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Sessions and Ethics
However, in a later edition of " Practical Ethics " after the work of Næss and Sessions, Singer admits that, although unconvinced by deep ecology, the argument from intrinsic value of non-sentient entities is plausible, but at best problematic.

Sessions and Policy
Presently, seven of the nine top Republican leaders — Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam, Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling, Conference Vice-Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Conference Secretary John Carter, Policy Committee chairman Tom Price, and National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Pete Sessions -- are members of the RSC.

Sessions and Political
* PDF file from essex. ac. uk: Welfare Solidarity in a Devolved Scotland, by Nicola McEwen, Politics, School of Social and Political Studies, University of Edinburgh, European Consortium for Political Research Joint Sessions, 28 March-2 April 2003

Sessions and Christian
On March 15, 2012, Walton was traded along with Jason Kapono and a 2012 first-round draft choice to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga.
On March 15, 2012, Kapono was traded along with Luke Walton and a 2012 first-round draft choice to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga.

Sessions and War
Under the leadership of Caldwell, the company staged the American premieres of such operas as Arnold Schoenberg's Moses und Aron, Sergei Prokofiev's War and Peace, Hector Berlioz ' Les Troyens and Benvenuto Cellini, Luigi Nono's Intolleranza 1960, Alban Berg's Lulu, Roger Sessions ' Montezuma, and Peter Maxwell Davies's Taverner to name just a few.
** Peel Sessions: No AIDS, No Salmonella, and No Gulf War Respectively-LP ; 1992 ( compilation of the first 3 of the band's 5 Peel Sessions )
In the part of Ireland that was to become the Irish Free State, Petty Sessions could not be held for many years due to the Irish War of Independence, restricting the role of the RMs.

Sessions and related
In Indian cities, the Sessions Court is responsible for adjudicating matters related to criminal cases.
* Lecture notes of " Theory of Probability " from MIT Open Course Sessions 9 – 14 are related to this theorem.

Sessions and proved
Subsequent recording sessions, such as the Johnson City sessions in 1928 and the Knoxville St. James Sessions in 1930 proved lucrative, but by the late 1930s, the success of the Grand Ole Opry had lured much of the region's talent to Nashville.
The White Horse Sessions proved to be the last Nightnoise album.
Broadcast on 2 August, the session proved so popular that it resulted in two BBC releases, one a 4-track 12 " and a later inclusion of ' Good And Gone ' on an album sampler of Peel Sessions.

Sessions and be
Furthermore, the increased " county business " could not be handled by the Quarter Sessions, nor was it appropriate to do so.
Sessions can be held in homes or at various public places in addition to pubs ; often at a festival sessions will be got together in the beer tent or in the vendor's booth of a music-loving craftsman or dealer.
It can be heard on the album John the Revelator: The 1970 London Sessions.
Sessions in October and November yielded just one usable single (" Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window "), and two days of recording in January 1966 for what was intended to be Dylan's next album, Blonde on Blonde resulted in " One of Us Must Know ( Sooner or Later )", which was released as a single a few weeks later and was subsequently selected for the album.
The Court of Sessions of Scotland ruled against him, saying that chattel slavery was not recognised under the law of Scotland, and slaves could seek court protection to leave a master or avoid being forcibly removed from Scotland to be returned to slavery in the colonies.
Chapter 51 of the laws and Sessions of the State of New Jersey provided the noble beginning to Ventnor City stating, " Be it enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of New Jersey that all part or portion of the County of Atlantic, formerly a part of Egg Harbor Township, situated on Absecon Beach, lying between the Westwardly limit of Atlantic City and the Eastwardly limit of South Atlantic City, the Atlantic Ocean on the south as far as the jurisdiction of the State extends, and to the center of Beach Thoroughfare on the North, be, and is hereby constituted as a City of this State, and all of the inhabitants of the State residing within the limits aforesaid be and they are hereby ordained, constituted and declared to be from time to time forever hereafter one body politic and corporate, in fact and in name, by the name, Ventnor City.
Koussevitzky started a tradition that was to be continued by the orchestra with commissions by Henri Dutilleux for its 75th anniversary, Roger Sessions, and Andrzej Panufnik, for the 100th, and lately for the 125th works by Leon Kirchner, Elliott Carter, and Peter Lieberson.
: Also be it enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all Justices, Commissioners, Sheriffs, Coroners, Escheators, Stewards, and their Lieutenants, and all other Officers and Ministers of the Law, shall proclaim and keep the Sessions Courts, Hundreds, Leets, Sheriffs Courts, and all other Courts in the English Tongue ;
During her first performance since the Uh Huh Her tour, at the Hay Festival of Literature & Arts on 26 May 2006, Harvey revealed that her next studio album would be almost entirely piano-based and in October, released The Peel Sessions 1991 – 2004 ; a compilation of songs recorded from 1991 to 2000 during her radio sessions with John Peel.
This led to two projects: a public audio-visual presentation at Abbey Road Studios called The Beatles Live at Abbey Road ( which opened on 18 July 1983 ) and a planned outtakes album which was to be called Sessions.
In 2008, Rucker announced in an AOL Sessions interview that Hootie and the Blowfish would be going on hiatus so Rucker could pursue his solo career as a country music performer.
Only Moderators of Kirk Sessions are obliged to be trained for the role.
Capitol Records signed Blind Melon later that year and oversaw sessions with famed producer David Briggs for an unreleased EP to be titled The Sippin ' Time Sessions.
These songs can be found, along with other demos and untitled songs, on the Complete Dehumanizer Sessions bootleg.
Engel has found himself to be in demand, introducing the sport and conducting Sepak Takraw Skills Clinics in Schools and Sessions at Phys.
The prelude to this moment can be heard on " The Good Old Days " from the Babyshambles Sessions, in which, after the lyric, " A list of things we said we'd do tomorrow ," Doherty yells ' Get a tattoo!
The British Journal reported that on 7 January 1727 she appeared at the Courts of Quarter Sessions at Westminster, charged " for being an abominable cheat and imposter in pretending to be delivered of several monstrous births ".
While Tinariwen had previously recorded several cassette-only albums for regional markets, The Radio Tisdas Sessions was their first on CD and their first to be distributed worldwide.
Jones can still be heard singing with them on two tracks of their 2003 release, NuBlu Sessions.
( Minutes of 2002 BYM Annual Sessions, page 23 ) FUM has affirmed in a minute of its General Board that its policy that anyone in sexual relationships outside of marriage-" which is understood to be between one man and one woman "-cannot be in paid leadership positions ( a minute approved in 1988 ) also applies to those in other leadership positions and to their overseas workers.

Sessions and much
Author George Sessions Perry was born in Rockdale on May 5, 1910, and lived much of his life there.
While in Berklee, she worked with Heavy Rotation Records where " she revealed a much more private and intimate rendering of ' Count ' for Dorm Sessions Vol.
When called to trial at the Sessions in August, " he had so much joy that he seemed past himself ".
In early 2006 they released Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions to much acclaim.
The Act providing for the institution of these Courts also extended the jurisdiction of Courts of General and Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and prepared the way for a great increase in their numbers, under the presidency of District Court Judges as Chairmen, whereby criminal proceedings have been much facilitated, especially in the more distant and outlying portions of the country …
Both McCartney and John Lennon, at one time or another, shared their distaste for the song, and in a 1980s interview with Mark Lewisohn in The Beatles Recording Sessions, McCartney says, " I can't remember much about that one.

Sessions and under
After he matriculated at Harvard University in 1965 he studied composition under Leon Kirchner, Roger Sessions, Earl Kim, and David Del Tredici.
The Laws in Wales Acts created an anomaly in that, although Monmouthshire was noted as being in the ' Country or Dominion of Wales ', it was made directly responsible to the courts of Westminster rather than falling under the Court of Great Sessions in Wales.
After receiving his bachelor of arts degree from New York University College of Arts and Science in 1935 with Phi Beta Kappa honors, he studied under Roger Sessions, first privately and then later at Princeton University.
The work of Arne Næss and his collaborator Sessions also falls under the libertarian extension, although they preferred the term " deep ecology ".
During the network's first decade on the air, Cinemax had also aired some original music programming, during the mid-to-late 1980s, upon the meteoric rise in popularity of MTV, Cinemax tried its hand at airing music videos by airing an interstitial between films called Max Tracks, it also ran music specials under the banner Cinemax Sessions during that same time period.
In 1889, under the Local Government Act 1888, a county council was created for Westmorland, taking functions from the Quarter Sessions.
The Laws in Wales Acts created an anomaly in that, although Monmouthshire was noted as being in the ' Country or Dominion of Wales ', it was made directly responsible to the courts of Westminster rather than falling under the Court of Great Sessions in Wales.
Having studied composition under Aaron Copland, Roger Sessions and Stefan Wolpe, Bernstein also performed as a concert pianist between 1939 and 1950 and wrote numerous classical compositions, including three orchestral suites, two song cycles, various compositions for viola and piano and for solo piano, and a string quartet.
Justices of the Peace existed in Ireland prior to 1922, sitting in a bench under the supervision of resident magistrates at Petty Sessions to try minor offences summarily, and with a County Court Judge ( in his capacity of Chairman of Quarter Sessions ) and jury to try more serious offences at Quarter Sessions.
" A Sessions of the Poets ," describing a meeting of the contemporary versifiers under the presidency of Apollo to decide who should wear the laurel wreath, is the prototype of many later satires.
Although the original Laws in Wales Act of 1535 specifically stated the lands making up Monmouthshire were from the ' Country or Dominion of Wales ', the Laws in Wales Act 1542 added Monmouthshire to the Oxford circuit of the English Assizes rather than falling under the Court of Great Sessions in Wales.
This resulted in a renewal of the commissions in continuation of the ancient assize jurisdiction, and an announcement was made at the Easter Quarter Sessions in 1921 that " whatever may have happened as a result of a recent case in the Court of Criminal Appeal by authority of this Commission now granted, this Court will continue to exercise this ancient jurisdiction in the same manner as it has done under similar commissions since the days of Charles I.
He was born in Rochester, New York and studied at the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Eastman School of Music under Bernard Rogers, also receiving lessons from Roger Sessions in New York City and Nadia Boulanger in Paris.
It was first established as the Circuit Court of Justice under the Courts of Justice Act 1924 and replaced the County Court on the civil side, and Quarter Sessions and Recorder's Courts on the criminal side, as well as some of the jurisdiction of the assizes.
Quarter Sessions were abolished in the Irish Free State under the Courts of Justice Act 1924.
They also existed in North American colonies, sometimes known as Courts of General Sessions, and were held in Pennsylvania until the constitution of that Commonwealth was rewritten in 1968 and the courts ' jurisdiction was placed under the pre-existing Courts of Common Pleas in each county, and in New York until a similar reform.
* Out of the Woods: The BBC Sessions ( 1996, rereleased in 2000 under the name Totally Out of the Woods with additional tracks )
Sessions were released as The Berlin Tapes under the name Iva Davies and Icehouse in 1995 on DIVA ( Iva Davies own label ) / Massive Records for Australian release and Warner Records for international release in 2002.
The 204 page book was first produced in 1988 by EMI in Europe, printed and bound in China and produced, also in 1988, by Toppan for the Asian market and by Harmony for the United States, under the title The Beatles Recording Sessions.
The band's new record company bought the initial Reception stock of the Ukrainian record from the band, pressed another batch, and released the record in April 1989 under the name of Українські Виступи в Івана Піла ( meaning ' Ukrainian John Peel Sessions '; the Latin transliteration Ukraïnski Vistupi v Ivana Peela appeared on the sleeve's spine only ).
In response, the Sessions office said he wrote the letters because of his view that gambling is a local issue, falling under his long held support for federalism .< ref name =" dallasnews_20060106 ">

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