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Realizing and was
Realizing that the grammatical structures of Bantu languages are quite different from those of European languages, he was one of the first African linguists of his time to abandon the Euro-centric approach to language description for a more locally grounded one.
Realizing that iron was more difficult to pierce with breech-loaded cannon, Armstrong designed rifled muzzle-loading guns, which proved successful ; The Times reported: " even the fondest believers in the invulnerability of our present ironclads were obliged to confess that against such artillery, at such ranges, their plates and sides were almost as penetrable as wooden ships.
Realizing that the Adventure Prize was a marked vessel, he cached it in the Caribbean Sea and continued toward New York aboard a sloop.
Realizing the freighter was not fast enough with the egg attached, he runs down to the cables holding it.
Realizing that an uneducated lawyer was unlikely to build a lucrative practice, Landis enrolled at Cincinnati's YMCA Law School ( now part of the University of Cincinnati ) in 1889.
Realizing from the vote to stall that the act faced an uphill struggle, the Pierce administration made it clear to all Democrats that passage of the bill was essential to the party and would dictate how federal patronage would be handled.
Realizing that the Somoza dictatorship was unsustainable, the Carter administration attempted to force him to leave Nicaragua.
Realizing that Hannibal's army was outrunning its supply lines quickly, Rome took countermeasures against Hannibal's home base in Africa by sea command and stopped the flow of supplies.
Realizing how untenable his position in Rome was growing, Innocent IV secretly and hurriedly withdrew to Genoa, his birthplace, in the summer of 1244.
Realizing that he was now racing the two men and not the clock, Nurmi tossed his stopwatch onto the grass.
Realizing he was unable to subdue the Assassins, he sought to align himself with them, consequently depriving the Crusaders of aligning themselves against him.
Realizing he would never leave Monticello again he was forced to decline an invitation to Washington to attend a fiftieth anniversary celebration of the Declaration.
Realizing this, Columbia Pictures president Harry Cohn used the Stooges as leverage, as the demand for their films was so great that Columbia eventually refused to supply exhibitors with the trio's shorts unless they also agreed to book some of the studio's mediocre B movies.
Realizing close to the beginning of rehearsals that a performance score was not available, NCSA enlisted the help of musicologist Philip Gossett, who was able to put them in touch with Sbragia, and his version, which was based on the original 1836 performances in Venice, became the work's critical edition.
Realizing that this was a strategy touted by his opponents to keep the public from taking him seriously, Kennedy stated frankly, " I'm not running for vice president, I'm running for president.
Realizing the ramifications of counting Texas votes as their own, Salinger asked him whether he was considering a Kennedy-Johnson ticket, and Robert replied, yes.
Realizing that this situation was unsustainable, investors continued to flee Russia despite the IMF bailout.
Realizing that it was left with no capable security force, the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR created a secret political police, the Cheka, led by Felix Dzerzhinsky.
Realizing the ramifications of counting Texas votes as their own, Salinger asked him whether he was considering a Kennedy-Johnson ticket, and Robert replied, yes.
Realizing that the colonies would require a literate population base that the mother country could not supply, the government ( with the cooperation of the Church ) established a network of missions with the goal of converting the natives to Christianity ; the aim was to make converts and tax paying citizens of the indigenous peoples they conquered.
Realizing that repair was impractical, the Kriegsmarine sold the boat to Spain for 1. 5 million Reichsmark.
Realizing that Merrill tricked him and the Sun was not destroyed, he sets out to prevent Merrill from taking any more pictures for fear that the dog will " break through " into the real world.

Realizing and unlikely
Realizing the team is nearly hopeless, he recruits a couple of unlikely prospects: First up, is sharp-tongued Amanda Whurlizer ( Tatum O ' Neal ), a skilled pitcher ( trained by Buttermaker when she was younger ) who is the 12-year-old daughter of one of Buttermaker's ex-girlfriends.
Realizing that acquisition of new vehicles was unlikely, the Marines modernized some of the LVT-3s and LVT ( A )- 5s and kept them in service until late 1950s.

Realizing and win
Realizing he cannot win with brute force, Neo baits Smith into assimilating him, which allows Neo to destroy all the Smith clones from the inside ( much the same way he defeated Smith in the first movie ), but it is too much for Neo and he dies.
Realizing he had no chance to win, Meng Huo pledged allegiance to Shu, and was appointed by Zhuge Liang as governor of the region to keep the populace content and secure the southern Shu border.
Realizing they can't win, they teleport to the Panoptichron.
Realizing that without something dramatic the Liberals were certain to win a majority government, the PC campaign leaders decided to launch a group of four ads attacking Chrétien and his record.
Realizing that Surtees could win the title by finishing second, the Ferrari team manager frantically signalled Bandini to slow down as he passed the pits to enter the last lap so as to let Surtees through.
Realizing that they can use this to win the money they need, Jakes uses his powers help Link's horse, called Sweet Jake, win the derby.
Realizing Joe must win the last competition, a running race, Peter drugs Joe's drink with steroids.
Realizing it is her best chance to win over Junior, she decides to quit the team and pursue cheerleading.

Realizing and Lincoln
Realizing that “ time is money ”, the former absentee student became a diligent and disciplined scholar in law who after eighteen months at Lincoln ’ s Inn London and at the youthful age of 21, was called to the English Bar in 1959.

Realizing and who
Realizing the Dauphin's forces were much stronger than his, Charles opened negotiations with the Dauphin, who made him substantial offers of cash and land if he could induce the Parisians to surrender.
Realizing that she may be dying, Blanche reveals to Jane that it was actually she, and not Jane, who had driven the car on the fateful night.
Realizing that he would have to interview survivors of the disaster to give him a full understanding of the sinking Lord, who was on a tight buget, began writing letters to the editors of various newspapers asking survivors to get in touch with him.
Realizing he had to act fast, he ordered Burgess, who was on the embassy staff as well and living with Philby, to warn Maclean in England, where he was serving in the Foreign Office headquarters.
Realizing that he was at a personal impasse, he referred the matter to the post commandant, who exclaimed, " My God, Mr. Bragg, you have quarreled with every officer in the army, and now you are quarreling with yourself!
Realizing the extortionists would continue to demand money, he reported the incident to the police who, arranging for Caruso to drop off the money at a prearranged spot, arrested two Italian-American businessmen who retrieved the money.
Realizing that neither Wei nor Gongsun would voluntarily submit, Emperor Guangwu started a campaign against Wei in summer 30 — assisted by Wei's friend Ma Yuan, who had served as Wei's liaison officer to Emperor Guangwu and had tried in vain to persuade him not to take the course of independence.
Realizing that the obelisk is the place of power that the scroll is talking of, the ClueFinders head toward the area, which is populated by mice who seem to be convinced that they are ancient Egyptians and spend their time building pyramids, columns, and such structures.
Realizing that her presence in Hell was less than inconspicuous, due to the Pact Primeval that prohibits the presence of any god in the Nine Hells, Mystra retreated and dispatched more subtle agents to find him ; first Halaster Blackcloak, the Mad Mage of Undermountain ( who was defeated ) and then the Simbul.
Realizing he is in danger when he returns to the office and discovers his coworkers ' bodies, Turner calls the CIA New York headquarters, and is given instructions to meet some agents who will take care of him.
Realizing that they are no longer welcome in any European port, they carry the gold to India, where they are captured by a pirate queen who takes the gold.
Realizing that the other owners simply wanted him out of the picture ( indeed, he was facing threats of having his franchise canceled ), Veeck agreed to sell his entire stake to Miles ' group, who then moved the Browns to Baltimore as the Orioles.
Realizing she has nowhere to stay, Jai takes her to an older woman named Rasa Devi ( Rekha ), who is a teacher of the Kama Sutra, the ancient art of seduction and making love.
Realizing that Rachael is a textbook sociopath, Daniels tries to warn Starkman, who mistakenly thinks the psycho student is Cassandra Blaire, with whom he had an extramarital affair.
Realizing the rocket can take it to Earth where it can fulfill its dream of skiing, the machine chases after Wallace and Gromit, who, noticing the Cooker and thinking that it's angry with them for taking a large basket of lunar cheese, prepare for an emergency takeoff.
Realizing the handicaps of playing as a duo, they called in guitarist Mikkel Lentz, who was then playing rock music with his group the Rocking Studs.
Realizing they were wrong, the Turners leave in search of Timmy, who gradually begins to miss his family.
Realizing that he was ordered to shoot a man who was simply retrieving a ball, Knauer disgustedly looks at the warden and says, " Game ball ".
" Realizing the doctor's intent, Bugs presumes it is Myicin who is insane.
Realizing Bondurant is not who he says he is, Jerry beats him to death with a wooden board.
Realizing who Barry Allen is, he, along with Golden Glider, plot to kill the Flash and take over his body.

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