrical power subsystem from British Aerospace in Bristol ; the structure and reaction control system from Daimler-Benz Aerospace in Bremen ; the solar arrays and thermal control system from Fokker Space System in Leiden ; the data handling and telecommunications system from Saab Ericsson Space in Gothenburg ; and the apogee boost motor from SEP in France.
Other instruments onboard are two reflection grating spectrometers which are sensitive below ~ 2 keV, and a diameter Ritchey-Chretien optical / UV telescope.
Other methods that are used include optical interferometry, capacitive sensing or piezoresistive AFM cantilevers.
Other observational characteristics include optical linear polarization and often infrared radiation that is much stronger than in ordinary B-class stars, called infrared excess.
Other gastroscopic modalities such as optical coherence tomography are also being tested investigationally for similar applications.
Other features of the Q include a backlit LCD, a front-loading slot disc tray, an optical sound output supporting Dolby Digital 5. 1, a separate subwoofer jack, and a stainless steel chassis.
Other types of ultraviolet lamp emit large amounts of visible light along with the ultraviolet ; however, a " black light " usually refers to a lamp that has a dark blue optical filtering material in the glass envelope of the bulb ( or the lamp housing ) which blocks most of the visible light, so the lamp emits mostly ultraviolet.
Other common optical phenomena involving water droplets rather than ice crystals include the

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