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Portrait and from
Portrait of Jacobus Arminius, from Kupferstich aus Theatrum Europaeum by Matthaeus Merian in 1662
Portrait of Andrea Alciato, reproduced from the 1584 edition of his emblem book
Portrait of Immanuel Kant, who proposed an argument for the existence of God from morality
Portrait of Oswolt Krel, a merchant from Lindau ( Lake Constance ), participating in the South German medieval trade corporation Große Ravensburg er Handelsgesellschaft, 1499.
* " Cyclops ", a song by Marilyn Manson from Portrait of an American Family
* 2007 – The painting Portrait of Suzanne Bloch ( 1904 ), by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, is stolen from the São Paulo Museum of Art, along with O Lavrador de Café by the major Brazilian modernist painter Candido Portinari.
Portrait, from " Livre du recteur " ( 1578 ), University of Geneva
Portrait by Friedrich Engels. Johann Kaspar Schmidt ( October 25, 1806 – June 26, 1856 ), better known as Max Stirner ( the nom de plume he adopted from a schoolyard nickname he had acquired as a child because of his high brow, in German ' Stirn '), was a German philosopher, who ranks as one of the literary fathers of nihilism, existentialism, post-modernism and anarchism, especially of individualist anarchism.
Detail view of the portrait of Adams in the National Portrait Gallery ( United States ) | U. S. National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D. C., painted by George Caleb Bingham ; this copy c. 1850 from an original of 1844
Painting titled Portrait of Young John Calvin from the collection of the Library of Geneva.
Portrait from Theodore Beza | Theodore Beza's Icones ( 1580 ).
Posthumous Portrait of Percy Shelley | Shelley Writing Prometheus Unbound ( Shelley ) | Prometheus Unbound ( 1845 ) On 17 September 1820, Severn set sail onboard the Maria Crowther from England to Italy with the famous English poet John Keats.
* Portrait of Keats kept at The New Art Gallery in Walsall ( on the website, chose from the dropdown menu to see the image )
* Self-portrait from the National Portrait Gallery collection
* One Life: Thomas Paine, the Radical Founding Father exhibition from the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
Portrait of the Four Tetrarchs | The Tetrarchs, a Porphyry ( geology ) | porphyry sculpture sacked from a Byzantine palace in 1204, now standing at the southwest corner of St Mark's Basilica, Venice
After the success of Music from Big Pink, the band went on tour, including a performance at the Woodstock Festival ( which was not included in the famed Woodstock film due to legal complications ) and an appearance with Dylan at the UK Isle of Wight Festival ( several songs from which were subsequently included on Dylan's Self Portrait album ).
Portrait of Francis Dashwood, 15th Baron le Despencer by William Hogarth from the late 1750s, parodying Renaissance images of Francis of Assisi.
Portrait of Knox from Theodore Beza | Theodore Beza's Icones
Portrait of Jan de Doot, by Carel van Savoyen, holding the kidney stone he removed from himself according to a 1652 account in the book Observationes Medicae ( Tulp ) | Observationes Medicae by Nicolaes Tulp
Signature of Sir Joseph Banks from the book National Portrait Gallery Volume I published 1830
Portrait of Porter from frontispiece in his collection of short stories Waifs and Strays

Portrait and 1906
File: Nietzsche-munch. jpg | Portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche ( 1906 )
Portrait of Serge Diaghilev with His Nanny, by Léon Bakst ( 1906 ).
Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Gertrude Stein, 1906, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
File: Portrait of Makxim Gorky. jpg | Portrait by Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Helsinki, winter 1905 – 1906.
A painting of Maitland ( 1906 ) by Beatrice Locke is available from the National Portrait Gallery
Portrait of Hindman by Aurelius O. Revenaugh, 1906.
Robert Delaunay, 1906, L ' homme à la tulipe ( Portrait de Jean Metzinger ), oil on canvas, 72. 4 x 48. 5 cm ( 28 1 / 2 by 19 1 / 8 in ).
* Christopher Cardew ; Richard Cardew ; Michael Cardew ; Philip Cardew 1906 photograph at the National Portrait Gallery
Portrait of Albert ( Abraham ) Harkavy, from the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia.
Image: Mikhail Nesterov 055. jpeg | Portrait of E. P. Nesterov ( 1906 )
Portrait of Gippius by Leon Bakst, 1906.
** Portrait of Dr. Shenk, ( 1906.

Portrait and Jewish
Cixous wrote a book on Derrida titled Portrait de Jacques Derrida en jeune saint juif ( Portrait of Jacques Derrida as a Young Jewish Saint ).
The 17th century palace inventories included the works of the greatest contemporary and ancient masters, like Rembrandt ( Portuguese rabbi, Jewish Girl in a beret, The Adoration of the Magi, Abraham and Hagar, Portrait of an old man in the so-called Dutch Room of the palace ), Pieter van Laer, called Bamboccio ( Travellers ), Anthony van Dyck ( Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane ), Ferdinand van Kessel ( batalistic scenes, allegorical paintings and still lifes ), Raphael, Caracci brothers, Guido Reni and Bernardo Strozzi.
* Remnant Of Israel: A Portrait Of America's First Jewish Congregation ( 2004 )

Portrait and .
Taking the path behind the Throne Room to the building directly beyond it, the Portrait Gallery, I went right at the end of it, through a garden to a small building at the back -- a sitting room furnished with low blue divans, its floor covered with carpets, its ceiling painted with gold squares and floral designs.
Portrait of Dred Scott.
A. Milne in the National Portrait Gallery.
Portrait of Alaric in C. Strahlheim, Das Welttheater, 4.
Portrait of Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier and his wife by Jacques-Louis David, ca.
Carnegie as he appears in the National Portrait Gallery ( United States ) | National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D. C.
* Oppenheim, A. Leo ( 1964 ): Ancient Mesopotamia: Portrait of a Dead Civilization.
Portrait of Salieri by Joseph Willibrord Mähler.
File: Albert Pike-Brady-Handy. jpg | Portrait by Mathew Brady
File: Durer, autoritratto con fiore d ' eringio, dett. jpg | Detail, Portrait of the Artist Holding a Thistle, 1493, Louvre
File: Albrecht Dürer 073. jpg | Portrait of Elsbeth Tucher, 1499, Hessisches Landesmuseum
File: Albrecht Dürer 094b. jpg | Portrait of a Young Man, 1507, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Gemäldegalerie
Conservation staff for both the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the National Portrait Gallery ( United States ) | National Portrait Gallery are visible to the public through floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow visitors to see firsthand all the techniques that Conservator ( museum ) | Conservators use to examine, treat and preserve artworks within a functioning conservation Laboratory.
From 1598 – 1600 is a triple Portrait, now in Naples, an example of genre painting.
There is a portrait of him by Francis Wheatley in the National Portrait Gallery, London.
he should recall that Dylan called his first cover album Self Portrait.
Portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven in 1820.

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