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Overall and about
Overall, about half of newborns exposed to ACE inhibitors are adversely affected.
Overall population density increased to about 285 persons per square kilometer by 1994.
Overall, de Pizan hoped to establish truths about women that contradicted the negative stereotypes that she had identified in previous literature.
Overall, from about 1910, American films had the largest share of the market in all European countries except France, and even in France, the American films had just pushed the local production out of first place on the eve of World War I.
Overall, voicing contrasts in fricatives are much rarer than in plosives, being found only in about a third of the world's languages as compared to 60 percent for plosive voicing contrasts.
Overall investment as a percentage of GDP declined dramatically during the 1980s, from about 25 percent in 1980 to a meager 15 percent in 1990.
Overall, the " violent crime " rate for the city was about twice the national average, while the " property " or non-violent crime rate was about 1. 11 times ( on par with ) the national average.
Overall population density is about 118. 3 / km² ( 306. 5 per sq.
Overall, real economic growth has averaged about 4 % a year, much better than the previous 20 years, but not enough to improve the lives of average Tanzanians.
Overall visitor arrivals, both of those staying over and those on cruise ship calls, fell about 15 percent in 1999, with a resulting decrease in visitor expenditure from the 1998 figure of US $ 75. 7 million.
Overall, one or more antidepressants and anxiolytics were rated harmful by about half of survey respondents who had tried them, and as either harmless or helpful by the remaining respondents.
Overall, Mendes is about 3 km long from north to south and averages about 900m east-to-west.
Overall, Allied casualties stood at about 27, 000 out of an army of 73, 000, which was 37 % of their effectives.
Overall, about forty Americans were killed outright performing the specialized services of bomb and mine disposal in World War II.
Overall, many hundreds of thousands of birds are trapped and killed each year, a source of concern for some of the rarest species ( for example, only about 2, 000 Short-tailed Albatrosses are known to still exist ).
Overall, about 4 / 5 of Tveitt's production are now gone from that fire, which included symphonies, concertos, choral works, operas, and many piano works.
Overall Don't Look Back sold about half as well as the debut album, eventually selling over 7 million records.
Overall, about 98 % of lichens have an ascomycetous mycobiont.
Overall, about 100 species are known to occur as autotrophs in lichens.
Overall the procedure takes about 45 minutes.
Overall the United States government is spending about $ 1 trillion annually on defense-related purposes.
Overall, the Court consists of nearly 85 trial judges ( conseillers ) and about 40 deputy judges ( conseillers référendaires ), each divided among six different divisions ( chambres ):

Overall and 22
Overall, at the end of 2000s the foreign born population of Italy was from: Europe ( 54 %), Africa ( 22 %), Asia ( 16 %), the Americas ( 8 %) and Oceania ( 0. 06 %).
Overall, 22 % of respondents in Western Europe believe in reincarnation.
Overall, however, uptake in the private sector remains low regardless of significant investments in education, which have reached record levels with education now accounting for 22. 5 % – or $ 2. 6 billion – of the overall budget planned for 2010.
* 2004 Monaco ( Overall result ) 14½ / 22 I-II
Overall at Navarino, the Allies had 22 ships and 1, 258 guns against the Ottomans ' 78 ships with 2, 180 guns ( figures exclude smaller boats and fireships ).
Overall, 22 individuals have served as president.
Overall, Reso has won 22 total championships in WWE and TNA, which include being a six time world champion ( two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, two-time ECW Champion, and two time World Heavyweight Champion ), as well as a one time WWF Light Heavyweight Champion, one time WWF Hardcore Champion, one time WWF European Champion, four-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, and a nine-time World Tag Team Champion.
Overall suicide in Canada peaked in 1978 at 14. 5 per 100, 000, declining by 22 % ( 11. 3 per 100, 000 ) in 2004.
Overall, he totalled 533 ( at 59. 22 ); this prompted Sir Leonard Hutton to call him the best left-handed batsman in the world and resulted in his selection as one of the Wisden Cricketers of the Year in 1982.
: 20px 1st Overall, Tour de France ( and stage 7, 16, 18, 20 and 22 wins )
* Frankston North-The Pines is serviced by Neighbourhood Watch which is broken up by five separate areas each with its own Co-ordinator and their Zone Representatives within a Committee consisting of a Newsletter Editor, Secretary, Treasurer and an Overall Co-ordinator / President ( Stan Doric JP the initiator in 2004 ) current to 2010, liaison during this time with Victoria Police ( Frankston City ) Co-ordinator L / S / Const Sharron Coburn. The areas are known as FRK 22, FRK 23, FRK 24, FRK 25, FRK 26 and are bound by Frankston-Dandenong Road, Pines Flora & Fauna Reserve, Ballarto Rd, Peninsula Country Golf Club.
Overall, it has earned $ 22. 2 million, ranking # 42 among all martial arts films released in the US and eighth among the Jackie Chan films distributed in the US.
Overall mortality rate is 20 – 30 %; of all pregnancy-related cases, 22 % resulted in fetal loss or neonatal death, but mothers usually survive ..
Overall, the season was a great success, with the club winning 22 of 34 games, and only suffering six defeats.
** Overall: 0. 880 in ( 22. 4 mm )
Overall, Mario Kart DS is the third best-selling game for the Nintendo DS as of March 2012, with 22. 57 million units sold worldwide.
Overall, Shelton has charted 22 singles on the country charts, including twelve number 1 singles and three additional Top 10 entries.
Overall funding has decreased by 22. 5 % between fiscal years 2008 and 2011.
Overall, the miniseries was watched in 38. 3 million households and posted a 22. 3 rating and 33 share.
Overall Dixon wrote 22 novels, numerous plays and film scripts, Christian sermons, and some non-fiction works during his lifetime.
Overall, Kia models improved 22 % in J. D.
Overall, he scored 1, 318 first-class runs on the Australian leg of the tour at 73. 22 with 5 centuries, the highest score being his 194 at Sydney.
Overall length is 579 mm ( 22. 8 inches ).
Overall, he would race in 22 of 33 season events and finished 40th in points.

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