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Perlman and said
-- New York Central Railroad president Alfred E. Perlman said Tuesday his line would face the threat of bankruptcy if the Chesapeake & Ohio and Baltimore & Ohio Railroads merge.
`` All these kind of things weaken us '', Perlman said.
Later, after being fired by the Big 12, Beebe was quoted as saying, " Nebraska was one of the biggest objectors of equal revenue rights, and their president Harvey Perlman said that.
Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman said.
He has said that he and his father were " very close ", and that it was his father, after seeing Perlman in a college production of Guys and Dolls, who told Perlman, " You have to do this ... You understand this?
Ron Perlman has said, " I'm sure they ’ re going to stick to the structure of Hamlet all the way to the end " of the series.
Itzhak Perlman said of DeLay's pedagogic approach: " I would come and play for her, and if something was not quite right, it wasn't like she was going to kill me.

Perlman and would
It was a critical juncture for WebTV, because the Brentwood financing had been predicated on the expectation of a future relationship with Sony, and if Brentwood had decided to not proceed with the financing after being told that Sony had backed out, WebTV would have gone bankrupt and Perlman would have lost everything.
Gates called Perlman at his home on Easter Sunday in March 1997, and Perlman described to Gates WebTV's next generation products in development, which would be the first consumer devices to incorporate hard disks, including the WebTV Plus, and the WebTV Digital Video Recorders.
Originally named Camp B ' nai B ' rith, the facility would later be named B ' nai B ' rith Perlman Camp in honor of the early BBYO leader Anita Perlman and her husband, Louis.
Among his best known musical performances were " The Welly Boot Song ", a parody of the Scottish folk song " The Wark O ' The Weavers ," which became his theme song for several years ; " In the Brownies ", a parody of the hit Village People song " In the Navy " ( for which Connolly filmed a music video ); " Two Little Boys in Blue ", a tongue-in-cheek indictment of police brutality done to the tune of Rolf Harris ' " Two Little Boys "; and the ballad " I Wish I Was in Glasgow ," which Connolly would later perform in duet with Malcolm McDowell on a guest appearance on the 1990s American sitcom Pearl ( which starred Rhea Perlman ).
Though Perlman detested ideology and would claim that the only "- ist " he would respond to was cellist, his work both as an author and publisher has been very influential on modern anarchist thought.
Perlman comes to her defense ; he reminds Dante that as an Italian in Paris at that time, should Mussolini align with the Nazis, Dante's own position in Paris would be precarious.

Perlman and be
Fluke is then abducted by a man named Sylvester ( Ron Perlman ) to be used in animal experiments at a cosmetics company.
" Perlman says, " So, he gave me permission to be an actor ... wow.
In a March 21, 2008 article in the San Francisco Chronicle, the author, David Perlman speaks of " the danger to lifelines – the roads, rail tracks and bridges that must carry ambulances, fire trucks and fleeing cars after the quake ; the airports that are bound to be unusable ".
At the Curtis Institute of Music and at the summer music festival of the Meadowmount School of Music in Elizabethtown, New York, Ruth Laredo was chosen by the violin pedagogue Ivan Galamian and the cellist Leonard Rose to be the piano accompanist for their students, among them Arnold Steinhardt, Michael Tree, Pinchas Zukerman and Itzhak Perlman.

Perlman and merger
In the decade prior to the merger, the NYC had trimmed its physical plant and assembled a young, eager management group under the leadership of Alfred E. Perlman.

Perlman and could
Her next big opportunity came in 1970, when Itzhak Perlman could not come to London for his concert with London Symphony Orchestra ( his wife was giving birth to their child ), and Chung was asked to step in at the last minute.

Perlman and .
Kane was a regular on the 1986 NBC series All Is Forgiven, a regular on the 1990 – 1991 NBC series American Dreamer, guest-starred on a 1994 episode of Seinfeld and had a supporting role in the short-lived 1996 – 1997 sitcom Pearl, which starred Rhea Perlman.
Ed Sullivan congratulates Izhak Perlman after a concert at Tel-Aviv, in 1958.
On the flight, he meets Dr. Bill Perlman ( John Turturro ), an airline-contracted psychiatrist who offers to counsel Max for post-traumatic stress disorder.
Dr. Perlman accompanies Max back to his home where his wife Lauren ( Isabella Rossellini ) begins noticing his strange behavior.
He comes to think of himself as invulnerable to death, causing Dr. Perlman to become concerned with Max's delusion.
Perlman encourages Max to meet with another survivor, Carla Rodrigo ( Rosie Perez ) in the hopes that the two can help support one another.
* John Turturro as Dr. Bill Perlman
He is currently a member of the steering committee of the Friends of the Apollo Theater in Oberlin, Ohio, along with Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman.
* Rhea Perlman ( b. 1948 ), American television actress
Notable members of the Industrial Workers of the World have included Lucy Parsons ; Helen Keller ; Joe Hill ; Ralph Chaplin ; Ricardo Flores Magon ; James P. Cannon ; James Connolly ; Jim Larkin ; Paul Mattick ; Big Bill Haywood ; Eugene Debs ; David Dellinger ; Elizabeth Gurley Flynn ; Sam Dolgoff, Monty Miller ; Indian Nationalist Lala Hardayal ; Frank Little ; ACLU founder Roger Nash Baldwin ; Harry Bridges, briefly, later helped form ILWU ; Minnesota Governor Floyd B. Olson ; Buddhist beat poet Gary Snyder ; Fredy Perlman ; Australian poets Harry Hooton and Lesbia Harford ; graphic artist Carlos Cortez ; artist Kevin McCoy ; counterculture icon Kenneth Rexroth ; Surrealist Franklin Rosemont ; Rosie Kane and Carolyn Leckie, former Members of the Scottish Parliament ; labor and environmental organizer Judi Bari ; folk musicians Utah Phillips, Harry McClintock, Anne Feeney, and David Rovics ; crime writer Jim Thompson ; Finnish folk music legend Hiski Salomaa ; Catholic Workers Dorothy Day and Ammon Hennacy.
The paper had been taken over by the Eat the Rich Gang, a group that had successfully published several pamphlets and were particularly influenced by Fredy Perlman, Jacques Camatte, Jean Baudrillard, Council communism, and Left Communism, as well as the Situationists.
They also developed a close relationship with Black and Red Press, a radical printers / publishers group with which Lorraine and Fredy Perlman were involved.
< Shin AY, Perlman M, Shin PA, Garay AA: Disability outcomes in a worker's compensation population: surgical versus nonsurgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Anarchist theorists such as Fredy Perlman, Bob Black, Hakim Bey, and John Zerzan, have developed the SI's ideas in various directions away from Marxism.
Heide Perlman, creator of Sibs, wrote the part with Castellaneta in mind.
Hamilton next starred opposite Ron Perlman in the TV series Beauty and the Beast.
Hamilton and her Beauty and the Beast costar Ron Perlman reunited in the 2005 post-Vietnam war drama Missing in America.

said and bankruptcy
Daley inherited a city with revenue-generating assets, manageable debt and pension funds so flush with cash that he was able to use some of the money to provide a one-time property tax break, but he left behind a city literally on the brink of bankruptcy, with a structural deficit that Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel said could approach $ 1. 2 billion when unfunded pension funds are factored in.
Mussolini refused to heed warnings from his minister of exchange and currency, Felice Guarneri, who said that Italy's actions in Ethiopia and Spain meant the nation was on the verge of bankruptcy.
In a statement to the public, former CEO of American Airlines, Robert Crandall said, " Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection filing shows airline industry deregulation was a mistake.
In an email to the Appeal-Democrat Hostess spokesman Erik Halvorson said that the May notices were to alert employees to possible sale or wind down of the company, but that " our goal is still to emerge from bankruptcy as a growing company with a strong future.
While both film manufacturers recognized this fundamental change, it can be said that Fuji Photo had adopted to this shift much more successfully that Eastman Kodak ( which filed for bankruptcy in January 2012 ).
On 23 January 2009, a spokesperson said Muzak was attempting to restructure its debt and filing for bankruptcy was one of several options.
Far from the unprofitable boat-anchor the railroad and the bankruptcy trustees said it was, the ICC found that the Pacific Extension had been returning a profit to the railroad even through 1977 and 1978, at which time traffic was severely down due to the road's problems.
Motor Coach Industries Inc. announced on September 15, 2008, the company had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as part of a restructuring the company said would " help shed hundreds of millions of dollars of debt.
Due to UK regulations that hold the prior owner of a company responsible for all redundancy payments if the said company declares bankruptcy within 3 years of sale, BMW guaranteed that Phoenix Venture Holdings ( initially named MG Rover Holdings ) would have enough money to keep Rover Group in business for at least 3 years following the sale.
" Automotive industry consultant Dennis DesRosiers said that General Motors had missed the chance to slash labour costs, pointing out that bankruptcy was a looming threat, Ottawa and Queen's Park demanded cuts to the labour bill as a condition of the bailout, and that the deficit to the pension fund would prevent the CAW from striking.
“ Continued softness in sales, combined with tightening terms and slower shipments from our suppliers, have reduced our funds availability below critical levels ,” Ames ' chairman and CEO Joseph R. Ettore, who had presided over the bankruptcy and liquidation of Stuart's and Jamesway prior to joining Ames, said about Ames ' decision to go out of business.
The films grossed an estimated $ 35 million altogether at the box office and are said to have saved Universal from bankruptcy.
Church officials said that they had been trying to negotiate payments but after several suits were filed and writs of attachment were granted the church had to declare bankruptcy.
The myth has even made its way into modern advertising ; in 1967 KLM featured the painting in an advertisement which said " See Night Watch, Rembrandt's spectacular ' failure ' ( that caused him to be ) hooted ... down the road to bankruptcy ".
She said that Hugh and Cone advised her to sign the agreement for tax reasons, and falsely claimed that Culverhouse was on the brink of bankruptcy.
The search was said to have been called off due to the fact that Jimke had to file bankruptcy due to his expenses in the search.
During hearings on the bankruptcy filing by Lehman Brothers and bailout of AIG before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, former Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld said a host of factors including a crisis of confidence and naked short-selling attacks followed by false rumors contributed to both the collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers.
It has been said that she saved the Metropolitan Opera from looming bankruptcy.
The U. S. Attorney said, " Essentially the court holds that we did not abuse the bankruptcy filing, just that we should have filed differently.
On 11 November 2011 Mr Quinn said that he had applied for voluntary bankruptcy in Belfast, and issued a statement asking the media to consider his views as well as the bank's.
The bankruptcy court trustee said she would sue on behalf of Dynegy Holdings to recover these debts.
Dynegy said it hoped to hold a vote on August 24, at which time its creditors would approve the bankruptcy plan.
A court hearing on the creditor-approved bankruptcy plan would then be held September 5, after which the company said it would emerge from bankruptcy protection.

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