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Professor and Stephen
* General History of the Ghana Armed Forces – a Reference Volume, ( Professor ) Stephen Addae, Ministry of Defence of Ghana Armed Forces ( sic ), Accra, 2005, ISBN 9988-8335-0-4. nearly 700 pages but quite readable.
On 10 September 2007, Professor Stephen Harding of the University of Nottingham, used ground penetrating radar ( GPR ) equipment to pinpoint the location of a 1, 000-year-old Viking transport longship ( Nordic clinker design ) beneath 6 – 10 feet ( 2 – 3 meters ) of clay in Meols, Wirral, ( a well-known settling place of Vikings ).
The current director is Professor Stephen D. Hopper, who succeeded Professor Sir Peter Crane.
Stephen Henry Schneider ( February 11, 1945 – July 19, 2010 ) was Professor of Environmental Biology and Global Change at Stanford University, a Co-Director at the Center for Environment Science and Policy of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and a Senior Fellow in the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment.
One such hippie " high priest " was San Francisco State University Professor Stephen Gaskin.
Tom Cruise insists that Narconon is the world's only successful drug rehabilitation programme, saying that he " has personally helped hundreds of people get off drugs ". Professor Stephen A. Kent | Stephen Kent, a sociologist who has interviewed numerous former Scientologists, says that " The connection between Narconon and Scientology is solid.
* Stephen S. Roach, Yale University Professor
* James Maas, American social psychologist, Professor at Cornell University, and Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow
The RSA's Medal winners include Nelson Mandela, Sir Frank Whittle, and Professor Stephen Hawking.
Professor and Mrs. Stephen Outterbridge
* Professor Stephen Brachlow DPhil ( Oxon ), Professor of Spirituality
It was due to the college's lack of a mathematics fellow ( this is no longer the case ) that Professor Stephen Hawking read a natural sciences degree and ended up specialising in physics.
* Stephen Charles Mott, Professor of Christian Social Ethics
The Stephen Sondheim Society put on a student concert version of the musical at the University of Birmingham, written by Professor Stephen Banfield.
According to Professor Stephen Tierney, perhaps the earliest notable example of academic interest in the deliberative aspects of democracy occurred in John Rawls 1971 work A Theory of Justice.
In 1848 Henry worked in conjunction with Professor Stephen Alexander to determine the relative temperatures for different parts of the solar disk.
He includes the research of — among others — Professor Stephen Camarata, Ph. D., of Vanderbilt University and Professor Steven Pinker, Ph. D., of Harvard University in this overview of a poorly understood developmental trait.
* Professor Stephen Hawking's book, A Brief History of Time, becomes the longest running book on the bestseller list of The Sunday Times.
Kristol was affiliated with the Congress for Cultural Freedom ; he wrote in Commentary magazine from 1947 to 1952, under the editor Elliot Cohen ( not to be confused with Elliot A. Cohen the writer of today's magazine ); co-founder ( with Stephen Spender ) of the British-based Encounter from 1953 to 1958 ; editor of The Reporter from 1959 to 1960 ; executive vice-president of the publishing house Basic Books from 1961 to 1969 ; Henry Luce Professor of Urban Values at New York University from 1969 to 1987 ; and co-founder and co-editor ( first with Daniel Bell and then Nathan Glazer ) of The Public Interest from 1965 to 2002.

Professor and leading
Whorf had met Sapir, the leading US linguist of the day, at professional conferences, and in 1931 Sapir came to Yale from the University of Chicago to take a position as Professor of Anthropology.
Professor Richard J. Ofshe, a leading expert on false memories, suggests that the feeling of well-being reported by preclears at the end of an auditing session may be induced by post-hypnotic suggestion.
These writings, in the words of Henry Cadbury, Professor of Divinity at Harvard University and a leading Quaker, " contain a few fresh phrases of his own, are generally characterized by an excess of scriptural language and today they seem dull and repetitious ".
A leading authority, and the author of an open source MUMPS implementation, Professor Kevin O ' Kane, uses only ' MUMPS '.
The two professors in Christiania, Søren Rasmussen and Christopher Hansteen, found no errors in Abel's formulas, and sent the work on to the leading mathematician in the Nordic countries, Professor Ferdinand Degen in Copenhagen.
In the list of more important bulls issued by him the famous bull " In Coena Domini " ( 1568 ) takes a leading place ; but amongst others throwing light on Pope Pius V's character and policy there may be mentioned his prohibition of quaestuary ( February 1567 and January 1570 ); the condemnation of Michael Baius, the heretical Professor of Leuven ( 1567 ); the reform of the breviary ( July 1568 ); the denunciation of the " dirum nefas " ( August 1568 ); the banishment of the Jews from the ecclesiastical dominions except Rome and Ancona ( 1569 ); the injunction of the use of the reformed missal ( July 1570 ); the confirmation of the privileges of the Society of Crusaders for the protection of the Inquisition ( October 1570 ); the dogmatic certainty of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary ( November 1570 ); the suppression of the Fratres Humiliati for profligacy ( February 1571 ); the approbation of the new office of the Blessed Virgin ( March 1571 ); the enforcement of the daily recitation of the Canonical Hours ( September 1571 ); and the purchase of assistance against the Turks by offers of plenary pardon ( March 1572 ).
Professor Francesco Cappuccio said, " Short sleep has been shown to be a risk factor for weight gain, hypertension, and Type 2 diabetes, sometimes leading to mortality ; but in contrast to the short sleep-mortality association, it appears that no potential mechanisms by which long sleep could be associated with increased mortality have yet been investigated.
Professor of Law at University of Olomouc, leading figure of Enlightenment in the Habsburg Monarchy
In 1935 he returned to Oxford, as Professor of Pathology and Fellow of Lincoln College, leading a team of researchers.
Rivalry between academic opinion at LSE and Cambridge goes back to the School's roots when LSE's Edwin Cannan ( 1861 – 1935 ), Professor of Economics, and Cambridge's Professor of Political Economy, Alfred Marshall ( 1842 – 1924 ), the leading economist of the day, argued about the bedrock matter of economics and whether the subject should be considered as an organic whole.
Bobby suggests a leading American scientist, Professor Jacob Barnhardt ( Sam Jaffe ), who lives in Washington, D. C. Bobby takes Klaatu to Barnhardt's home, but the professor is absent.
* Steven Feiner, Professor at Columbia University, is a leading pioneer of augmented reality, and author of the first paper on an AR system prototype, KARMA ( the Knowledge-based Augmented Reality Maintenance Assistant ), along with Blair MacIntyre and Doree Seligmann.
The site was explored in depth in the 1960s by Professor Ekrem Akurgal, leading to precious discoveries, but has been left somewhat unattended since.
* Kathleen M. Sullivan, a leading scholar in American constitutional law and Professor at Stanford Law School, was valedictorian at her graduation from Cold Spring Harbor High School in 1972.
Pusey House was opened in 1884 in part as a memorial to Edward Bouverie Pusey, Regius Professor of Hebrew at Oxford University, Canon of Christ Church Cathedral and for 40 years, a leading figure in the Oxford Movement, a movement of the mid 19th century which sought to bring the Church of England to a deeper understanding of its witness as part of the universal Catholic Church.
Morgan's most famous performance was in The Wizard of Oz ( 1939 ), in which he played the carnival huckster " Professor Marvel ", the gatekeeper of the Emerald City, the driver of the carriage drawn by " The Horse of a Different Color ", the armed guard leading to the Wizard's hall, the apparition of the Wizard as a monstrous disembodied Head, and the Wizard himself.
In 1969, Whitmore played the leading character of Professor Woodruff in the TV series My Friend Tony, produced by NBC.
* Emmanuel Dongala, Professor of Chemistry and Richard B. Fisher Chair in Natural Sciences, is a leading African novelist.
Professor Ian Diamond, ESRC Chief Executive, said " These fellowships are designed to support leading social scientists working in the UK.
One of his tutors, Professor Maitland, a leading figure among English legal historians, described Smuts as the most brilliant student he had ever met.
* Michael Gazzaniga, Director of the SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind and Professor of Psychology, leading researcher in the field of cognitive neuroscience
In 1874 and again in 1875, he presided over the Reunion Conferences held at Bonn and attended by leading ecclesiastics from the British Isles and from the Oriental non-Roman Churches, among whom were Bishop Christopher Wordsworth of Lincoln ; Bishop Harold Browne of Ely ; Lord Plunket, archbishop of Dublin ; Lycurgus, Greek Orthodox archbishop of Syros and Tenos ; Canon Liddon ; and the Russian Orthodox Professor Ossmnine of St. Petersburg.
Professor Griew described it as " the leading case " on the meaning of the word " menaces ".

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