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Scholars and have
Scholars have often believed that Ammianus ' work was intended for public recitation for two reasons: the overwhelming presence of accentual clausulae, which implies that it was intended to be read aloud ; and epistle 1063 of Libanius to a Marcellinus of Rome which refers to public recitations.
Scholars have mapped at least four major regional variations of spoken American English: Northern, Southern, Midland, and Western.
Scholars have debated whether Athanasius ' list in 367 was the basis for the later lists.
Scholars have speculated about the bilingual literary structure of Daniel-Chapters 2 through 7 in Aramaic, the rest in Hebrew.
Scholars have identified several passages in Jeremiah that can be understood as “ confessions ;” they occur in the first section of the book ( chapters 1-25 ) and are 11. 18-12. 6, 15. 10-21, 17. 14-18, 18. 18-23, and 20. 7-18.
Scholars of ballads are often divided into two camps, the ‘ communalists ’ who, following the line established by the German scholar Johann Gottfried Herder ( 1744 – 1803 ) and the Brothers Grimm, argue that ballads arose by a combined communal effort and did not have a single author, and ‘ individualists ’, following the thinking of English collector Cecil Sharp, who assert that there was a single original author.
Scholars accept that Brahui could only have migrated to Balochistan from central India after 1000 AD.
Scholars have interpreted this to mean that Banquo has been dreaming of murdering the king as Macbeth's accomplice in order to take the throne for his own family, as the Three Witches prophesied to him.
Scholars have worked to develop a periodization of Angkorian architectural styles.
Scholars speculate that the total Araucanian population may have numbered 1 million at most when the Spaniards arrived in the 1530s ; a century of European conquest and disease reduced that number by at least half.
Other Scholars, such as Elizabeth Dunn and Julia Elyachar have claimed that neoliberalism requires and creates its own form of governmentality.
Dr. Gartzke, of Columbia University states, " Scholars like Montesquieu, Adam Smith, Richard Cobden, Norman Angell, and Richard Rosecrance have long speculated that free markets have the potential to free states from the looming prospect of recurrent warfare.
Scholars have debated how Christian antisemitism may have played a role in the Nazi Third Reich, World War II and the Holocaust.
Scholars have identified the Assakenoi and Aspasioi clans of Kunar and Swat valleys as a section of the Kambojas.
Scholars like Rudolf E. Kalman and Aleksandr Lyapunov are well-known among the people who have shaped modern control theory.
Scholars have also suggested that the Book of Revelation uses combat myth imagery in its descriptions of cosmic conflict.
Scholars such as J. N. Mohanty, Claire Ortiz Hill, and Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock, among others, have argued that Husserl's so-called change from psychologism to Platonism came about independently of Frege's review.
Scholars such as Fannie Ratchford and Derek Roper have attempted to piece together a Gondal storyline and chronology from these poems.
Scholars have increasingly questioned Paul's authorship and attributed the letter to an early follower instead.
Scholars often have difficulty assessing whether Romans is a letter or an epistle:

Scholars and proposed
Scholars throughout Jewish history have proposed numerous formulations of Judaism's core tenets, all of which have met with criticism.
Scholars have proposed theories about the implications of the squirrel.
Scholars have proposed theories about the implications of the goddess.
Scholars have proposed that Sif's hair may represent fields of golden wheat, that she may be associated with fertility, family, wedlock and / or that she is connected to rowan, and that there may be an allusion to her role or possibly her name in the Old English poem Beowulf.
Scholars have proposed theories about the implications of the goddess.
Scholars have proposed theories about the implications of the goddess.
Scholars have proposed theories about the implications of the goddess.
Scholars of Celtic mythology have proposed that Ogma represents the vestiges of an ancient Celtic god.
Scholars have proposed that Dellingr is the personified dawn, and his name may appear both in an English surname and place name.
Scholars have proposed theories about the implications of the location, including that the location may have some connection to religious practices involving springs, bogs, or swamps in Norse paganism, and that it may be connected to the goddess Sága's watery location Sökkvabekkr.
Scholars have variously proposed that Gullveig / Heiðr is the same figure as the goddess Freyja, that Gullveig's death may have been connected to corruption by way of gold among the Æsir, and / or that Gullveig's treatment by the Æsir may have led to the Æsir-Vanir War.
Scholars have proposed theories about the implications of the goddess.
Scholars have proposed theories about the implications of the goddess.
" Scholars have proposed various dates between the 9th century and 16th century.
Scholars have proposed two general theories about the origins of Gullah:
The international body of Information Systems researchers, the Association for Information Systems ( AIS ), and its Senior Scholars Forum Subcommittee on Journals ( 23 April 2007 ), proposed a ' basket ' of journals that the AIS deems as ' excellent ', and nominated: Management Information Systems Quarterly ( MISQ ), Information Systems Research ( ISR ), Journal of the Association for Information Systems ( JAIS ), Journal of Management Information Systems ( JMIS ), European Journal of Information Systems ( EJIS ), and Information Systems Journal ( ISJ ).
Scholars have linked the goddess ' name to a variety of Germanic personal names, a series of location names in England, over 150 2nd century BCE Matronae ( the matronae Austriahenea ) inscriptions discovered in Germany, and have debated whether or not Eostre is an invention of Bede's, and theories connecting Ēostre with records of Germanic Easter customs ( including hares and eggs ) have been proposed.
Scholars have proposed environmental factors, such as over-hunting and deforestation as explanations.
Scholars suspect the former explanation to be the more likely name for a tribe, though some scholars have proposed a third etymology-that it derives from ish Sokar, meaning man of Sokar, in reference to the tribe originally worshipping Sokar, an Egyptian deity.
Scholars have proposed a number of different sets of sub-fields.
Then Taliban ambassador-at-large Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi said that the destruction of the statues was carried out by the Head Council of Scholars after a Swedish monuments expert proposed to restore the statues ' heads.
Scholars in the mid-twentieth century became concerned that similarities among the proposed Penutian language families may be the result of borrowing that occurred among neighboring peoples, not of a shared proto-language in the distant past.
Scholars have proposed a number of explanations for why organizations engage in decoupling.
Scholars have proposed that Bosch used the outer panels to establish a Biblical setting for the inner elements of the work, and the exterior image is generally interpreted as set in an earlier time than those in the interior.

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