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Professor and McNeill
* 2002 Professor Robert McNeill Alexander

Professor and thinks
The Professor had started frying a conger eel in an enormous pan, and this is one of star turns ; and nobody thinks about anything else when he does it.
Richard King, Professor of Religious Studies, thinks it is unlikely that Gauḍapāda could have authored both texts, given the differences between the two philosophies.
Visiting the newly completed Tower, the Doctor and Dodo meet Professor Brett, the creator of WOTAN ( Will Operating Thought ANalogue ), an advanced problem-solving computer that thinks for itself.
In the episode, which continues on from the events of the previous episode " Professor Chaos ", Butters thinks up a series of schemes to take over the world, but realizes that each one has already been performed on The Simpsons.
Professor Kellman, a planetary surveyor, asks Commander Stevenson how long they can run a 50-man station with three men, but the other young officer, Lester, thinks they can continue to manage.
There are only two times someone besides Thurston calls her Lovey: in the pilot, when the radio is announcing the missing people, the announcer says " Thurston Howell, III, and his wife, Lovey "; and in the episode in which Gilligan thinks he wins the lottery and invites all the people into the Howells ' club, The Professor addresses Mr. and Mrs. Howell as Thurston and Lovey.
* In each Professor Peabody segment, the professor thinks he has invented something new, but finds out his inventions are hardly original.
Professor Walsh is upset that Riley disobeyed orders for Buffy, but says she thinks that Buffy will " work out ".
1, Mesmero was subsequently captured by the X-Men, allowing Professor X to extract Apocalypse's master plan from his mind even though Mesmero still thinks that Apocalypse will return for him.

Professor and at
The short poems grouped at the end of the volume as `` Thoughts in Loneliness '' is, as Professor Book indicated, in sharp contrast with the others.
By now he had become Regius Professor of Modern History at Cambridge and had been honored by the award of the Order of Merit.
That fall he submitted to Professor Baker the first acts and outlines of the following acts of several plays, six of them, according to some of his associates, and he also worked on a play that he first called Niggertown, the material for which he had collected during the summer at home.
Instead, he went down to New York and submitted Welcome To Our City to the Theatre Guild, which had asked him to let them have a look at it after Professor Baker had recommended it highly.
But, in spite of this, I, at present a man 31 years of age and a College Professor, have been recalled `` by direction of the President '' to report on November 25th to Fort Devens, Massachusetts, for another twelve months of Active Duty as an Sp 4 ( the equivalent of a PFC ).
Today, seven years after the date of my initial induction as a draftee, I am Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Science at St. Michael's College.
Indeed, it is even surprising in the Canon of Christ Church and Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, who fathered this most peculiar view, and in the brilliant Professor of Medieval and Renaissance English at Cambridge, who inherited it and is now its most eminent proponent.
Dr. H. V. Hilprecht, Professor of Assyrian at the University of Pennsylvania, dreamed that a Babylonian priest, associated with the king Kurigalzu, ( 1300 B.C. ) escorted him to the treasure chamber of the temple of Bel, gave him six novel points of information about a certain broken relic, and corrected an error in its identification.
When her brother Winslow became a student at Brown University in 1874, she wrote him about a course in history he was taking under Professor Diman: `` What is Prof. Diman's definition of civilization, and take the world through, is its progress ever onward, or does it retrograde at times??
A little parable illustrative of this truth is afforded by an incident related by Professor Bela Vasady at the end of the Second World War.
The participants were Professor H. Bondi, professor of mathematics at King's College, London ; ;
Alain Connes (; born 1 April 1947 ) is a French mathematician, currently Professor at the Collège de France, IHÉS, The Ohio State University and Vanderbilt University.
In the story, Professor Laban Shrewsbury ( a recurring Derleth character ) and his assistant at the time, Nayland Colum, discover Alhazred's burial site.
The current leader is Roger Chartier, who is Directeur d ' Études at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, Professeur in the Collège de France, and Annenberg Visiting Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania.
Mark J. Hudson Professor of Anthropology at Nishikyushu University, Kanzaki, Saga, Japan, said Japan was settled by a " Proto-Mongoloid " population in the Pleistocene who became the Jōmon and their features can be seen in the Ainu and Okinawan people.
According to Glenn W. LaFantasie, Professor of Civil War History at Western Kentucky University,
Sir Andrew John Wiles, KBE, FRS ( born 11 April 1953 ) is a British mathematician and a Royal Society Research Professor at Oxford University, specializing in number theory.
Wiles is the son of Maurice Frank Wiles ( 1923 – 2005 ), the Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Oxford and Patricia Wiles ( née Mowll ).
Professor Henry Higgins sings, " Look at her, a prisoner of the gutters / Condemned by every syllable she utters / By right she should be taken out and hung / For the cold-blooded murder of the English tongue.
Arthur Robert Jensen ( born August 24, 1923 ) is a Professor Emeritus of educational psychology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Professor and Yalta
In testimony before the United States Senate, Professor Donna Hughes said that two thirds of Ukrainian women interviewed wanted to live abroad and this rose to 97 % in the resort city of Yalta.

Professor and Stalin
In 1942, commenting on journalist E. H. Carr's pro-Soviet views, Orwell stated: " all the appeasers, e. g. Professor E. H. Carr, have switched their allegiance from Hitler to Stalin.
Almost alone among Western scientists, John Desmond Bernal, Professor of Physics at Birkbeck College, University of London, and a Fellow of the Royal Society, made an aggressive public defense of Lysenko and some years later gave an obituary ofStalin as a Scientist .’ However, despite Bernal's endorsement, other members of Britain's scientific community retreated from open support of the Soviet Union, and may have been one of the chief reasons for a retreat from Marxism in that country.
His last notable film role was as Professor Bartnev in The Inner Circle ( 1991 ), a true story about Soviet Russia under the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin.
Professor Ellman elaborates on why so few were sentenced to death: " Stalin had originally proposed that ‘ as a rule ’ the sentence under this decree would be the death penalty.
What was originally an omitted section of the interview by Joseph Stalin himself, Professor of Montclair State University Grover Furr had finally published an English version of it.

Professor and did
Charlotte's first manuscript, The Professor, did not secure a publisher, although she was heartened by an encouraging response from Smith, Elder & Co of Cornhill, who expressed an interest in any longer works which " Currer Bell " might wish to send.
The particles were never observed to rise above 6 km and when combined with scavenging by clouds gave the smoke a short residency time in the atmosphere and localized its effects ; Professor Carl Sagan of the Turco, Toon, Ackerman, Pollack, Sagan ( TTAPS ) study hypothesized in January 1991 that enough smoke from the fires " might get so high as to disrupt agriculture in much of South Asia ...." Sagan later conceded in his book The Demon-Haunted World that this prediction did not turn out to be correct: " it was pitch black at noon and temperatures dropped 4 °– 6 ° C over the Persian Gulf, but not much smoke reached stratospheric altitudes and Asia was spared.
Jean-José Puig describes how Massoud often led prayers before a meal or at times asked his fellow Muslims to lead the prayer but also did not hesitate to ask a Christian friend Jean-José Puig or the Jewish Princeton University Professor Michael Barry: " Jean-José, we believe in the same God.
Blunden's next book of poems, The Shepherd, published in 1922 won the Hawthornden Prize, but his poetry, though well reviewed, did not provide enough to live on, and in 1924 he accepted the post of Professor of English at the University of Tokyo.
Jo did reject Laurie to marry Professor Bhaer who “ is no schoolgirl ’ s hero, but Jo believes he is better suited to her than Laurie.
He did not enjoy his time in Switzerland, so in 1946 he jumped at a chance to leave, returning to work at Harvard where he remained until he retired in 1977 ; he was William Caspar Graustein Professor of Mathematics from 1964.
According to Professor Anne Beauchemin from McGill University, most Neoimpressionist painters probably did not read Chevreul's books, but instead they read Grammaire des arts du dessin, written in 1867 by Charles Blanc, who cited Chevreul's works.
When Azaria ad-libbed a voice for the character, he did an impression of Jerry Lewis's Julius Kelp character from The Nutty Professor.
However, when cast member Hank Azaria ad-libbed a voice for Frink, he did an impression of Jerry Lewis's character Julius Kelp from the 1963 film The Nutty Professor, and the writing staff started making Frink more of a parody of that character.
Dr Hix did have another member of staff, the late Professor Flead, but insorcized him into the Pink Pussycat Club at the end of Making Money ( the Professor haunts the club, and the club does not mind the loss of one chair out of the club's seating capacity ).
Swedish author Frans G. Bengtsson and Professor Ragnhild Hatton have written noted biographies of Charles XII of Sweden, as did Voltaire in 1731.
Few people did more than Robert Wozniak, Professor of Psychology at Bryn Mawr College for the rediscovery of the significance of James Mark Baldwin in the History of ideas.
James Grout ( the Professor during the first four series ) did not take part.
The Professor represents the undeserving damned, being a man of high moral virtue, having been consigned to Hell only on the technicality that he did not believe in God.
He did not sever his ties with the University of New South Wales, which recognised his service by appointing him Emeritus Professor in 2004.
As Sorge took pride in and sought the credit for the spy ring's work, Professor Prange may have taken Sorge's failure to claim that he had discovered the correct date as conclusive evidence that Sorge in fact did fail to discover it.
However, it turned out that the Habilitation is held in great esteem in the academia, and that former junior professors are eager to call themselves Privatdozent or ( außerplanmäßiger ) Professor in case they did not attain a regular chair.
In an alternative world where Professor Xavier and Magneto's roads did not separate, Sage was found by both men, and was never sent to spy on Sebastian Shaw in the Hellfire Club.
He was the Edgar Pierce Professor of psychology at Harvard University and worked with B. F. Skinner in the Harvard pigeon lab, where he did research on choice behavior and behavioral economics.
An analysis conducted by Professor Jessica Utts showed a statistically significant effect, with gifted subjects scoring 5 %- 15 % above chance, though subject reports included a large amount of irrelevant information, and when reports did seem on target they were vague and general in nature.
" Professor Jim Chen has said that while Boerne did not formally overrule Morgan, " after Boerne, Morgan will never again enjoy iconic status.
Some commentators have noticed that one of the foremost Norwegian authorities on Tveitt, Hallgjerd Aksnes, Professor of Music at the University of Oslo, did not address this question in her article on Tveitt in Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.
( He did serve as a Professor of Engineering at West Point from 1813 to 1817.

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