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Several and families
Several of Middleton's other children married into prominent families.
Several families from Bere island, County Cork were encouraged to send emigrants to Argentina by an islander who had been successful there in the 1880s.
Several disputed proposals link Indo-European to other major language families.
Several primitive families from these epochs have been described, including Numidotheriidae, Moeritheriidae, and Barytheriidae in Africa, and Anthracobunidae from the Indian subcontinent.
Several homes were destroyed and sixty families were displaced.
Several hundred women and over 100 children were deported to concentration camps ; a few children considered racially suitable for Germanisation were handed over to SS families and the rest were sent to the Chełmno extermination camp where they were gassed to death.
Several linguistic problems arise in the attempt to relate Sumerian with known language families.
Several families of the Lamiales have had their circumscriptions enlarged to accommodate genera transferred from Scrophulariacae sensu lato.
Several Chumash families are working to revitalize the language.
Several families settled that same year on Big River ; among them were Elisha Baker, his son Elijah and Joseph Reed from Bois Brule Bottom.
Several families lost their sons in the fighting.
Several important families and persons had this surname:
Several other families including the Dickinsons, Munds, Copples, Pages Mullhollands and Tiptons had followed by the autumn of that year or the spring of 1877.
Several families responded to this advertisement and an assortment of German immigrant families followed him from Franklin County, Missouri.
Several families in and around Atkins faced the threat of starvation, and the Red Cross responded twice in early 1931, delivering food, clothes, and other necessities to those in need.
Several mixed white and Cherokee families also lived in or near the present site of Little Town, likely just east of the village in the Cherokee Neutral Lands or to the south, near Chetopa.
Several families ruled Bergen op Zoom in succession until 1795, although the title was only nominal since at least the seventeenth century.
Several families settled near Otsego Lake around 1762, but little further development occurred until after the American Revolution.
Several townsfolk and local historians claim that Montrose played a significant role in the Northern Trail of the Underground Railroad, housing several slave families in the area.
Several families from northern states, including the Ruthven, Champion, and Hooks families, settled the area.
Several Hardeman families still live in Matagorda county and Van Vleck has a road named Hardeman road This year, the railroad connected Van Vleck to Wharton Tx.
Several miles south, on Quitchupah Creek, several families were trying to homestead on land that was more barren than Muddy Creek.
Several other families are regionally dominant.

Several and late
Several U. S. court rulings confirmed this understanding, including the 1900 Supreme Court decision in Paquete Habana, a late 1950s decision in Reid v. Covert, and a lower court ruling in 1986 in Garcia-Mir v. Meese.
Several French colonial towns of the Illinois Country, such as Kaskaskia, Cahokia and St. Philippe, Illinois were flooded and abandoned in the late 19th century, with a loss to the cultural record of their archeology.
Several of the houses on the street are originally late 16th century or early 17th century and likely rebuilt on the site of earlier medieval dwellings.
Several centuries later, in late Dark Age Europe, the term " firearm " was used in Old English to denote the arm in which the match was held that was used to light the touch hole on the hand cannon.
Several heads of state and their consorts, as the foremost representatives of their nations, gather at the Funeral of Pope John Paul II | funeral for the late Pope John Paul II in 2005.
Several events of late 1920 greatly escalated the conflict.
Several proposals in late 1852 and early 1853 had strong support, but in the end they failed because of disputes over whether the railroad would follow a northern or a southern route.
Several manufacturers produced mainframe computers from the late 1950s through the 1970s.
Several of those masterly addresses of Congress, written at the commencement of the late Revolution, contain such noble, just, and independent sentiments of liberty and patriotism, that I cannot help wishing to transfuse them into the breasts of the rising generation.
Several New Age publications appeared by the late 1980s such as Psychic Guide ( later renamed Body, Mind & Spirit ), Yoga Journal, New Age Voice, New Age Retailer, and NAPRA ReView by the New Age Publishers and Retailers Alliance.
Several fields of science and especially medicine seem to make liberal use of ideas in process philosophy, notably the theory of pain and healing of the late 20th century.
* Several new player races appeared in a late addition to the line, Zebulon's Guide to Frontier Space, and include the Humma ( which resemble kangaroos ), Ifshnit ( akin to dwarves ), Osakar ( lanky, parthenogenic quadrupeds ) and Mechanons ( intelligent robots ).
Several minor league teams in Toledo lasted for short durations late in the 1880s and during the 1890s.
Several antiretroviral drugs were developed in the late 1990s, decreasing AIDS mortality dramatically in developed countries.
Several organizations established in Iran since the late 1990s offer a unique blend of interdisciplinary research.
Several of these Herculaneum papyri which are unrolled and deciphered were found to contain a large number of works by Philodemus, a late Hellenistic Epicurean, and Epicurus himself, attesting to the school's enduring popularity.
Several short-lived boom towns sprang up during the late 19th and early 20th centuries to mine gold and silver.
Several causes explain this process: The definitive breakdown of the production system based on slavery in existence from the time of the late Roman Empire, the continuous propagation of epidemics in the area, and the abandonment of Al Andalus by the Berber regiments after the revolt of 740-741.
Several European countries in the late 19th century, especially France and Italy, instituted smocks as a school uniform.
Several elements of " Core to Shore " were included in the MAPS 3 proposal approved by voters in late 2009.
Several species of small hippopotamids have also become extinct in the Mediterranean in the late Pleistocene or early Holocene.
Several Protestants replied with a defense of the Masoretic text's authority and argued that the Samaritan text is a late and unreliable derivation from the Masoretic.
Several researchers in the late 1940s, including Jay Forrester, conceived the idea of using magnetic cores for computer memory, but Forrester received the principal patent for his invention of the co-incident core memory that enabled the 3D storage of information.
Several late medieval compositions refer to Elffin and Taliesin in more detail.
Several times, Johnny mentions that he wishes he hadn't answered Lude's call late at night.

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