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Quite and few
Quite a few laughed.
Quite a few of the pioneering apologists were Baptist pastors, like I. M. Haldeman, or participants in the Plymouth Brethren, like William C. Irvine and Sydney Watson.
Quite a few orchestra harmonicas are also designed to serve as both bass and chord harmonica, with bass notes next to chord groupings.
Quite a few years later, this element 61 was created artificially in nuclear reactors and was named promethium.
Quite a few of these groups carry the label " Fourth Internationalist " either in their organisation's name, major political position documents, or both.
Quite a few members were lost this way.
Quite a few counties bear names of French or Spanish origin.
Quite a few counties bear names of French or Spanish origin, such as Marquette County being named after French missionary Father Jacques Marquette.
Quite a few individual churches and monasteries refused to accept them, the last holdout finally accepting them during the early 10th century.
Quite a few languages have a sound similar to schwa.
Quite a few from Sibley's Texas brigades also deserted and returned home.
Quite a few of the residents either work in, or have at one time, worked in Yellowstone.
Quite a few took out homesteads at this time.
Quite a few Yaqui fled to Southern Arizona, the traditional Northernmost region of their territory, where their descendants live today.
Quite a few people work in the city of Århus, which is only 50 km away and so within commuting distance.
Quite a few of the people who had joined McCarthy's effort early on were Kennedy loyalists.
Quite a few sights in Egmond remind one of this ; for instance, the " fishermen-houses ", which are tiny houses near the sea where fishermen used to live.
Quite a few comic book impossible crimes seem to draw on the ' weird menace ' tradition of the pulps.
Quite a few home theaters today include a HTPC ( Home Theater PC ) with a media center software application to act as the main library for video and music content using a 10-foot user interface and remote control.
Quite a few graduates have become distinguished Army Officers, including several General Officers.
Quite a few countries use the debt profile method, but in doing so most of them behave inconsistently.
Quite a few pseudogenes can go through the process of transcription, either if their own promoter is still intact or in some cases using the promoter of a nearby gene ; this expression of pseudogenes may be tissue-specific.
Quite a few bits from this special made it into the Naughty Bits compilations, Specifically, the Cliff Richard moments, Hot Gossip doing " Sleazy " and a few other short gags.

Quite and names
Quite a few Gallic names featuring the word have been attested: Magunia, Magunius, Maguno, Magunna, Magonus, Magunus, including a king's name, Magono-rix.

Quite and mean
Quite simply because we knew what capitulacion would mean.

Quite and different
Quite different from his character in Red Dwarf, Barrie was accompanied by a supporting cast who played the other staff members of the leisure centre.
Quite naturally, these alternative forms were at first considered to be different species, until they were first found growing in a conjoined manner.
Quite different from earlier tiaras, it was not covered in jewels and precious gems, and was sharply cone-shaped.
Quite different from the Australian Raven.
The forum contains several sections including the " Quite Interestrings ", for general topics, the " Series Talk " section which are dedicated to different series, indicated by a letter of the alphabet, and " The Forum of General Ignorance ", dedicated to things that are often misunderstood by most people.
Quite different is the tent-like church of Sts.
Quite important to notice is that the results of procedure through defining of ideal types are the process of constant changes and different interpretations because of historical changes as well as the necessity not to avoid the arising of new “ Ideal Types ”.
Quite handsome, strong and has a kind heart, Tenou is different from both his mother and father.
Quite interesting is the fact the American version has got a different cover and a bonus-track called " Snakeskin Voodoo Man " ( published as a stand-alone single too ) while many video-clips, taken from this album, were included into the home-video " Tale Of The Snakeskin Voodoo Man ".
Quite different types of dishes are sometimes included under a generic term ; for example, the category ciorbă includes a wide range of soups with a characteristic sour taste.
Quite a few variations on the song, as well as songs set to the same tune but with different lyrics, have appeared since When Johnny Comes Marching Home was popularized.
Quite different from anything that any of the members would become involved in later, the three albums ran the gamut from psychedelic infused grindcore on For The Security to dischordant jazz-metal weirdness on Disharmonization to something apparently stranger and more avant-garde on Screaming Machines, and described as " the worst of Sonic Youth, Syd Barret era Pink Floyd, old Black Flag, and Voivod " by Christofer Johnsson.
Quite often large amounts of money are spent on the engines for these cars, including Cosworth turbo motors, large block American V8s, and V6s of different types, all highly tuned.
Quite naturally, a number of villages trace origins to single ancestors and further, several Idoma groups trace their heritage to one common ancestor, considered the “ father ” of the different groups.
Quite different in sound from the debut album, White Hot Peach features much less of the sampling that made the band famous.
Quite different is Smith's nuclear war novel Doomsday Wing.
The duality in the story continues, with Jessamy turning over in her present-day mind what was happening to her in a different life: " Quite suddenly Jessamy realised that she was very hungry.

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