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Recent and production
Very little formal attention was given to egg or meat production ... " Recent genetic studies have pointed to multiple maternal origins in Southeast, East, and South Asia, but with the clade found in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa originating in the Indian subcontinent.
Recent theoretical work has shown that the production of a jet and outflow clears a cavity through which much of the radiation from a massive protostar can escape without hindering accretion through the disk and onto the protostar.
Recent archaeological investigations have suggested that Sri Lanka also supported innovative technologies for iron and steel production in antiquity.
Recent research now indicates that impaired production of the glycoprotein hormone thrombopoietin, which is the stimulant for platelet production, may be a contributing factor to the reduction in circulating platelets.
Recent studies have shown that this can be significantly reduced while also boosting crop yield by draining the paddies to allow the soil to aerate to interrupt methane production.
Recent research however seems to indicate a variety of beneficial effects in animal testing, including increased physical endurance through heightened ATP production in rats.
Recent productions have included the multi-award winning production of John Doyle's Sweeney Todd which subsequently transferred to Broadway, Ying Tong-A Walk with the Goons, Someone Who'll Watch Over Me, Journey's End and the world première of Kate Betts ' On the Third Day which won the Channel 4 television series The Play's the Thing.
Recent developments with cellulosic ethanol production and commercialization may allay some of these concerns.
Recent studies have also shown that the peptide hormone hepcidin may play a role in the regulation of hemoglobin production, and thus affect erythropoiesis.
Recent notable shows at the Queen's include the Tony Award winning musical Contact ; Cyberjam, a production by the Emmy and Tony Award winning creators of Blast!
Recent gold production figures for the company's mines were ( ounces per annum ):
Recent investigation of production records at Norsk Hydro and analysis of an intact barrel that was salvaged in 2004 revealed that although the barrels in this shipment contained water of pH 14 — indicative of the alkaline electrolytic refinement process — they did not contain high concentrations of D < sub > 2 </ sub > O.
Recent studies suggest it may be possible to introduce another EPO gene into an animal in order to increase EPO production endogenously.
Recent nanoscale technology has, however, made possible the production of ( poly ) crystalline transparent ceramics such as alumina Al < sub > 2 </ sub > O < sub > 3 </ sub >, yttria alumina garnet ( YAG ), and neodymium-doped Nd: YAG.
Recent productions include one at the Watermill Theatre and a 1993 production directed by Michael Bogdanov for the Royal Shakespeare Company.
* Music track for " The Faith " is actually an outtake from Recent Songs, with completely new lyrics, re-mixed and with new vocals added ( thus the production was co-credited to Recent Songs producer Henry Lewy ).
Recent projects include a 8, 31 € (£ 7 ) m investment to create the Hartlepool production facility to further grow the market in formed butter and sauce products, specially prepared and tailored vegetable products and stocks.
Recent studies have shown that the detrimental effect of varicocele on the sperm production is progressive and due to reduction in supply of oxygenated blood and nutrient material to the sperm production sites, which persistently reduces the quality and the quantity of the sperms, leading to reduction in their fertility capacity with time.
Recent breakthroughs have allowed the production of spin transistors, using readily available substances, that can operate at room temperature: a precursor to commercial viability.
Recent study shows that nicergoline ( Sermion ) suppresses the production of proinflammatory cytokines and superoxide anion by activated microglia.
Recent albums have featured more polished production.

Recent and by
Recent statements by well-known scientists regarding the destructive power of the newest nuclear bombs and the deadly fall-outs should be sufficient to still the voices of those who advocate nuclear warfare instead of negotiations.
Recent statements by the President and Defense Department spokesmen have, to the contrary, assured us that our lead is very great.
Recent studies by Weston and Stack had indicated that a turbine aerator could be added to an oxidation pond to increase the rate of oxygen transfer.
Recent work with radiocarbon and deuterated alcohols as solvents, however, has given evidence that metal-hydrido and carbonyl complexes may be readily formed by reaction with alcohol in some of these systems.
-- Recent theoretical work to calculate the dimensions of polymeric chains by Volkenstein and Lifson has been extended to include more general types of chains.
Recent studies by the Commission on Race and Housing and others, however, point to a vast complex of factors that often do not warrant this conclusion.
Recent surveys have found that as many as 18 % of Americans may be affected by one or more of them.
Recent observations by the European Space Agency's INTEGRAL satellite may explain the origin of a giant cloud of antimatter surrounding the galactic center.
Recent research has suggested that certain growth factors may work to locally alter bone formation by increasing osteoblast activity.
Recent research by the Imperial College London has focused on finding new cell wall proteins which trigger an immune response and are suitable for use in a vaccine to provide long-term protection against M. tuberculosis.
* Recent ( 2011 ) research by Santer on separating signal and noise in atmospheric temperature changes
Recent papers by Guerreshi, G., Cia, J., Popescu, S. and Briegel, H. could falsify proposals such those of Hameroff which rely on quantum entanglement in protein.
Recent studies have shown that chloroplasts can be interconnected by tubular bridges called stromules, formed as extensions of their outer membranes.
Recent Western scholarship of China has been heavily influenced by postmodernism.
Recent examples of this trend include the conversion of all public transport in the city of Delhi from Diesel engines to CNG engines on the basis of the orders of the Delhi High Court ; the monitoring of forest use by the High Courts and the Supreme Court to ensure that there is no unjustified loss of forest cover ; and the directions mandating the disclosure of assets of electoral candidates for the Houses of Parliament and State Assembly.
Recent artistic projects concentrating on the Cathar element in Provençal and troubador art include commercial recording projects by Thomas Binkley, electric hurdy-gurdy artist Valentin Clastrier and his CD Heresie dedicated to the church at Cathars, La Nef, and Jordi Savall.
Recent discoveries by the American University in Cairo of mummified dachshund-like dogs from ancient Egyptian burial urns may lend credibility to this theory.
Recent advances in manufacturing efficiency and photovoltaic technology, combined with subsidies driven by environmental concerns, have dramatically accelerated the deployment of solar panels.
Recent film releases such as Run Lola Run by Tom Tykwer, Good Bye Lenin!
Recent technology has changed the speed of communication between fans and the technology available, but the basic concepts developed by science fiction fanzines in the 1930s can be seen online today.
Recent evidences such as the pool and a turn away from the vestiges of positivism as evidenced by the growing number of books addressing the historicity of John reveal that the final word has not been said on how much of the historical Jesus inhabits John's gospel.
Recent findings have confirmed important examples of heritable changes that cannot be explained by direct agency of the DNA molecule.
Recent wars, such as support of the American Revolutionary War, compounded by the loss of the North American colonies, had effectively bankrupted the state.
Recent historical interpretations, especially those influenced by Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions ( 1962 ), portray the history of science in terms of competing paradigms or conceptual systems battling for intellectual supremacy in a wider matrix that includes intellectual, cultural, economic and political themes outside pure science.
Recent archaeological research in the Ganges Valley, India showed early iron working by 1800 BC.

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