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She and arranges
She arranges her own passage, and " bumps into " Pike, just as they met before.
She arranges to meet him, telling Sobinski to come to her dressing room when Tura begins his " To be or not to be ..." speech, so they can be sure of privacy.
She guesses he is from the asylum, but as he seems harmless, she arranges for him to join her traveling theatrical group.
She finally crashes the Governor's ball and arranges for reporters to photograph her embracing Michael.
She arranges to help him attend a masquerade ball the coming weekend.
She arranges for the priest so that the Indian workers can worship and make confession in her chapel, rather than leaving the rancho.
She arranges for Dorothy to return to the Land of Oz by means of the Ruby Slippers, because the Wicked Witch of the West has been brought back to life, and Glinda needs Dorothy's help to set things right again.
She arranges her dynamic levels so as never to have need of fortissimo ..."
She leaves Kevin for Lyon, and arranges with Henry Bellamy to create a job for Lyon to keep him in the U. S. The two eventually wed. Lyon discovers the ruse when tax time approaches.
She arranges for the heir to the throne of the Ice-Bears to be exiled, and plots to dominate the new king, turning the bears into her subordinates.
She arranges that the boys can stay in a hotel, where they can have plenty of food, comfortable beds, and where they are visited by a barber and a tailor.
She arranges with her parents to go back to Iran.
She takes Bosola into her confidence, not knowing that he is Ferdinand's spy, and arranges that he will deliver her jewelry to Antonio at his hiding-place in Ancona.
She arranges passage on a ship for Johnny and goes searching for him.
She arranges for Elsa and Cyril to pretend to be a couple, and to appear together at specific moments in the hopes of making Raymond jealous of Cyril so that if Raymond decides he wants Elsa back, he'll leave Anne.
She drives him to a London townhouse where the butler arranges evening dress for him and the lady drives them onto Ritson's – the nightclub of the rich and famous.
She arranges for the death of Robert, and when he dies, she crowns her son Joffrey and names herself regent.
She and the rest of her team were staying at a safe house, while Nick Fury arranges new secret identities for them.
She is encouraged to sit before a mirror in another preparation room by an amah, who carefully combs and arranges her hair into an ornate, traditional style using pieces of organic marine material arranged on combs, pins and boards.
She arranges to meet an old friend Mariko for lunch.
She arranges for him to speak to Ben, but is caught by Locke.
She briefs Gordon that they must disable a U-boat transmitter ; they have a resistance contact, Jeanne, working at the base, who arranges for Vivien, under a new identity, to work there as well.
She informs them that the Old One has already gone ahead on a ship without them, but arranges positions for Martin and Phil on a frigate, known as the Rose of Devon.

She and leave
She promised that she would soon take a few day's leave and visit the uncle she had never seen, on the island of Oyajima -- which was not very far from Yokosuka.
She glanced at the man nodding beside her, a man with weather cracks furrowed into his lean cheeks, with powdery pale eyes reflecting all the droughts he had seen, reflecting the sky and the drought which must follow now in August -- yes, with eyes predicting the drought and here it was only June, only festival time again and thoughts of Gratt Shafer would not leave her.
She never left Haworth for more than a few weeks at a time as she did not want to leave her ageing father.
She was obliged to leave Middlesex Hospital but she did so with an honours certificate in chemistry and materia medica.
" She wouldn't leave me alone.
She takes control of his business while he is away and her business practices leave many Atlantans resentful of her.
She made some calculations and announced, ' That will leave you an excess of £ 25.
She also took sabbatical leave to study zoology and neurophysiology at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.
She had to leave her other children behind because they were not legally freed in the emancipation order until they had served as bound servants into their twenties.
She was forced to leave school and Homer with her family after her father, after having " insured it heavily ", burned the family's rotting gristmill.
She will " sit " or " set " on the nest, protesting or pecking in defense if disturbed or removed, and she will rarely leave the nest to eat, drink, or dust-bathe.
She ended the affair with Preminger upon realization that he had no plans to leave his first wife to marry her.
She decided to leave France, and soon ended up in Belgium, where she became the mistress of Henri, Prince de Ligne, and gave birth to their son, Maurice, in 1864.
She intended to leave it as an inheritance to her younger children without stipulation, but later realized that her children would not appreciate it.
She agreed to leave the country in exchange for an annual allowance of £ 35, 000.
She eventually gave the strip up because the daily work of a comic artist did not leave her time to write books and paint, but Lars took over the strip and continued it until 1975.
She refuses to leave because the imposter has her baby, but she helps Lionel to escape.
She later helps with the evacuation of Hoth during an Imperial attack, remaining at her station until Han forces her to leave with him.
She was replaced during most of her season seven maternity leave by Mimi Davis, played by Barbara Anderson, who had just come from the show Ironside.
She has an argument with Nelly, which then spreads to Edgar who tries to leave.
She orders him to leave Terminus to search for the Second Foundation.
She later learns of Jack's reputation as an ace and encounters him while on leave in Paris.
She managed to leave Parma between 14 and 15 February, and a provisional government led by Count Filippo Luigi Linati was formed.
She may be a woman who decided to dedicate her life to serving all other living beings, or to be an ascetic who voluntarily chooses to leave mainstream society and live her life in prayer and contemplation in a monastery or convent.

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