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Russ and ran
Russ ran up the steps quickly to the plank porch.
Muffling an exclamation, Russ sprang to the nearest steps and ran down.
His eldest son, Jim McMurtry ran as a Liberal in British Columbia in the 2006 federal election, placing second to Conservative Russ Hiebert.
Cashman and her associate Joseph Pascholy co-owned and ran a restaurant and hotel in Tombstone called Russ House, now known as Nellie Cashman's.
The title was used for a UK comedy-drama television series starring Russ Abbot and Michael Williams which ran for three series between 1993 and 1995.

Russ and through
Fierce anger surged through Russ.
Russ sprang through to bat it nimbly aside.
Both authors were pioneers in feminist criticism of science fiction during the 1960s and 70s through essays collected in The Language of the Night ( Le Guin, 1979 ) and How To Suppress Women's Writing ( Russ, 1983 ).
The scene where Jack Lemmon and James Garner are chased from a fast food restaurant parking lot in a car and a giant clown sign crashes through their windshield was filmed at the former Long John Silver's, now a CelluarSales. com Verizon wireless franchise location, on Russ Avenue in Waynesville.
Clark, slipping into madness realizing that all his efforts have been for nothing, buys a realistic-looking BB gun pistol and demands a park security guard Russ Lasky ( John Candy ) to take them through the park at gunpoint ; Ellen and kids follow him, attempting to placate their father.
After going through two managers over the course of less than five years with disastrous results in attendance and outlook, Cox fired Russ Nixon in June 1990, and appointed himself as the manager.
Approaching former neighbor Russ Westover, Raymond soon quit his job and by 1930 was assisting on Westover's Tillie the Toiler, through which Raymond was " introduced to King Features Syndicate ", where he became a staff artist and for which he would produce his greatest work.
After the first efforts of Senators John McCain and Russ Feingold to regulate campaign finances through eliminating soft money failed in 1995, Granny D became increasingly interested in campaign finance reform and spearheaded a petition movement.
Geppi is president and publisher of Gemstone Publishing Inc., through which he publishes Russ Cochran's EC Comics reprints, Disney comics and Blue Book price guide The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.
This encounter alerted Holiday to the capture of Remiro and Russ Little, who were both linked through strong circumstantial evidence to the murder of Marcus Foster, Superintendent of the Oakland Unified School District in Oakland, California.
Published by the Themis Group, it was edited by Julianne Greer up to June 30, 2009, then by Russ Pitts through September 2011, and is currently edited by Steve Butts.

Russ and bills
You were right '', Russ exclaimed, tearing the loose bills out of Carmer's hat.

Russ and named
The Russ Grimm Football Field is named after him.
While there is much evidence of her having been raised in Montreal, in an alleged sworn deposition on October 8, 1917, a New York woman named Marie C. Russ did claim to be Florence's biological mother and referred to a Russ family burial plot in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery, with lot number 17187 being reserved for Florence Russ, aka Florence La Badie.
On December 7, 2007, CBS News named Russ Mitchell the news anchor.
They named themselves after the Russ Meyer movie Mudhoney.
* Russ Nelson implemented an emacs extension language named MINT ( MINT Is Not TRAC ).
Born to Charles " Bud " Rowe, and his wife, Thoma, he had two brothers named Russ and Chuck, and a sister named Shirley.
Other buildings include Rike Hall ( named after the founder of the Rike Kumler company, since merged into Federated Department Stores, home of the Raj Soin College of Business ); the Diggs Laboratory ( a Gold LEED certified building ), University Hall ( administrative offices, University College, and the College of Nursing and Health ), the Creative Arts Center, the Mathematical and Microbiological Sciences Building ( M & M ), the Fritz and Dolores Russ Engineering Center ( home of the College of Engineering and Computer Science ), the Medical Sciences Building, Biological Sciences Building, Health Sciences Building ( home of the School of Professional Psychology ), Joshi Research Center, and the Student Union ( which was created by combining the former gymnasium and University Center ).
Russ Rymer was named editor-in-chief in early 2005, and under his tenure the magazine published more essays and extensive packages of articles on domestic violence ( July / August 2005 ), and the role of religion in politics ( December 2005 ).
He credits a friend named Russ Riedner for " getting me out of my college mode and back into playing guitar.
The Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award, which is presented annually at Comic-Con International during the Eisner Awards, is named after him.
* The Imperial Russian Navy begins conversion of the passenger ship Lahn into an aviation ship named Russ capable of handling a spherical balloon and eight kite balloons and of supporting aerial photography.
In 1960, Joseph R. Knowland's son, former U. S. Senator William F. Knowland ( 1908 – 1974 ), was named editor ; he had shared being assistant publisher with his brother, Joseph Russell " Russ " Knowland, Jr. ( 1901 – 1961 ), since 1933.
Formed in the late 1980s as an alternative metal band ( they picked their name after seeing the Russ Meyer film of the same name as part of a Russ Meyer triple bill-there was already a band named after Mudhoney and a band named after Faster, Pussycat!
** Additionally, the Child's Play comic series by Innovation Publishing features Chucky reading a copy of Fangoria in issue one ; and a character named Russ Timpone, who claims to have no relation to Tony Timpone (" even though that'd be cool "), appears in the same tale.
Jeff Martin formed a short-lived outfit named Bad Dog with drummer Todd DeVito and former War & Peace and future Fight and Steel Panther guitarist Russ Parrish ; the latter had also been part of Electric Fence, a side project featuring Martin and Paul Gilbert.
He finished fifth in Rookie of the Year voting, netting two first place votes and fourteen total points, and was named to Topps Major League Rookie All-Star Team along with fellow Blue Jay Russ Adams.
Russ Columbo is one of the historical figures named in the Neil Diamond composition ' Done Too Soon '.
An investigation by a Boston-area reporter named Russ Conway led to Alan Eagleson being indicted and convicted on fraud and was sentenced to prison.

Russ and was
Russ visited two places without result and his blood pressure was down to zero.
All the doors were open at this hour except one, and it was toward this that Stevens made his way with Russ close at his shoulder.
Stevens was grunting over the last empty pocket when Russ abruptly rose and lunged toward Carmer's hat, which had tumbled half-a-dozen feet away when he first fell.
The third a cappella musical to appear Off-Broadway, In Transit, premiered 5 October 2010 and was produced by Primary Stages with book, music, and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, James-Allen Ford, Russ Kaplan, and Sara Wordsworth.
In 2012, a graphic adaptation of the Book of Esther was illustrated by J. T. Waldman and appeared in volume one of The Graphic Canon, edited by Russ Kick and published by Seven Stories Press.
The term was coined in an October 1940 science fiction fanzine by Russ Chauvenet and first popularized within science fiction fandom, from whom it was adopted by others.
The term " fanzine " was coined by Russ Chauvenet in the October 1940 edition of his fanzine Detours.
During preparation for this tour a feature on bassplayer. tv with his live bass tech, Russ Ryan, was filmed, detailing Lee's live signal path.
Joanna Russ ( February 22, 1937 – April 29, 2011 ) was an American writer, academic and feminist.
Joanna Russ was born in The Bronx, New York City to Evarett I. and Bertha ( née Zinner ) Russ, both teachers.
Russ, an out lesbian, was one of the most outspoken authors to challenge male dominance of the field, and is generally regarded as one of the leading feminist science fiction scholars and writers.
Along with her work as a writer of prose fiction, Russ was also a playwright, essayist, and author of nonfiction works, generally literary criticism and feminist theory, including the essay collection Magic Mommas, Trembling Sisters, Puritans & Perverts ; How to Suppress Women's Writing ; and the book-length study of modern feminism, What Are We Fighting For ?.
Russ was a self-described socialist feminist, expressing particular admiration for the work and theories of Clara Fraser and her Freedom Socialist Party.
On April 27, 2011, it was reported that Russ had been admitted to a hospice after suffering a series of strokes.
Samuel R. Delany was quoted as saying that Russ was “ slipping away ” and had long had a “ Do Not Resuscitate ” order on file.
On one occasion when Askin was supposed to drive a new Holden from the factory assembly line during a visit, Askin arranged for his driver, Russ Ferguson, to be hidden on the car floor working the controls while Askin held the wheel.
" It was also a period marked by the emergence of a greater variety of voices in science fiction, most notably the rise in the number of female writers, including but not limited to Joanna Russ, Ursula K. Le Guin and James Tiptree, Jr.
Previous to LeVar Burton being cast as Geordi La Forge, Tim Russ was a serious contender for the role and was almost picked.
Russ eventually was cast into Star Trek: Voyager as Tuvok.
The pitching staff was paced by Russ Ortiz ( 18 – 9, 3. 81 ) and Kirk Reuter ( 15 – 10, 5. 41 ).

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