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Other and widely
Other widely consumed spirits are aguardiente ( firewater ) made from sugar cane, known as caña quemada (" burnt cane ") or, simply, ' caña ' (" cane ").
Other manufacturers and the aviation press widely ridiculed and spoofed many of these marketing terms but between Cessna ’ s designers producing a product the flying public wanted and the work of the marketing department, Cessna built and sold more aircraft than any other manufacturer during the boom years of the 1960s and 1970s.
Other experimenters tried a variety of other substances, of which the most widely used was the mineral galena ( lead sulfide ).
Other substances offered slightly better performance, but galena was most widely used because it had the advantage of being cheap and easy to obtain.
Other Afro-Asiatic languages belonging to the Cushitic branch are also widely spoken in the country.
Other eukaryotic organelles may have also evolved through endosymbiosis ; it has been proposed that cilia, flagella, centrioles, and microtubules may have originated from a symbiosis between a Spirochaete bacterium and an early eukaryotic cell, but this is not widely accepted among biologists.
Other studies indicate that these subcuticular bacteria may be both abundant within their hosts and widely distributed among the Echinoderms in general.
Other good examples of this technique for eliminating several yards of waste space and a few seconds of waste time can be seen in Ralph Ince's films, particularly The Right Girl ( 1915 ), and by 1919 it was widely diffused in American films, but not in those made in Europe.
Other archeological finds have unearthed triple-barrel and double-barrel swivel-guns, though they were not widely duplicated.
Other precious metals include the platinum group metals: ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, and platinum, of which platinum is the most widely traded.
Other multicast technologies not based on IP multicast are more widely used.
Other types of pencil core are less widely used.
Other types of slang include SMS language used on mobile phones, and " chatspeak ," ( e. g., " LOL ", an acronym meaning " laughing out loud " or " laugh out loud " or ROFL, " rolling on the floor laughing "), which is widely used in instant messaging on the Internet.
Other misconceptions such as: " the Church prohibited autopsies and dissections during the Middle Ages ," " the rise of Christianity killed off ancient science ," and " the medieval Christian church suppressed the growth of the natural sciences ," are all reported by Numbers as examples of widely popular myths that still pass as historical truth, even though they are not supported by current historical research.
Other important U. S. exports include rice, wheat, shoes, and tobacco products, and U. S. personal computers and other office electronics are becoming more widely used.
Other widely used multiple access techniques are Time Division Multiple Access ( TDMA ) and Frequency Division Multiple Access ( FDMA ).
Other physical and chemical properties vary widely across the class.
Other widely used keyboard instruments include organs of various types as well as other mechanical, electromechanical and electronic instruments.
Other forms of native music ( such as huayños and caporales ) are also widely played.
Other programs became widely available within a year, and for a time the effect became common to the point of cliché.
Other high level languages such as Forth, BASIC, Pascal / Object Pascal, PL / M and Modula-2 are available for the 8051, but they are less widely used than C and assembly.
Other foods widely consumed included bogong moths, witchetty grubs, lizards and snakes.
Other fruits tend not to be widely cultivated due to the plant requiring climate or soil conditions that are not cost effective or the plant species is not well known to the general market.
Other contenders for the highest " HiFi " quality on this medium were two companies already widely known for their excellent quality reel-to-reel tape recorders: Tandberg and Revox ( consumer brand of the Swiss professional Studer company for studio equipment ).

Other and spoken
Other forms of communication, such as visual cues or spoken cues, are often considered to spoil the dance, unless used in specific circumstances, e. g., practicing figures, or figures which are purposely danced without physical connection.
Other Prakrits are reported in old historical sources, but are no longer spoken ( such as Paisaci ).
Other spoken languages are Indian languages, especially Gujarati, and Portuguese ( spoken by Indians and Mozambican blacks, respectively ) and to a lesser extent French ( from neighbouring Rwanda, Burundi and Democratic Republic of the Congo ).
Other languages are Indian languages and Portuguese ( spoken by Mozambicans and Goans ).
Other accents include a range of accents spoken in the West Midlands ( In the major towns and conurbations ( The Black Country, Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton ) and in rural accents ( such as in Herefordshire and south Worcestershire )); the accents of the counties comprising the East Midlands ( Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Northampton, and Nottingham ) and East Anglia ( Norfolk, Suffolk, north Essex and Cambridgeshire ).
Other aspects of the voice, such as variations in the regularity of vibration, are also used for communication, and are important for the trained voice user to master, but are more rarely used in the formal phonetic code of a spoken language.
Other Indo-European tonal languages, spoken in the Indian subcontinent, are Punjabi, Lahanda, Rabinian and Western Pahari.
Other corpora represent many languages, varieties and modes, and include the International Corpus of English, and the British National Corpus, a 100 million word collection of a range of spoken and written texts, created in the 1990s by a consortium of publishers, universities ( Oxford and Lancaster ) and the British Library.
Other matters in the process of developing a libretto parallel those of spoken dramas for stage or screen.
Other languages include Telugu, Bhilodi ( Bhili ), Gondi, Korku, Kalto ( Nahali ), and Nihali ( Nahali ), all spoken by tribal groups.
Other notable releases by KRS include: albums by bands such as The Paper Chase, Jeff Hanson, Unwound, Marnie Stern, Gossip, Mecca Normal, Two Ton Boa and Comet Gain ; spoken word albums by Kathy Acker and Miranda July ; and reissues of work by earlier punk / post-punk bands such as Kleenex / Liliput, Essential Logic, and Delta 5.
Other Indigenous languages are also spoken in the city.
Other critics have also spoken on this issue.
Other scholars maintain that the largest population group must have been of Otomi ethnicity, because the Otomi language is known to have been spoken in the area around Teotihuacan both before and after the classic period and not during the middle period.
Other languages in the city included Spanish, spoken by 10. 18 % of the city's residents, and French, spoken by 0. 42 %.
Other languages spoken as a mother tongue were well below 1 % of residents.
Other languages spoken included Portuguese 2. 36 %, Russian 2. 04 %, German 1. 39 %, Yiddish 1. 39 %, and French, which was the mother tongue for 1. 28 % of the population.
Other spoken word albums included Lullaby of Christmas, narrated by Gregory Peck, a twenty minute version of Moby Dick, with Charles Laughton as Captain Ahab, and The Littlest Angel, narrated by Loretta Young.
Other Germanic idioms were spoken in Alamannia in green.

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