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Party and strategists
For example, some Republican strategists have hoped that African Americans, a traditionally Democratic voting bloc, yet also one that possesses some of the most conservative views on matters of homosexuality, may be more inclined to vote for the Republican Party because of their opposition to gay marriage.
Released in a Wikileaks diplomatic cable, Volodymyr Horbulin, one of Ukraine's most respected policy strategists and former presidential advisor, told the U. S. Ambassador to Ukraine in 2006 that the Party of Regions, which " enjoyed deep pockets, being largely financed by billionaire Donetsk boss Rinat Akhmetov ” is partly composed of “ pure criminals " and " criminal and anti-democracy figures.
In 2008, Conservative Party strategists identified four archetypes based on TV programmes to help the party target swing voters.
They cannot possibly win an election solely through the support of the solid South, and yet their political strategists believe the Southern Democrat Party will not break away no matter how radical the allies imposed upon it ".
Republican Party strategists compared attacks on Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain Capital to swiftboating, saying that, " It's very clear they are trying to re-create and take a page out for the 2004 Bush campaign ".

Party and take
Khan invited Mujib to Rawalpindi to take the charge of the office, and negotiations took place between the military government and the Awami Party.
The 2008 Federal Election saw the Conservative Party of Canada take the seat with former New Maryland MLA Keith Ashfield taking this seat with 42 % of the popular vote.
During Thatcher's only visit to the Conservative Research Department in the summer of 1975, a speaker had prepared a paper on why the " middle way " was the pragmatic path the Conservative Party should take, avoiding the extremes of left and right.
He opined that the Italian parties, especially the DC ( his own party ) and Italian Communist Party, had to take into account the deep changes brought about by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War.
West Germany started to take action after the Green Party took seats in Parliament in the 1980s.
* 1949 – Chinese Civil War: The Communist Party of China forces take over Tianjin from the Nationalist Government.
The outlawing of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan ( CPK ), which followed the attempted coup, also permitted Nazarbayev to take virtually complete control of the republic's economy, more than 90 % of which had been under the partial or complete direction of the central Soviet government until late 1991.
Nine political parties sought to challenge Doe's National Democratic Party of Liberia ( NDPL ), but only three were allowed to take part.
The Party of Democratic Convergence ( PCD ) toppled the MLSTP to take a majority of seats in the National Assembly, with the MLSTP becoming an important and vocal minority party.
In 1963, the Military Committee of the Syrian Regional Command of the Arab Socialist Ba ' ath Party spent most of its time plannining to take power through a conventional military coup.
Coordinadora Democrática ( CD ) also refused to file candidates and urged Nicaraguans not to take part in the election, the Independent Liberal Party ( PLI ), headed by Virgilio Godoy Reyes announced its refusal to participate in October.
The minister threatened to expel them from the church, to which Marshall's grandfather replied that he would " take his risk on hell, but not the Republican Party.
The Whig Party's 1852 convention in New York City saw the historic meeting between Alvan E. Bovay and The New York Tribune's Horace Greeley, a meeting which led to correspondence between the men as the early Republican Party meetings in 1854 began to take place.
Bhutto vowed to take a revenge against Ayub Khan after gathering and uniting the scattered democratic socialist and Marxist mass into one single platform when he founded the Pakistan Peoples Party in 1967.
** Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party loses control of the House of Councillors, the LDP's worst electoral showing in 34 years, leading to Prime Minister Uno announcing he will resign to take responsibility for the result.
* Four UNCTAD Commissions and one Working Party – these meet more often than the Board in order to take up policy, programme and budgetary issues ;
On 18 March 1897 he was sent to Kovno, to take advantage of the arrest of the Polish Socialist Party ( PPS ) branch.
The Social Democratic and Labour Party ( SDLP ) had announced before the election that it would not take any seats and so its 14 elected representatives also abstained from participating in the Assembly and it was a failure.
The financial Panic of 1893 intensified the debates, and when Democratic President Grover Cleveland continued to support the gold standard against the will of much of his party, activists became determined to take over the Democratic Party organization and nominate a silver-supporting candidate in 1896.
In the aftermath of the 1894 election, the silver forces, led by Altgeld and others, began an attempt to take over the machinery of the Democratic Party.
32 MPs ( Res Publica and Centre Party ) did not take part.
Each Party is required to take measures ensuring that LMOs subject to intentional transboundary movement are accompanied by documentation identifying the LMOs and providing contact details of persons responsible for such movement.
Article 19 of the Convention states that State Parties must " take all appropriate legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect the child from all forms of physical or mental violence ", but it makes no reference to corporal punishment, and the Committee's interpretation on this point has been explicitly rejected by several States Party to the Convention, including Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.
Some Asian parties, like the Workers Party of Vietnam and the Workers Party of Korea attempted to take a middle-ground position.

Party and timing
Powell had his friend, Andrew Alexander, talk with Labour Party leader Harold Wilson's press secretary, Joe Haines, on Powell's timing of his speeches against Heath.
The timing of Hughes ' expulsion from the Labor Party meant that he became the first Labor leader who never led the party to an election.
Reg Alcock and several others inside the Liberal Party had opposed the timing of the vote, and the poor results prompted Paul Martin's supporters to organize against Chrétien.
Many Western analysts attributed the Bulgarian retreat from the reforms of the 1960s to tension caused by the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. International events may well have played a role, but the timing of the retreat and the invasion suggest another component: dissatisfaction among the Party elite with the results and ideological implications of the reform.
Almost immediately, the New Jersey Republican Party challenged the replacing of Torricelli with Lautenberg, citing that the timing was too close to the election and, per New Jersey law, the change could not be allowed.
The timing of the speech was not a response to any Soviet action, but rather to the fact that the Republican Party had just gained control of Congress.

Party and important
The political terms of " modern ", " progressive " or " new " Liberalism began to appear in the mid to late 1880s and became increasingly common to denote the tendency in the Liberal Party to favour an increased role for the state as more important than the classical liberal stress on self-help and freedom of choice.
Richard McGregor, author of The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers, recalled that when he asked Lu Weidong, a teacher at the party school in Yan ' an, why this is the case, Lu responded that the idea of the party having its own website was " redundant " and that " All the important media is owned by the Party, so we have no need to set up a website.
Stalin had managed to turn Lenin's hierarchical model on its head ; under Lenin the Party Congress and the Central Committee were the highest decision-making organs, under Stalin the Politburo, Secretariat and the Orgburo became the most important decision-making bodies.
He was returned at a by-election on 13 April 1978, an important victory which was seen as halting the rise of the Scottish National Party.
Lev Chernyi was an important individualist anarchist involved in resistance against the rise to power of the Bolshevik Party.
According to Spink, President Roosevelt wanted " a tough judge and a man sympathetic with his viewpoint in that important court "; Lowden and Landis were, like Roosevelt, on the progressive left of the Republican Party.
During Brezhnev's final years, Chernenko became fully immersed in ideological Party work: Heading Soviet delegations abroad, accompanying Brezhnev to important meetings and conferences, and was a member of the commission that revised the Soviet Constitution in 1977.
Beria ordered the executions of Devdariani's brothers George and Shalva, who held important positions in the Cheka and the Communist Party, respectively.
Vladimir Lenin said that cinema was “ the most important of the arts .” His successor, Joseph Stalin, also recognized the power of cinema in efficiently spreading Communist Party doctrine.
Biographer Stuart Schram would later comment that during the period between 1925 and 1927, Mao was closer to the Kuomintang than he was to the Communist Party, something he attributed to Mao's belief that the good of China was more important than the cause of socialism.
Gorbachev attended the important twenty-second Party Congress in October 1961, where Nikita Khrushchev announced a plan to surpass the U. S. in per capita production within twenty years.
* 1874 – A cartoon by Thomas Nast in Harper's Weekly, is considered the first important use of an elephant as a symbol for the United States Republican Party.
Many of the people working in these institutes were competent scientists with a proficient knowledge of political science, and some of them, through their works, had played an important role in reforming the Communist Party and had helped to bring about the radical changes in 1989.
Not all party members approved of the changes, some believing them to be a setback to libertarianism and an abandonment of what they see as the most important purpose of the Libertarian Party.
On May 21, 2007, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation obtained an important success in the Volgograd mayoral election.
From the late 1980s onwards, Adams was an important figure in the Northern Ireland peace process, initially following contact by the then Social Democratic and Labour Party ( SDLP ) leader John Hume and subsequently with the Irish and British governments and then other parties.
After Poland regained independence with the end of the World War I in 1918, the party merged with agrarian groups from territories previously occupied by Imperial Russia and formed the first PSL led by Wincenty Witos, becoming one of the most important political parties in the Second Polish Republic until it was removed by the Sanacja regime ( see also People's Party ).
To prevent this, the Soviet-controlled communist government formed a puppet PSL-Piast and, after rigging an important referendum, forced the real PSL to unite with it, forming United People's Partya satellite of the Communist Party.
On the other hand, during discussions inside the Liberal Party Jean Rey stated on 13 March 1950: if the Catholics considered important the majority in favour of Leopold III ( 57, 68 % in Belgium as a whole ), the Walloons may also considered important their own opinion ( i. e. In Wallonia only ) against Leopold which had the same percentage.
Although the Whigs at first formed the most important part of the coalition, the Whiggish elements of the new party progressively lost influence during the long leadership of the Peelite William Ewart Gladstone, and many of the old Whig aristocrats broke from the party over the issue of Irish home rule in 1886 to help form the Liberal Unionist Party — which itself would merge with the Conservative Party by 1912.

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