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Other and scientists
Other scientists who have shown varying degrees of interest in the legend are anthropologist David Daegling, field biologist George Shaller, Russell Mittermeier, Daris Swindler, Esteban Sarmiento, and discredited racial anthropologist Carleton S. Coon.
Other scientists have pointed out the same.
Other commentators place the Holocene – Anthropocene boundary at the industrial revolution while also saying that " Formal adoption of this term in the near future will largely depend on its utility, particularly to earth scientists working on late Holocene successions.
Other Cetus scientists, including Randall Saiki and Henry Erlich, were placed on PCR projects to work on developing HIV-and other tests utilizing PCR.
Other scientists, such as Stefan Mundlos of the Max Planck Institute, believe that the family's unusual gait may result from a genetic abnormality.
Other Greek scientists, such as the Pythagorean philosopher Philolaus postulated that at the center of the universe was a " central fire " around which the Earth, Sun, Moon and Planets revolved in uniform circular motion.
Other improvements, benefits and unique values of electronically publishing the scientific journal are lower cost, and availability to more people, especially scientists from non-developed countries.
Other scientists, including Leo Szilard, had investigated similar concepts, but Lawrence is credited with developing it further and turning it into practice.
Other scientists prefer to use the more all-encompassing term gelatinous zooplankton, when referring to these, together with other soft-bodied animals in the water column.
Other notable Serbian scientists and inventors were Mihajlo Pupin and Milutin Milanković.
One way that journalists inflate uncertainty is by describing new research that contradicts past research without providing context for the change Other times, journalists give scientists with minority views equal weight as scientists with majority views, without adequately describing or explaining the state of scientific consensus on the issue.
" Other scientists have recently reported methods of detecting hydrogen and methane in extraterrestrial atmospheres.
Other cognitive scientists study subjects similar to conceptual metaphor under the labels " analogy " and " conceptual blending ".
Other scientists freely refer to other's research.
Other Anglo-Irish scientists include George Johnstone Stoney, Thomas Romney Robinson, James MacCullagh, Edward Sabine, Thomas Andrews, William Parsons, George Salmon, George FitzGerald, and in the 20th century, John Joly and Ernest Walton.
Other scientists suggested origins with monotremes like the duck-billed platypus.
Other scientists have developed techniques for using melanophores as biosensors, and for rapid disease detection ( based on the discovery that pertussis toxin blocks pigment aggregation in fish melanophores ).
Other scientists whose careers began at the Molecular Beam Laboratory included Norman Ramsey, Julian Schwinger, Jerome Kellogg and Polykarp Kusch.
Other scientists had come to the United States to take part in the nation's rapid growth.
Other alumni include scientists who were distinguished with the highest honours in their respective fields, amongst them Pritzker Prize and Turing Award winners.
Other programs train scientists to conduct research in rapidly growing areas like biotechnology and at the interfaces between fields such as chemistry and biology and behavioral and biomedical sciences.
Other scientists at the time also stated a chemical reaction is fundamentally
Other scientists suggest that the of nitrogen pouring into the bay every day, 92 percent from four sewage treatment plants ringing the bay, may be partly to blame.

Other and perform
Other churches perform ceremonies blessing same sex unions, but do not refer to them as marriages.
Other groups who were accused of docetism held that Jesus was a man in the flesh, but Christ was a separate entity, who entered Jesus ’ s body in the form of a dove at his baptism, empowered him to perform miracles, and abandoned him on his death on the cross.
Other languages perform the same function in different ways.
Other early versions of mechanical devices used to perform one or another type of calculations include the planisphere and other mechanical computing devices invented by Abū Rayhān al-Bīrūnī ( c. AD 1000 ); the equatorium and universal latitude-independent astrolabe by Abū Ishāq Ibrāhīm al-Zarqālī ( c. AD 1015 ); the astronomical analog computers of other medieval Muslim astronomers and engineers ; and the astronomical clock tower of Su Song ( c. AD 1090 ) during the Song Dynasty.
Other mission objectives were to perform field and particle measurements in interplanetary space in the vicinity of Mars and to provide experience in and knowledge of the engineering capabilities for interplanetary flights of long duration.
Other coaches advise trainees to perform the valsalva maneuver during exercises which place a load on the spine, since the risk of a stroke by aneurysm is astronomically lower than the risk of an orthopedic injury caused by inadequate rigidity of the torso .< ref >
Other passages mention false prophets who will be able to perform miracles to deceive " if possible, even the elect of Christ " ( Matthew 24: 24 ).
It features the opening title song " Reach For The Sun ( Summer Holiday )" ( released as a single to coincide with the film's release ) and a memorable music-fantasy sequence, where the Team perform a cover version of The Cowsills 1967 song " The Rain, The Park & Other Things ".
In this “ Other World ”, Coraline finds everything to be better than her reality: her Other Parents are attentive, her toy box is filled with animate toys that can move and fly, and the Other Miss Spink and Miss Forcible forever perform a cabaret show in their flat.
In the other world they are young, pretty, and perform unendingly in front of many different dogs, who, in the Other World, behave like humans.
Other bands interested in the underground music scene-most notably Sonic Youth-were fans of the album, so much so that Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore invited the band to perform on Sonic Youth's 1990 European tour to promote their latest album, Goo.
Other bands perform music influenced by their faith or containing Christian imagery, but see their audience as the general public.
Other tasks that software can perform:
Other programs are needed to perform traffic analysis and sift through intercepted data looking for important / useful information.
Other systems could perform masking with a transparent colour.
Other than in early UK playings, Stiles was always the last performer to sing in Hoedown and other similar musical games, allowing him more time to devise lyrics, and giving him the final punch-lines, as well as injecting ( usually not-so subtle ) jabs at the Hoedown itself, or of the host for having him perform in it.
Other than " Oi to the World !," songs from the album are generally not part of the Vandals ' live setlist, except for their annual " Winter Formal " concert at which they generally perform the album in its entirety.
Other hosts will then need to perform the checks, but the reduced processing overhead allows articles to be relayed in less time.
Other entertainers who have traveled to the Middle East to perform include Al Franken ( who made six USO tours in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan before being elected a United States Senator from Minnesota ), Craig Ferguson, Gary Sinise, Zac Brown, Jessica Simpson, Carrie Underwood, Drowning Pool, Toby Keith,
Other parts of the system will be idle waiting for it to perform its task.
Other plugins perform automatic functions including displaying music files currently playing on the user's computer and aid in posting colored ASCII pictures in rooms.
* Love and Other Disasters ( 2006 ), Jacks ( Brittany Murphy ) and Paolo ( Santiago Cabrera ) perform a tango together.

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