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Overseen and by
Overseen by Harley Copp, the team of Broadley, Lunn and Wyer began working on the new car at the Lola Factory in Bromley.
Overseen by Metropolitan Mar Meelis Zaia – The Archdiocese of Australia & New Zealand consists of 4
* Diocese of Europe – Overseen by Bishop Mar Odisho Oraham.
* Diocese of Syria – Overseen by Bishop Mar Aprem Natniel.
Overseen by Metropolitan Mar Aprem and two Episcopas, Mar Yohannan Joseph and Mar Augin Kuriakose, the Archdiocese of India consists of over 24 churches in Kerala and five churches outside Kerala ( one each at Coimbatore, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai and New Delhi ).
Overseen by Metropolitan Mar Gewargis Sliwa, who resides in Baghdad, Iraq.
* Diocese of Baghdad – Overseen by Bishop Mar Sargis Yosip.
* Diocese of Nohadra and Russia – Overseen by Bishop Mar Iskhaq Yosip.
* Diocese of Canada – Overseen by Bishop Mar Emmanuel Yosip.
* Diocese of the Eastern United States – Overseen by Bishop Mar Poulous Benyamin.
* Diocese of Iran – Overseen by Mar Narsai Benjamin.
* Diocese of the Western United States – Overseen by Bishop Mar Aprim Khamis.
Overseen by Imperial German financier Bethel Henry Strousberg, this was the second project of its kind in Romania ( after the Bucharest-Giurgiu rail link of 1869 ).
Overseen by Jim Reynolds, the restoration project combined the conservation expertise of Purcell, Miller, Tritton and John J. O ’ Connell, Architects, who had previously been in charge of the restoration of Fota, County Cork, another house designed by the Morrisons.
Overseen by President and CEO Yoichi Miyaji, the company's philosophy is to create " new, innovative, and entertaining games ", as well as exhibit games that can be considered " forms of art ", both as developers and producers.
Overseen by the Scottish Examination Board ( SEB ), it was taken by students in their sixth ( and final ) year of secondary education ( ages 16-18 ) and was available for a range of different subjects.
Overseen by incoming Director of Finance Ian Macgregor, this marked the beginning of a period of financial growth that saw the Trust's value increase by almost £ 14bn in 14 years, as their interests moved beyond the bounds of the pharmaceutical industry.
Overseen by the Kamloops Campus Community Radio Society, CFBX receives most of its annual funding through TRU student fees.
Overseen by Bulger and Nee, the guns were loaded aboard the Marita Ann, a fishing trawler from Gloucester, Massachusetts.
Overseen by a standard-setting body, Fairtrade International ( FLO ), and a certification body, FLO-CERT, the system involves independent auditing of producers to ensure the agreed standards are met.
Overseen by Miss Joy Goings, it was your average, everyday choir, containing, among others, George Grant ( Castelles ), Billy Taylor ( Castelles ), Octavius Anthony ( Castelles ), Sonny Gordon ( Angels ), George Tindley ( Dreams ), George Pounds ( Cherokees ), Karl English ( Cherokees ), Melvin Story ( Cherokees ), and Solomon Burke.

Overseen and .
Overseen by Crozet, the crossing was accomplished by building four tunnels, including the Blue Ridge Tunnel near the top of the pass.
Overseen by Colin French, manager of Motor Lines from 1966, the Trekka project began with two hand-built prototypes using the rear-wheel drive Škoda Octavia powertrain, which was imported from then-communist Czechoslovakia and featured a 1, 221 cc, four-cylinder engine.
Overseen by singer-songwriter Howe Gelb, its membership has shifted over the years — at times with each album.
Overseen by a five-member Board of Trustees, the district operates 14 high schools ( 11 regular, two alternative, one charter ); 11 middle schools ; 4 Adult schools ; a regional occupational program ( ROP ); and special education.

by and Oliver
A check for $4,177.37 representing the last payment of a $50,000 federal grant to Rhode Island Hospital was presented to the hospital administrator, Oliver G. Pratt, yesterday by Governor Notte.
The ostensible reason was a report by XI Corps commander Maj. Gen. Oliver O. Howard that Doubleday's corps broke first, causing the entire Union line to collapse, but Meade also had a long history of disdain for Doubleday's combat effectiveness, dating back to South Mountain.
The automatic flour mill built by Oliver Evans in 1785 was called the beginning of modern bulk material handling by Roe ( 1916 ).
* Alexander the Glorious ( 1965 ) by Jane Oliver.
At the October 2006 Conservative Conference, she was Chief Dragon in a political version of the television programme Dragons ' Den, in which A-list candidates were invited to put forward a policy proposal, which was then torn apart by her team of Rachel Elnaugh, Oliver Letwin and Michael Brown.
Penny Marshall's 1990 film Awakenings, which was nominated for several Oscars, is based on neurologist Oliver Sacks ' 1973 account of his psychiatric patients at Beth Abraham Hospital in the Bronx who were paralyzed by a form of encephalitis but briefly responded to the drug L-dopa.
The cities of Kamloops and Penticton, and rural towns of Oliver, and Osoyoos have some of the warmest and longest summer climates in Canada, although their temperature ranges are exceeded by the warmer Fraser Canyon towns of Lillooet and Lytton, where shade temperatures on summer afternoons often surpass but with very low humidity.
English republican dictator, Oliver Cromwell's campaign was characterised by its uncompromising treatment of the Irish towns ( most notably Drogheda ) that had supported the Royalists during the English Civil War.
The wing was funded entirely by Oliver Postgate using royalties received from the BBC.
In April 2012, Marc Jenner from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, ran in the Virgin London Marathon dressed in a Bagpuss costume to raise money for the charity, supported by Emily Firmin and Oliver Postgate's family.
* The Common Law by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
The government during 1653 to 1659 is properly called The Protectorate, and took the form of direct personal rule by Oliver Cromwell and, after his death, his son Richard, as Lord Protector.
On the death of Oliver Cromwell in 1658, his son, Richard Cromwell, inherited the title Lord Protector, but internal divisions among the republican party lead to his resignation, the end of the Protectorate and a second period of Commonwealth government by a Council of State and Parliament.
Charles as Prince of Wales by Isaac Oliver, 1615
A second group, headed by Chief Justice Edward D. White and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., stood for " reasonable " market regulation, managed either by private agreements among producers ( long permitted under common law ) or by public administrative agencies.
The secret contra assistance was run by the National Security Council, with officer Lt. Col. Oliver North in charge.
On top of that, Oliver North helped Carl Channell's tax-exempt organization, the " National Endowment for the Preservation of Liberty ", to raise $ 10 million, by arranging numerous briefings for groups of potential contributors at the premises of the White House and by facilitating private visits and photo sessions with president Reagan for major contributors.
In 1961, a Dominica Labor Party government led by Edward Oliver LeBlanc was elected.
Independence did little to solve problems stemming from centuries of economic underdevelopment, and in mid-1979, political discontent led to the formation of an interim government, led by Oliver Seraphin.
In 1655, Oliver Cromwell dispatched a fleet, commanded by Admiral Sir William Penn, to conquer Santo Domingo.
Edward Herbert, portrait by Isaac Oliver ( 1560 – 1617 )

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