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Some Related Sentences

Other and versions
Other versions depict a different death for Ajax, showing him dying when on his voyage home.
Other English versions most often translate them to indicate eternity, being translated as eternal, everlasting, forever, etc.
Other versions describe some end which humans should strive to attain, only possible if God exists.
Other object types, including AutoCAD 2006's dynamic blocks, and all of the objects specific to the vertical-market versions of AutoCAD, are partially documented, but not well enough to allow other developers to support them.
Other versions can contain seafood, such as crawfish.
Other versions adapted ELIZA around a religious theme, such as ones featuring Jesus ( both serious and comedic ) and another Apple II variant called I Am Buddha.
Other versions had grains the size of golf and tennis balls for use in 20-inch ( 50-cm ) Rodman guns.
Other early versions of mechanical devices used to perform one or another type of calculations include the planisphere and other mechanical computing devices invented by Abū Rayhān al-Bīrūnī ( c. AD 1000 ); the equatorium and universal latitude-independent astrolabe by Abū Ishāq Ibrāhīm al-Zarqālī ( c. AD 1015 ); the astronomical analog computers of other medieval Muslim astronomers and engineers ; and the astronomical clock tower of Su Song ( c. AD 1090 ) during the Song Dynasty.
Other MultiMate products included foreign language versions of the software ( i. e., " MultiTexto " in Spanish ), a hardware interface card for file-transfer with Wang systems and versions of MultiMate for different PC clone MS-DOS computers, and for use on Novell, 3COM and IBM's PC Token Ring networks.
Other versions were written to match PCs by Radio Shack, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, the early Grid laptop and the IBM PC Junior.
Other versions may be available where the ROM is accessed as an external device rather than as internal memory, however these are becoming increasingly rare due to the widespread availability of cheap microcontroller programmers.
Other QRP clubs also offer similar versions of these awards, as well as general QRP operating achievement awards.
Other novelists such as Valerie Anand have also offered alternative versions to the theory that he murdered them.
Other versions treat the Round Table differently, for instance Italian Arthurian works often distinguish between the " Old Table " of Uther's time and Arthur's " New Table.
" Other versions have Bruce in a small house watching the spider try to make its connection between two roof beams ; or, defeated for the seventh time by the English, watching the spider make its attempt seven times, succeeding on the eighth try.
Other versions have a cumulative target score.
Other versions, which include other authors, are available in French, Japanese, and Arabic.
Other types of Dodongos include Baby Dodongos, which are infant, worm-like creatures which explode when attacked, and Big Dodongos, which are larger versions of normal Dodongos.
Other editors were brought in to do their versions, but the network ultimately was not happy with their work.
Other books ; Baruch, Letter of Jeremiah, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, 1 and 2 Maccabees are variously found in Vulgate manuscripts with texts derived from the Old Latin ; sometimes together with Latin versions of other texts found neither in the Hebrew Bible, nor in the Septuagint, 4 Esdras, the Prayer of Manasses and Laodiceans.
Other 60 ° V6 engines are the Chrysler 3. 3 V6 engine, the Nissan VQ engine, the Mazda K engine, the Alfa Romeo V6 engine, many Toyota V6 engines, and later versions of the Mercedes-Benz V6 engine.
Other films focused on the drama inherent in the new technology and fading chivalry of aerial combat in films such as Wings ( 1927 ), Hell's Angels ( 1930 ) and The Dawn Patrol ( 1930 and 1938 versions ).
Other versions supported the HP 9000 V-class servers in a single cabinet configuration, 11. 10 ran on the SCA versions where two servers are stacked on top of each other, interconnected by a hyperplane crossbar.

Other and legend
Other scientists who have shown varying degrees of interest in the legend are anthropologist David Daegling, field biologist George Shaller, Russell Mittermeier, Daris Swindler, Esteban Sarmiento, and discredited racial anthropologist Carleton S. Coon.
Other dishes include Guinevere, Tristan and Isolde after characters in Arthurian legend, much of which takes place in Cornwall.
Other scholars have by contrast stressed the subversive aspects of the legend, and see in the medieval Robin Hood ballads a plebeian literature hostile to the feudal order.
Other forms of legend describe Solomon as having had a flying carpet that was 60 miles square, and could travel so fast that it could get from Damascus to Medina within a day.
Other examples include: comedy, drama, fable, fiction, folk tale, hagiography, legend, literature, myth, narrative, saga, science fiction, story, theme, tragedy.
Other parts of Maya oral tradition ( such as animal tales and many moralising stories ) do not properly belong to the domain of mythology, but rather to legend and folk tale.
Other martyrs of the clandestine fight, such as Pierre Brossolette, Jean Cavaillès or Jacques Bingen, all of them organizers of the underground army, are overshadowed by his legend.
Other texts such as Zartushtnamah (" Book of Zoroaster ") are only notable for their preservation of legend and folklore.
Other versions of this legend involve his wife not complying with the request that he be buried with liquor.
Other coins substitute the legend Θεᾶς Συρίας Ἱεροπολιτῶν within a wreath.
Years later, Robbie and Betsy regard their elder brother like a legend and the family wait to unite with their lost child once again on the ' Other Side '.
Other versions of the legend state that it was the child Hunyadi himself, about 6 years old, who shot the arrow.
Other musicians included John Fahey, one of the first " folk " musicians to gain national appeal, Peter Tork ( of The Monkees ), underground legend Tim Buckley, guitarist Link Wray, pop singer and songwriter Billy Stewart, country singer Patsy Cline, guitarist Danny Gatton, doo wop bands The Orioles ( based out of D. C., though from Baltimore ) and The Clovers, Scott McKenzie ( known for " If You're Going to San Francisco "), R & B singer Ruth Brown, and country star Roy Clark.
id: AN value: tan1 legend: Other
Other carvings related to the legend of Shiva are also seen in the main hall at strategic locations in exclusive cubicles ; these include Kalyanasundaramurti, depicting Shiva ’ s marriage to the goddess Parvati, Andhakasuravadamurti or Andhakasuramardana, the slaying of the demon Andhaka by Shiva, Shiva-Parvati on Mount Kailash ( the abode of Shiva ), and Ravananugraha, depicting the demon-king Ravana shaking Kailash.
Other variations of the legend, customs and the character include:
Other versions of the legend say that after stepping into the lagoon of Iguaque, Bachué ascended to the sky and became Chía ; in other versions Chia and Bachué are two different figures.
The Notion Club Papers may be seen as an attempt to re-write The Lost Road, published and discussed in The Lost Road and Other Writings, as being another attempt to tie the Númenórean legend in with a more modern tale.
Other guests included The Captain and Tennille ; Natalie Cole ; Connie Francis ; recording legend and decades-long Sedaka friend and former manager Don Kirshner ; and new Solitaire " owner " Clay Aiken, among many others.
id: OT value: orange legend: Other
Other than his notable Frontier Wrestling Alliance 3-way match with Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm, Kidman would also wrestle British wrestling legend Robbie Brookside in a losing effort during a British rules match to determine the first Real Quality Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.
Other versions of the legend say she came across the Sioux herself, and later jumped out of the canoe ahead of the falls and swam to shore, leaving the Sioux to go over the falls, then ran back to the camp to warn her people.
Other famous cover subjects are, Trey Songz, Brandy, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Amerie, Jennifer Lopez, Keyshia Cole, Janet Jackson, Lil Wayne, The Fugees, Eminem, T. I., R. Kelly, Michael Jackson ( whom Quincy Jones ' daughter Kidada had dressed in hip-hop clothing, reportedly for the first and only time in the entertainer's career ), Ciara, who also appeared on the cover numerous times and rap legend Tupac Shakur's famous cover story in which he reveals important details about his non-fatal 1994 NYC shooting ( two years before his death in Las Vegas, Nevada ).
Other narratives that appear as important, recurring motifs in African-American culture are the " Signifying Monkey ", " The Ballad of Shine ", and the legend of Stagger Lee.

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