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Said and When
When Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said assumed power in 1970, Oman had limited contacts with the outside world, including neighbouring Arab states.
When informed that the Motion Picture Editors Guild required an editor credit, he suggested Donn Cambern who had been editing another film, Drive, He Said ( 1971 ) in the next office and had helped Bogdanovich with some purchasing paperwork concerning the film's opticals.
Much of Morrison's music is structured around the conventions of soul music and R & B, such as the popular singles " Brown Eyed Girl ", " Jackie Wilson Said ( I'm in Heaven When You Smile )", " Domino " and " Wild Night ".
Two songs, " Jackie Wilson Said ( I'm in Heaven When You Smile )" and " Redwood Tree ", reached the Hot 100 singles chart.
The follow-up " Jackie Wilson Said ( I'm in Heaven When You Smile )", a cover of a Van Morrison tune, also reached the top 5 in the UK singles chart.
* 1999 Vocal Event of the Year-" When I Said I Do "
* While performing their 1982 hit " Jackie Wilson Said ( I'm in Heaven When You Smile )", the band Dexys Midnight Runners were seen performing in front of a projection of the darts player Jocky Wilson instead of soul singer Jackie Wilson.
The marching tune " When Johnny Comes Marching Home " is also used a basis for songs, such as " His Armband Said He Was a Red ", sung by Liverpool fans in honour of Fernando Torres while he was still at the club.
When Abu Said met with Don Pedro, the don had Said's servants killed and may have personally stabbed Said to death himself.
In July 2000, Steps released another double-A-side, consisting of the Steptacular track " When I Said Goodbye " and an entirely new song " Summer of Love ".
When the Ilkhanid ruler Ebu Said died in 1335, administration of Asia Minor was entrusted to his former governor Eretna Bey, an Uyghur Turk.
There was no attempt to avoid the similarity between the title of the 1977 album When You've Heard Lou, You've Heard It All and his corporate sponsor's slogan " When You Say Budweiser, You've Said It All ".
* When He Said " Jump ..."-SmithsonianMagazine. com article
With the singles " Jackie Wilson Said ( I'm in Heaven When You Smile )" ( a Van Morrison cover ) and " Let's Get This Straight ( From The Start )" maintaining their popularity, the group continued to tour until 1983 with a nucleus of Rowland, Adams, O ' Hara and Shelton augmented by other musicians.
" Two mailings focused on this issue, one featuring a photograph of Ronald Reagan that was captioned " When President Reagan Needed Votes to Keep Taxes Low, Bob McEwen Said ' NO '", the other asking " Are We Still the Party of Lower Taxes?
* 1981 – " When All Is Said and Done "
She achieved her most notable success with a duet with her husband entitled " When I Said I Do ".
# When All Is Said and Done
His first album When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog was released in 2004, and consisted of recordings made between 2000 and 2004 ( some tracks had been previously released independently by Lekman ).
The company holds the rights to the Goodson-Todman Productions library, which includes Beat the Clock, Blockbusters, Body Language, Branded, Call My Bluff, Card Sharks, Child's Play, Choose Up Sides, Concentration, Double Dare, Family Feud, Get the Message, He Said, She Said, It's News to Me, I've Got a Secret, Jefferson Drum, Make the Connection, Match Game, Mindreaders, Missing Links, Now You See It, Number Please, Password, Philip Marlowe, Play Your Hunch, Say When!

Said and house
"... And everything Considered, We have Declared the Said accused, Marie Joseph angelique Sufficiently guilty And Convicted of Having set fire to the house of dame francheville Causing the Burning of a portion of the city.
" Said by Butterfill to have been bought as a wreck, he submitted regular claims under the second home allowance for the cost of running the Woking house, which had a swimming pool and extensive grounds.
The Wayang Orang performed at the Gedung Wayang Orang, SriwedariHowever, the decline continued, and in 1757, after the kingdom of Mataram was divided into the Surakarta Sultanate ( northern court ) and the Yogyakarta Sultanate ( southern court ), another rival royal house of Mangkunegoro was established by Raden Mas Said, also known as Pangeran Samber Nyowo ( The Slayer Prince ), right in the centre of Solo.
Said grandparents run the boarding house where most of the characters live.
Raden Mas Said, or Pangeran Sambernyawa ( meaning “ Soul Reaper ”), son of banished Arya Mangkunegara, who later would establish the princely house of Mangkunagara in Solo, and several other princes of the royal blood still maintained rebellion.
Pangeran Mangkubumi, Pakuwana II ’ s brother, who would later establish the royal house of Yogyakarta took the challenge and defeated Mas Said in 1746.
Prime Minister Said Musa announced on January 7, 2008 that a national referendum would be held on the same date as general elections, asking the people of Belize to decide whether they wanted the country's upper house, the Senate, to be elected.
On July 12, 2006, the Israeli Air Force ( IAF ) bombed a house in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City, where Mohammed Deif, Ahmad al-Ghandur and Raid Said were meeting.
On January 15, 2009, the Israeli Air Force bombed a house in Jabaliya, killing a prominent Qassam Brigades commander named Mohammed Watfa ( the strike targeted the Palestinian Interior Minister Said Seyam, who was also killed ).
In 1851 she moved to Bet il Watoro, the house of her brother Majid bin Said of Zanzibar, the later sultan.

Said and came
Said Cornell Green, " The difference between the Dolphins and Cowboys was that the Dolphins were just happy to be in the game and the Cowboys came to win the game.
The Suez Canal Company ( Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez ) came into being on 15 December 1858 and work started on the shore of the future Port Said on 25 April 1859.
The height of Arab rule came during the reign of Sultan Seyyid Said, who moved his capital from Muscat to Zanzibar, established a ruling Arab elite, and encouraged the development of clove plantations, using the island's slave labor.
Said Roeder: “ He only ever came here for training and people mustn't make too much of it.
Said Pasha received Emir Abdullah with a few Jordanian Sheikhs, when he came to Jordan and was leading the Great Arab Revolt against the Ottoman rule.
It was there that Friendly came up with the idea for the news-oriented quiz show Who Said That ?, first hosted by NBC newsman Robert Trout, then Walter Kiernan, and John Charles Daly.
Said by Te Aotaki, instructing his tribe to welcome Tūwhakairiora, who came to avenge the murder of Poroumātā, his grandfather, and no doubt to undergo tohi ( a rite to cause bravery ), and possibly marry one his daughters.
The Bad Writing Contest emerged in an intellectual climate dominated by fallout from the Sokal affair, in which the alleged opaqueness and obscurity of postmodern writing came in for criticism: Edward Said, for instance, deplored " diminishment and incoherence " in the writings of some of his colleagues and Martha Nussbaum condemned academic writing that was " ponderous and obscure.
Other members of the Hamburg cell included Said Bahaji, who came to Germany in 1995.
Said spoken words came courtesy of Justin Warfield, novelist Will Self ( continuing the Beat tradition of mixing heroin with writing ), and writer / musician Leslie Winer.
Said founding member and co-lead guitarist Dickey Betts of Trucks ' addition to the original band lineup, "... When Butch came along, he had that freight train, meat-and-potatoes kind of thing that set Jaimoe up perfectly.

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