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Red and man
The seventh man was Red Hogan, a wiry little puncher with a wild streak and a liking for hell-raising.
Boston fans sometimes liked to wring some wry satisfaction out of the fact that most of the great 1923-27 crew were graduates of the Red Sox -- sold to millionaires Huston and Ruppert by a man who could not deny them their most trifling desire.
When Brubeck signed with Fantasy Records, he thought he had a half interest in the company and he worked as a sort of A & R man for it, encouraging the Weiss brothers to sign other contemporary jazz performers, including Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker, and Red Norvo.
* Red Book ( Jung ), a book by Carl Jung, which had Philemon, a wise spirit guide in form of an elderly winged man
" PC Gamer commented " As far as looks go, Red Faction is more like the cute girl next door than a hot fashion model from the Upper West Side: It's pretty, but it won't make a man drop to his knees and thank God for giving him sight.
The 1985 comedy The Man with One Red Shoe features an eccentric man wearing one normal business shoe and one red shoe that becomes central to the plot.
See Snow White and Rose Red, where the tame bear is really a bewitched prince, and The Golden Bird where the talking fox is also a man.
The character of Lucy Harris ( originally portrayed by Linda Eder ) works as a prostitute and stripper in a small London club called The Red Rat, where she meets a multi-dimension man named Doctor Henry Jekyll, who turns into his evil persona Mr. Edward Hyde.
This veteran only joined the Red Army because his father was arrested by the communists and would not be released until the man agreed to join the army.
Newly imbued with the spirit of democracy and self-determination, Ruggles becomes his own man, giving up his previous employment and opening a restaurant in Red Gap.
As a free man, Andy had been a rockhound, so he asks Red to get him a rock hammer, a tool he uses to shape the rocks he finds in the exercise yard into small sculptures.
Andy also tells Red that he could use a man who knows how to get things.
" Young Bond author Charlie Higson finds Red Grant to be " a very modern villain: the relentless, remorseless psycho with the cold dead eyes of a ' drowned man '.
Rachel and the Stranger ( 1948 ) featured Mitchum in a supporting role as a mountain man competing for the hand of Loretta Young, the indentured servant and wife of William Holden, while he appeared in the film adaptation of John Steinbeck's novella The Red Pony ( 1949 ) as a trusted cowhand to a ranching family.
A record album of the Red Sox's 1967 season, aptly titled " The Impossible Dream ", featured a song by DJ Jess Cain of praise for " The man they call Yaz ", which included the line " Although ' Yastrzemski ' is a lengthy name / It fits quite nicely in our Hall of Fame.
Murphy poisoned the man in a Shankill club before shooting him from the rear of a passing motorcycle as he sat in a car driven by Murphy's friend and leading Red Hand Commando member Sam " Mambo " Carroll.
The formation was named by the man who actually devised it, San Francisco 49ers coach Red Hickey, in 1960.
The Red Skull, Sin, and Crossbones land in Latveria and Doom confronts them, saying that he would kill them if he was not a man of his word.
Perry pears were particularly known for their picturesque names, such as the various Huffcap varieties ( Hendre Huffcap, Red Huffcap, Black Huffcap, all having an elliptical shape ), those named for the effects of their product ( Merrylegs, Mumblehead ), pears commemorating an individual ( Stinking Bishop, named for the man who first grew it, or Judge Amphlett, named for Assizes court judge Richard Amphlett ), or those named for the place they grew ( Hartpury Green, Bosbury Scarlet, Bartestree Squash ).
In the computer game Baldur's Gate, a drunk man named Lachluger in the Red Sheaf inn in Beregost says, " Ohhhh, I'm a lumberjack an ' I'm okay-I work all night an ' I shleep all day ..."-mixing up the words because he is drunk.
* Red Smiley-Famous bluegrass musician, part of the duo Reno and Smiley, lived in Bryson City as a young man while his father served as the Swain County School System Superintendent, before starting his career.
In Five Red Herrings ( 1931 ), a Lord Peter Wimsey novel by Dorothy L. Sayers, Lord Peter ( a Balliol man ) is asked whether he remembers a certain contemporary from Trinity.
In Five Red Herrings ( 1931 ), a Lord Peter Wimsey novel by Dorothy L. Sayers, Lord Peter ( a Balliol man ) is asked whether he remembers a certain contemporary from Trinity.

Red and white
In the center of the helmet was a center black stripe surrounded by 2 gold stripes and 2 white stripes, These colors represented the two college rival schools in the state of Georgia ; rival schools Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets ( White and Gold ) and the Georgia Bulldogs ( Red and Black ) Although the gold was later taken out, the white remains to this day.
Red, black and white are the three colours of the flag of Amsterdam.
The Red Wings kept their design as close as possible, with a few exceptions: On the road ( white ) jersey, there is more red on the sleeves as the color panel begins closer to the shoulder.
Red and white blood cell production is regulated with great precision in healthy humans, and the production of granulocytes is rapidly increased during infection.
This is the first time a Red Funnel ferry has been re-painted out of its own red and white colour scheme.
It was repainted with Red Funnel's red and white livery when the deal ended in January 2010.
Red and white rose s
The McIntosh Red ( or McIntosh ; colloquially, the Mac ) is an apple cultivar with red and green skin, a tart flavor, and tender white flesh.
Red lined white.
This name, based on the black colour of his cassock, was used to suggest a parallel between him and the " White Pope " ( since the time of Pope Pius V the Popes dresses in white ) and the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples ( formerly called the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith ), whose red cardinal's cassock gave him the name of the " Red Pope " in view of the authority over all territories that were not considered in some way Catholic.
Red phosphorus may be formed by heating white phosphorus to 250 ° C ( 482 ° F ) or by exposing white phosphorus to sunlight.
Upon leaving the Lion and Unicorn to their fight, Alice reaches the seventh rank by crossing another brook into the forested territory of the Red Knight, who is intent on capturing the " white pawn " Alice until the White Knight comes to her rescue.
) Alice suddenly awakes in her armchair to find herself holding the black kitten, whom she deduces to have been the Red Queen all along, with the white kitten having been the White Queen.
alt = Red brick plaza, surrounded by trees with green leaves, with two white tents and an American flag flying from a flagpole in the center
alt = Red brick building with white stone facade.
The Red Room was painted a dull Pomeranian red, and its ceiling was decorated with gold, silver, and copper stars and stripes of red, white, and blue.
* February 15 – A new red and white maple leaf design is inaugurated as the flag of Canada, replacing the Union Flag and the Canadian Red Ensign.
Red wheats may need bleaching ; therefore, white wheats usually command higher prices than red wheats on the commodities market.
Red and white carnation, blue cornflower, and rosebud have all been popular at times.
" Red " khreyn is mixed with red beet ( beetroot ) and " white " khreyn contains no beet.
Red dots are mountain peaks, white dots are ancient cities.
*" Big Red / Meier white ," Cornell 50th reunion video

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