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Referring and Britain
Referring to groups such as the Muslim Council of Britain, reportedly she stated: " When groups of people refuse to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day unless equal time is given to anti-Muslim prejudice, this is soft-core denial.
Referring to his encounter with Johnstone in the 1970 European Cup semi-final, in what was billed at the time as the football " Battle of Britain ", Terry Cooper of Leeds United described Johnstone as " my nightmare ", such was the quality of his opponent's play.

Referring and says
There are few direct testimonies to the language of the Cimbri: Referring to the Northern Ocean ( the Baltic or the North Sea ), Pliny the Elder states: " Philemon says that it is called Morimarusa, i. e. the Dead Sea, by the Cimbri, until the promontory of Rubea, and after that Cronium.
Referring to his career as an actor and his passion for music, Bridges says, " I dug what an actor did, but it took me a while to feel it, to truly appreciate the craft and the preparation.
Referring to the Sunday's Child album cover, Keaggy says that the idea
Referring to this, Akiba says, " Happy are ye, O Israelites, that ye purify yourselves through your heavenly Father, as it is said ( Jer.
Referring to educational tests that rank American students lower than others he says:
Referring to the serial while discussing the early years of Doctor Who, the New Scientists Malcolm Peltu praised the script, acting and direction, although he was less complimentary about the scenary, which, he says, looks like cardboard.
Referring to Tom Jobim's song, Samba do Avião ( Song of the Jet ), where it says " My soul sings / I see Rio de Janeiro ", he said that his soul only sings when he gets into the South Zone of the city-region where lies all the Rio's famous beaches.
Referring to heathland in England, Rackham says, " Heaths are clearly the product of human activities and need to be managed as heathland ; if neglected they turn into woodland ".
Referring to the story, she says that she thinks Allie chose Noah.
Referring to Narasimhavarman's victory in AD 642 over the Chalukyan king Pulakesin II, Brown says the Pallava king may have brought the sculptors and artisans back to Kanchi and Mamallapuram as ' spoils of war '.

Referring and We
Referring to the Vikings ' three interceptions, three fumbles, and six penalties, Vikings safety Karl Kassulke said, " We made more mental mistakes in one game than we did in one season.
Referring to himself as Manmade God's new frontman, Narducci explained, " We changed our name due a number of reasons, mostly political, but most importantly the sound.

Referring and see
Referring to the show's web site, he invited the Culture Secretary to " join me in playing How Low Can You Bungalow, a test to see your response to grossly embarrassing personal situations, largely of a lavatorial nature ; Pants Dancers in the Hall of Fame, photos of children with underwear on their heads ; Make Dick Sick, a game which I think speaks for itself ; and finally Bunged Up, in which you play a character in a sewage system avoiding turtles ' poos coming from various lavatories ".
Referring to the film's title, Coward once said of the film's two male stars, " I don't see why not.
Referring to the figure on the right, the observer ( I ) will see
Referring to Maoist military doctrine, the CPP-lead NPA adheres to the three progressive phases of protracted warfare — strategic defensive, strategic stalemate, and strategic offensive ( see Mobile warfare ).

Referring and nation
Referring to the law as a “ historic milestone ,” former HRC President Joe Solmonese said its passage represents “ the first time that we as a nation have explicitly protected the LGBT community in the law .”

Referring and above
Referring to the above sketch of Spartan history, we find Agesilaus shining most in its first and last period, as commencing and surrendering a glorious career in Asia, and as, in extreme age, maintaining his prostrate country.
" Referring here to Phoebe, the word rendered " servant " being in the Greek διάκονος ( di ' a · ko · nos ), the parallel English word being deaconess, and in the context of the above quotation, this denotes a servant who is given servants to manage, in effect, a deaconess, one who delegates, a manager, though in most ways, Jewish Christianity did not differ from any of the other Jewish sects of Second Temple Judaism.
Referring to the image above, ABCM is an external boundary of a planar region with a hole FGHJ.
Referring to the examples above, a Netherlands ID card would record the individual's name as:

Referring and all
Referring to Williams, Yastrzemski wrote: " He got rid of all the individuality, made us into a team, gave us an incentive, and made us want to win.
Referring to the U. S. government's treatment of immigrants in the wake of September 11, the statement accuses the U. S. government of creating " two classes of people: those to whom the basic rights of the U. S. legal system are at least promised, and those who now seem to have no rights at all ," and evokes " the infamous concentration camps for Japanese-Americans in World War II.
Referring to the treaties of 1780 and 1800, the emperor demanded that Gustav Adolf close the Baltic Sea to all foreign warships.
" Referring to the negative publicity that surrounded Dr. No — in particular the article by Paul Johnson in the New Statesman entitled, " Sex, Snobbery and Sadism "— Iles was left " wondering what all the fuss is about ", noting that " there is no more sadism nor sex than is expected of the author of this kind of thriller ".
Referring to it as a " common epithet ", Eric Sundquist indicates that it " echoed the Arab view, repeated in the core doctrine of the PLO, that Israel was no state at all but an illegal colonialist excrescence ".
Referring to the election, Newcastle believed that if his scheme failed " France and Prussia will dictate to all the world ".
Referring to what Huxley had said two days before, about after all its not signifying to him whether he was descended from a Gorilla or not, the Bp.
Referring to Jamaica, Milne reported conditions that included, “ works badly contrived and worse executed – unserviceable guns – decayed gun cartridges – corroded shot – the absence of stores of all kinds and of ammunition, with dilapidated and damp powder magazines.
Referring to Lauridsen's sacred music, the musicologist and conductor Nick Strimple said he was " the only American composer in history who can be called a mystic, ( whose ) probing, serene work contains an elusive and indefinable ingredient which leaves the impression that all the questions have been answered ... From 1993 Lauridsen's music rapidly increased in international popularity, and by century's end he had eclipsed Randall Thompson as the most frequently performed American choral composer.
Referring to his performance as a chorister in a high school production of the same musical, Macchio said, " I was known as the ' Dancing Kid ,' not that I was all that great.
Referring to those areas designated " prohibited zones ," al-Majid ordered that " all persons captured in those villages shall be detained and interrogated by the security services and those between the ages of 15 and 70 shall be executed after any useful information has been obtained from them, of which we should be duly notified.
Referring to the scandal in 1998, Jerry Fontaine argued that " the Tories took advantage of Aboriginal individuals who weren't all that involved in political issues or political life ".
Referring to March 8, 2009, charges leveled against Cramer by New York Times columnist Frank Rich, Cramer said that he does not understand how Obama and his staff plan to raise taxes, institute cap-and-trade limitations and rework the health-care system all during a recession.
Referring to the bird as a " scorner of the ground ", he states that its music is better than all music and all poetry.
Referring to his dismissal after the vote, he commented, " he only real issue I think this all stems from is AIDS, the whole issue surrounding the gay issue " ( Toronto Star, 22 January 1993 ).
Referring to himself as " the old musicologist ," he would address his audience as " all those out there in vacuumland ".
Referring to Among the Thugs, Danzig states that " one of the best books I ’ ve read on terrorism in recent years is not about terrorism at all.
Referring to Marie Monique Robin's film documentary titled The Death Squads-the French School ( Les escadrons de la mort-l ' école française ), which demonstrated that the French intelligence services had trained Argentine counterparts in counter-insurgency techniques, Luis María Mendia asked the Argentine Court that former French president Valéry Giscard d ' Estaing, former French premier Pierre Messmer, former French ambassador to Buenos Aires François de la Gorce, and all officials in place in the French embassy in Buenos Aires between 1976 and 1983 be summoned before the court.

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