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Perhaps and strongest
Perhaps de Lara's strongest area was his skill at orchestration which was both tasteful and highly creative at the same time.
" Perhaps the clearest and strongest parallel can be drawn between the Golden rule ( see below ) and the first formulation of Kant's CI ( see below ).
Perhaps the strongest inspiration for Hurston's writing of Their Eyes Were Watching God was her former lover Percival Punter.
Perhaps the strongest evidence is his first name, Maria, which is traditional for a child born on 8 September, feast-day of the Nativity of the Virgin.
Perhaps the strongest psychological model put forward to explain animal hoarding is obsessive – compulsive disorder ( OCD ).
Perhaps its strongest leaning is " contrarian "— it devotes much space to articles debunking the " popular wisdom ," on topics ranging from Japan's alleged economic crisis to the Mahdi army in Iraq.
Perhaps his strongest early challenger was Republican Congressman Bob Livingston.
Perhaps the strongest arguments for objective Bayesianism were given by Edwin T. Jaynes.
Perhaps the strongest psychological model put forward to explain animal hoarding is obsessive – compulsive disorder ( OCD ).
Perhaps the strongest argument against an actual fire is that none of the investigations found any witnesses who would claim there was a fire.
Perhaps the truth lies in the interpretation that while there can be no question that Church authorities of the calibre of Robert Grosseteste repeatedly condemned the licence of the Feast of Fools in the strongest terms, such firmly rooted customs took centuries to eradicate.
Perhaps the strongest rejection of Fackenheim's idea of the 614th commandment comes from Rabbi Harold M. Schulweiss:
Perhaps the strongest proponent of labeling theory was Edward Sagarin.
Perhaps the strongest value of dual-wielding with Shieldbreaker is that most of the other Swords ' principal weakness is that they can be defeated by Shieldbreaker.
Perhaps the strongest criticism of DAMP is that Gillberg and his co-workers in Gothenburg are almost the only people doing research on DAMP.
Perhaps the strongest testimony to Keogh's bravery and leadership ability came at Custer's Last Stand – the Battle of the Little Bighorn on June 25, 1876.

Perhaps and evidence
Perhaps the most important incentive for them will be clear evidence that where other countries have done this kind of home work we have responded with long-term commitments.
Perhaps this is enough evidence to suggest that Poirot's police career was a successful one.
Perhaps the word may be included among those mysterious expressions discussed by Adolf von Harnack,which belong to no known speech, and by their singular collocation of vowels and consonants give evidence that they belong to some mystic dialect, or take their origin from some supposed divine inspiration .”
Perhaps the most important of the Rules of Evidence is that, in general, hearsay testimony is inadmissible ( although there are many exceptions to this rule ). the United Kingdom the Civil Evidence Act 1995 sec 1 specifically allows for admission of ' hearsay ' evidence, legislation also allows for ' hearsay ' evedence to be used in criminal proceedings.
Perhaps most intriguing in terms of the pre-Dynasty XX connections between temples of Set and nearby temples of his consort Nephthys is the evidence of Papyrus Bologna, which preserves a most irritable complaint lodged by one Pra ' em-hab, Prophet of the " House of Seth " in the now-lost town of Punodjem (" The Sweet Place ").
Perhaps the most compelling evidence of the depth of Victoria and Brown's relationship comes from the pen of the Queen herself.
Perhaps its most important finding was the first evidence of mass concentrations ( called “ mascons ”)— areas of high density below the mare basins that distort lunar orbital trajectories.
However, Moorhead observes that the evidence supporting Boethius having studied in Alexandria " is not as strong as it may appear ", and concludes " Perhaps Boethius was able to acquire his formidable learning without travelling.
Perhaps in order to punish the pardoned convict, to give hope to the condemned, to avoid public disorder, to consult or obtain further evidence, or to maximise the public approval of the King's mercy, judges often did not grant pardons until their departure ; the convicts often hoped until their last moments that the sentence of death would not actually be executed, and it was generally popular for a reprieve to arrive at the very scaffold.
Perhaps the most important thing that she did for posterity was her fastidious and fascinating collection of statistical and descriptive evidence of life for working women and the underprivileged in London and elsewhere in England.
Perhaps as a reaction to such excess and in parallel with trends in the arts and architecture, scenery began a trend towards abstraction, although realistic settings remained in evidence, and are still used today.
Perhaps because of her own infidelity, Titania was quick to assume that Auberon was equally unfaithful although no evidence of this was ever shown, and conversely Auberon was shown to maintain strong affection for his wife even in the face of her reputation, even regularly disguising himself as a maid to be with his queen without enduring her scorn.
Perhaps the first scholar to posit a large-scale Neolithic migration, based on genetic evidence, was Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza.
Perhaps the only evidence of humanitarian acts in Greiser's career was his involvement in the resettlement of German refugees from lands annexed to the Soviet Union over 1939 to 1940.
Perhaps the most compelling bit of circumstantial evidence was that Shelby allegedly owned a rare. 38 calibre pistol and unusual bullets very similar to the kind which killed Taylor.
Perhaps still the most significant work in the field was that of Iona and Peter Opie, which departed from previous practice in Britain ; following work by Dorothy Howard in America and Brian Sutton-Smith in New Zealand, they relied on detailed observation of children for their evidence resulting in their work on The Language and Lore of Schoolchildren ( 1959 ), Children's Games in Street and Playground ( 1969 ) and The Singing Game ( 1985 ).
Perhaps the bronzes were being transported to Rome as booty, when a storm overtook their ship, though no evidence of a wreck could be found.
Perhaps as evidence of the kingdom's openness, de Andrade's party was allowed to construct a chapel in Tsaparang and instruct the people about Christianity.
Perhaps the major reason for the Republican defeat was the fallout from the Army-McCarthy Hearings, in which prominent Republican Senator Joe McCarthy accused countless political and intellectual figures of having Communist ties, usually with no evidence.
Perhaps the crucial evidence comes from several unbiased foreign sources which mention that Boris succeeded his father in Kiev, and was not lurking in Rostov as the Russian Primary Chronicle seems to imply.
We know the names of the accused ; we've seen their pictures ; their lives will never be the same .... Perhaps the evidence will show they ... committed the heinous crime of rape.
Perhaps the visible anecdotal evidence of high temperatures during this period was the occurrence of deciduous forests extending all the way to the poles.
Perhaps the largest piece of evidence that immram are Christian works is that the characters in the story are generally wandering priests, monks, and nuns, or at least related to them.

Perhaps and favor
Perhaps due to poor ratings from a narrow target audience, TLC began to explore new avenues starting in the mid 1990s, deemphasizing educational material in favor of entertainment.
Perhaps because the other organization was a Greek letter fraternity, the four abandoned their plans for a club in favor of forming another Greek letter fraternity.
Perhaps with this consesion, the Duke of Wroclaw wanted to create a strong front of Polish princes on his favor over his particular interests.
Perhaps as a cousequence of this Mišić was in favor of halting and making a final stand against the Central Powers forces when the High Command ordered retreat across Montenegro and Albania to Italian-held Durazzo and Valona ( at the time Serbian Army was defending itself in Kosovo from three sides and was in danger of becoming surrounded ).
Perhaps the biggest controversy ( in a series of questionable decisions in favor of Bockwinkel ) was known as the " screwjob " that involved Hulk Hogan.

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