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Overall and Israeli
Overall, he averaged 13. 6 points per game, 4. 8 rebounds per game and 1. 8 steals per game in his Israeli league career, while averaging 15. 8 points per game, 5. 7 rebounds per game and 1. 6 steals per game in the Euroleague.

Overall and make
Overall, his size and behavior make him seem older than Paul, yet he is the same age as Paul and his school-friends ( roughly 19 at the start of the book ).
Overall, certain countries make net contributions, notably Germany ( the largest contribution overall ) and the Netherlands ( the biggest contribution per person ), but also the UK and France.
Overall I'm really proud of it, and I think we're doing right by our fans, who ’ ve waited a long time for us to make another record.
Overall, game developers have continued to make and release survival horror games, and the genre continues to grow among independent video game developers.
Overall, personas are a useful tool that can be used since designers in the design process can have an actual person to make design measure around other than referring to a set of data or a wide range of individuals.
Overall, the amplification at the image front and at the electron multiplier, plus the wise use of secondary emission wherever possible make the Image Orthicon an excellent camera tube, with a typical illumination on photocathode for maximum signal output of 0. 01ft-c ( 0. 1lx ).
" Overall machine " cycle speed " is strongly related to the signal path – the length of the wiring – requiring high speed computers to make their modules as small as possible.
Overall, it can be argued that there is lack of proportion between the narrow approach to art taken by researchers versus the grand claims they make for their theories.
Overall, the programme " so emphasised the ongoing storylines of its major characters as to make the distinction between series and serial more or less meaningless ".
Overall, ethnic Russians make up 25, 5 % of Estonia's population ( the proportion of Russophones is, however, much higher, because Russian is the mother tongue of many ethnic Ukrainians, Belarusians and Jews who live in the country ).
We aim to do just that .” Overall, General Holmes said the changes would make Security Forces more effective and relevant to Air Force needs in the face of the current changing nature of warfare.
Overall, the Yoix design attempted to make the language easy to learn by programmers experienced with the C and Java languages.
Many Field Service Management solutions integrate with other software such as accounting programs like IFS Applications, QuickBooks, MYOB, SAP, Mainpac, Oracle, MFGPro etc. Overall, many users believe that mobility allows field technicians to be better prepared, make smarter decisions, and serve more customers.
Overall, these two do not make a tremendously large appearance within the anime, but they had been responsible for telling the Jade Emperor of Kongo's arrival on earth.
Overall, he attempts to show that popular religion in Goa, as separate from the classical versions of Catholicism and Hinduism, is a rich synthesis of the two in which goddesses can be seen ( for example ) as either Shantadurga or Our Lady, in which Hindus attend certain Catholic feast day ceremonies and Catholics make donations to Hindu temples.
Overall, Shun Shun Rikka's effectiveness is solely base on Orihime's strong determination and will to make it more real and to cause real damage without regard, since her feelings, perceptiveness, manner, confidence, or anything that involves her heart plays a major role in her abilities.
Overall these studies showed the effects of free riders as they are able to make their way into the market and not spend the money or risk the failures which the first movers did.

Overall and up
Overall, Washington and other radical activists ended up sharing a mutual respect for each other, acknowledging both Washington's pragmatism and the activists ' idealism.
Philip Brown advertised himself as " Marysville's leading tailor, pants made to order from $ 4. 00 up and P. Brown's specialty, White Labor Overall.
Overall length was reduced 5. 9 inches ( 150 mm ) and height dropped half an inch ( 12 mm ), but overall weight was up about 75 pounds ( 34 kg ).
" Overall, however, Holly is a gentle soul, especially when she puts up with Arthur's antics.
Overall, one former, senior BoE official summed up the Bank's pre-crisis performance well: " How can you look back with the benefit of hindsight and see it as a success?
Overall, the northern watershed is not very diverse ecologically, due to its cold climate – permafrost underlies about three-quarters of the watershed, reaching up to deep in the delta region – and meager to moderate rainfall, amounting to about over the basin as a whole.
Overall, the show ( capitalized at $ 6 million ) since its opening, according to Variety, " has been doing moderate business, mainly on the strength of theater party advances ," but by mid-June it mostly have been used up.
Overall, Kapil Dev had a good series in West Indies as he scored a century to save the second test match as well as picking up 17 wickets ( Average: 24. 94 ).
Overall, Melos was one of the few islands in the Cyclades that stood up for itself despite the negative repercussions.
Overall, the Bureau spent $ 5 million to set up schools for blacks.
Overall, foreign companies with a Level 3 program set up are the easiest on which to find information.
Overall, in his five innings of work, he gave up eight hits, four earned runs and six runs total, two walks, and four strikeouts.
Overall, the game favors the more offensive player in the late game and the more defensive player early ( who builds up to summon the Titan or earn these powers ).
* Frankston North-The Pines is serviced by Neighbourhood Watch which is broken up by five separate areas each with its own Co-ordinator and their Zone Representatives within a Committee consisting of a Newsletter Editor, Secretary, Treasurer and an Overall Co-ordinator / President ( Stan Doric JP the initiator in 2004 ) current to 2010, liaison during this time with Victoria Police ( Frankston City ) Co-ordinator L / S / Const Sharron Coburn. The areas are known as FRK 22, FRK 23, FRK 24, FRK 25, FRK 26 and are bound by Frankston-Dandenong Road, Pines Flora & Fauna Reserve, Ballarto Rd, Peninsula Country Golf Club.
Overall, the exterior look kept the smooth, aerodynamic style of previous Studebakers but moved up to date.
Overall, though the renal survival is 80 – 90 % after 10 years, at least 25 % and maybe up to 45 % of adult patients will eventually develop end stage renal disease.
Overall monetary damage from Beth is estimated up to $ 5. 1 million ( 1971 USD, $ USD ).
In 1987 Victoria Wood wound up Acorn Antiques with ' The Making of Acorn Antiques ', when the high-profile ' celebrity ' playing Mrs Overall ( Julie Walters ) is ' sacked ' from the show-something that had a striking resemblance to Noele Gordon's departure from Crossroads-right down to headscarf, large sunglasses, and exiting speech.
Overall, Osuna set up a sizable naval force in Sicily and reinforced the military might of the island.
The game won Best Overall Game at the Golden Joystick Awards, with the company also picking up Best Software House.
Overall the exodus from local families to North America and the UK is marked and up until recently the population has declined.
Overall Roadmaster sales bounced back up to 79, 137.
Overall, he ended up with team records of 100 games, 52 goals, 36 assists, and 140 points in the regular season, and added a goal and an assist in six playoff games.
Overall in the South, UM ranked 36th, up four positions from 40th last year and 23 positions from its 2007 ranking of 59th.
Overall, the script has been cleaned up and the subplot involving the coin is resolved.

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