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Other and types
Other types of included matter deposited during agate-building include sagenitic growths ( radial mineral crystals ) and chunks of entrapped detritus ( such as sand, ash, or mud ).
Other types of fracture include:
Other object types, including AutoCAD 2006's dynamic blocks, and all of the objects specific to the vertical-market versions of AutoCAD, are partially documented, but not well enough to allow other developers to support them.
Other types of amorphous solids include gels, thin films, and nanostructured materials.
Other types exist ; a fluidic amplifier increases the power of signals represented as flow of gas or liquid, for example.
Other types of tissue found in bones include marrow, endosteum, periosteum, nerves, blood vessels and cartilage.
Other similar types of calendars can include computerized systems, which can be set to remind the user of upcoming events and appointments.
Other types of calendar may also use a solar day.
Other types of business organizations, such as cooperatives, credit unions and publicly owned enterprises, can be established with purposes that parallel, supersede, or even replace the profit maximization mandate of business corporations.
Other types of military ferries, such as the Soviet Plavayushij Transportyor-Srednyj, are able to load while still on land and transport other vehicles cross country and over water.
Other types of compound bows use either ( one or both ) cam shaped or eccentrically mounted pulleys in order to provide a " let off ", such that the archer is not holding against the maximum draw weight of the bow while trying to aim.
Other types of crannogs simply saw the occupants add large stones to the waterline of small natural islets, extending and enlarging them over successive phases of renewal.
Other types of lossy compressors, such as the linear predictive coding ( LPC ) used with speech, are source-based coders.
" Other critics of the FAO data point out that they do not distinguish between forest types, and that they are based largely on reporting from forestry departments of individual countries, which do not take into account unofficial activities like illegal logging.
Other types of turbines can be driven by wind or falling water.
Other types of study, and their design, are discussed in the articles on opinion polls and statistical surveys ( which are types of observational study ), natural experiments and quasi-experiments ( for example, quasi-experimental design ).
Other internal factors include disturbance, succession and the types of species present.
Other factors like disturbance, succession or the types of species present are also internal factors.
Other types of noise, such as shot noise cannot be removed as they are due to limitations in physical properties.
Other types of notation are used in algebraic expressions when the required formatting is not available, or can not be implied, such as where only letters and symbols are available.
Other types of planetary engineering include ecopoiesis, the introduction of an ecology to a lifeless environment.
Other types of estimators also exist: interval estimators, where the estimates are subsets of the parameter space.
Other types look instead to the new performative context which epigram acquired at this time, even as it made the move from stone to papyrus: the Greek symposium.

Other and differential
Other significant results were on Pontryagin duality and differential geometry.
Other important information theoretic quantities include Rényi entropy ( a generalization of entropy ), differential entropy ( a generalization of quantities of information to continuous distributions ), and the conditional mutual information.
Other examples of spherical mechanisms are the automotive differential and the robotic wrist.
Other types of differential amplifier include the fully differential amplifier ( similar to the op-amp, but with two outputs ), the instrumentation amplifier ( usually built from three op-amps ), the isolation amplifier ( similar to the instrumentation amplifier, but with tolerance to common-mode voltages that would destroy an ordinary op-amp ), and negative feedback amplifier ( usually built from one or more op-amps and a resistive feedback network ).
Other important contributions to mathematics that he made involved discontinuous functions and divergent series, differential equations, interpolation, the gamma function and elliptic functions.
Other illnesses that can be included in the differential diagnosis are:
Other methods include examining the characteristics and using the methods outlined above for ordinary differential equations.
Other main branches of topology are algebraic topology, geometric topology, and differential topology.
Other differential designs employ different numbers of planet gears, depending on durability requirements.
Other locking systems may not even use differential gears but instead drive one wheel or both depending on torque value and direction.
Other methods utilise an ' Automatic Torque Biasing ' ( ATB ) centre differential, such as a Torsen — which is what Audi use in their quattro cars ( with longitudinal engines ).
Other changes included a race developed carbon fibre nose cone and rear spoiler, a carbon fibre 120 L fuel tank ( as opposed to the 76 L tank in the standard car ), a 4. 3: 1-ratio rear differential, 17 in diameter wheels, larger brake rotors and calipers.
Other cleavage products of ACE, seven or 9 amino acids long, are also known ; they have differential affinity for angiotensin receptors, although their exact role is still unclear.
Other methods are the Faugère F4 algorithm, based on the same mathematics as the Buchberger algorithm, and involutive approaches, based on ideas from differential algebra.
Other GXP features include standard Stabilitrak traction control, a limited-slip differential, and anti-lock brakes.
Other differential operators such as
Other differential operators such as
Other changes over the standard Dolomite included the option of a limited slip differential.
Other notable components of the W30 package included a lightweight aluminum intake manifold, the W25 fiberglass ram-air hood, anti-spin differential with 3. 42: 1 gears ( 3. 73: 1 available ), and heavy duty cooling.
Other features include re-calibrated optional E-gear transmission, redeveloped 45 % limited slip differential, full leather black upholstery with white colour strips, Polar white centre console, a stripe down the centre of the car, and a badge below the left side window bears the signature of Valentino Balboni and the production number of the car.
Other unique features included: X51 power kit, turbo radiators, limited slip differential, sport suspension, polished 5-spoke alloys ( unique to this model ), GT3 side skirts, natural gray leather interior ( with luggage set to match ), sports seats ( there was a power comfort seat option ), polished exhaust tips, heated seats ( option in Latin America ), litronic bi-xenon headlights, special dynamic sealed panels, and a special " 40 Jahre 911 " logo on the back.
Other key advances in automatic controls include differential equations, stability theory and system theory ( 1938 ), frequency domain analysis ( 1940 ), ship control ( 1950 ), and stochastic analysis ( 1941 ).
Other differences include a standard limited slip differential on overseas and Canadian models, available digital climate control in Japan, and manual seat belts standard in Japan and Canada vs. automatic restraint seatbelts in America.

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