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Roger and Avary
* 1965 – Roger Avary, Canadian screenwriter, director, and producer
In August 2007, Todd Hollenshead stated at QuakeCon 2007 that a Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie is in development which re-teams the Silent Hill writer / producer team, Roger Avary as writer and director and Samuel Hadida as producer.
As an employee of the Video Archives, a now-defunct video rental store in Manhattan Beach, he and fellow movie enthusiasts, including Roger Avary, discussed cinema and customer video recommendations at length.
The movie will be written and directed by Roger Avary and Samuel Hadida is the producer.
Roger Avary was arrested in January 2008 for DUI and manslaughter after his friend died in a car accident while Avary was at the wheel.
An unusual and revolutionary use of split screen as an extension to the cinematic vocabulary was invented by film director Roger Avary in The Rules of Attraction ( 2002 ) where two separate halves of a split screen are folded together into one seamless shot through the use of motion control photography.
There is also a second commentary with fellow filmmaker and self-proclaimed Romero fan, Roger Avary.
Roger Avary ( born August 23, 1965 ) is a Canadian film and television producer, screenwriter and director in the American mass media industry.
Avary had initially intended to write a screenplay completely devoted to this experience, for which Tarantino suggested the ironic title Roger Takes a Trip.
Roger Avary became a spokesperson for Apple's Final Cut Pro product, appearing in Apple print and web ads worldwide.
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Roger Avary, the film's director became the spokesperson for Final Cut Pro, appearing in print advertisements worldwide.
Ellis revealed in an interview that director Roger Avary asked Bale to reprise the role, but Bale turned down the offer, and Avary asked Ellis himself to portray Bateman.

Roger and was
Bernard Parrillo, 20, of 19 Fletcher Ave., Cranston, was admitted to Roger Williams Hospital shortly before 11:30 a.m. yesterday after a hunting accident in which a shotgun he was carrying discharged against his heel.
John Merryman, a leader in the secessionist group in Maryland, petitioned Chief Justice Roger B. Taney to issue a writ of habeas corpus, saying holding Merryman without a hearing was unlawful.
Chief Justice Roger B. Taney's decision said that slaves were " so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect ".
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd killer was suggested by brother-in-law James Watt.
The novelist Raymond Chandler criticised her in his essay, " The Simple Art of Murder ", and the American literary critic Edmund Wilson was dismissive of Christie and the detective fiction genre generally in his New Yorker essay, " Who Cares Who Killed Roger Ackroyd?
In The Murder of Roger Ackroyd he allowed the murderer to escape justice through suicide and then ensured the truth was never known to spare the feelings of the murderer's relatives.
If the Labours precede the events in Roger Ackroyd, then the Roger Ackroyd case must have taken place around twenty years later than it was published, and so must any of the cases that refer to it.
Such a feat was also attributed to Roger Bacon.
Spanish midfielder Roger was the last player to wear the number.
This massive text, which Roger Bacon would later sarcastically describe as weighing as much as a horse, was unfinished at his death ; his students, William of Middleton and John of Rupella, were charged with its completion.
The production was directed by Stuart Maunder, designed by Roger Kirk, and conducted by Andrew Greene.
The Stadium was the scene Lou Gehrig's Farewell Speech in 1939, Don Larsen's perfect game in the 1956 World Series, Roger Maris ' record breaking 61st home run in 1961, and Reggie Jackson's 3 home runs to clinch Game 6 of the 1977 World Series.
Aged 15, she appeared on an 8 March 1950 cover of ELLE and was noticed by a young film director, Roger Vadim, while babysitting.
Roger Vadim ( her husband at the time ) was not content with this light fare.
Brigitte Bardot and Sami Frey in Saint-Tropez, 1963. On 21 December 1952, aged 18, Bardot was married to director Roger Vadim.
Ruth was the first player to hit 60 home runs in one season ( 1927 ), a mark first eclipsed by Roger Maris in 1961 with 61.
Club captain Roger Byrne was also killed, along with Mark Jones, Billy Whelan, Eddie Colman and Geoff Bent.
Charlton opened the scoring with a crisp side-footed finish after a run by Roger Hunt had forced the Portuguese goalkeeper out of his net ; his second was a sweetly struck shot after a run and pull-back from Geoff Hurst.
Dennis the Menace's famous ' red and black ' jersey had formed the colours of a few of the Beano characters ' clothes ( Minnie the Minx has the same, although the placement of the stripes is a bit different ; Ball Boy's was a vertical red and black ; Roger the Dodger has a chessboard design top, and Danny ( from the Bash Street Kids ) has a similar cap ), but they have changed for Minnie and Ball Boy ( Minnie at one point had a red and yellow top and Ball Boy's strip is now black and blue ).
One of Lane's early trades in Cleveland was to send Roger Maris to the Kansas City Athletics in the middle of 1958.
* The 1980s band LaHost's track on the 1985 EMI compilation album ' Fire in Harmony ' was ' Blood and Roses ' - the lyrics of which are loosely based on the Roger Corman film version of Carmilla.
At the end of the 1980s, the word " cartoon " was shortened, and the word " toon " came into usage with the live action / animated feature Who Framed Roger Rabbit ( 1988 ), followed two years later by the TV series Tiny Toon Adventures ( 1990 ).
Roger Sherman Loomis believed it was derived from Cavalon, a place name that he suggested was a corruption of Avalon ( under the influence of the Breton place name Cavallon ).

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