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She and extracted
She refused to have her gallblader extracted or to give up her occupation as cook, maintaining stubbornly that she did not carry any disease.
She asked for the pillar in the palace hall, and upon being granted it, extracted the coffin from the pillar.
She extracted a meager allowance from her mother, took voice lessons, and for a time sang in a cabaret, then travelled to Rome to study art.

She and expensive
She had not told him that it was stuffed, much to Victor's annoyance, as he had spent time constructing an expensive kennel for it.
She lived an expensive lifestyle in Norfolk, including minstrels, huntsmen, grooms and other luxuries, and was soon travelling again around England.
She then becomes enraged upon discovering that Christina has used a wire hanger, instead of the expensive padded hangers Joan provided and instructed the girl to use.
She disliked both expensive accoutrements and the protocol that dictated constant changes of clothing, preferring simple, monochromatic riding habit-like attire.
She wore expensive clothes and particularly loved Lalique jewelry.
She said of this work that " we would perform expensive ' miracles ' ... and then dump them back into the environments that had caused their problems ".
She compared Florida sugarcane agriculture to sugarcane grown in the West Indies, that she claimed was more environmentally sound, had a longer harvest cycle less harmful to soil nutrients, and was less expensive for consumers due to the higher sugar content.
She was attempting to buy the most expensive PC in a computer store in Akihabara ( ¥ 3, 128, 000 ) when Hitoshi recommended a simpler model.
She had a fondness for young artists, and in her old age she often gave expensive gifts to those who associated with her.
She was a significant help with clerical duties, but had expensive tastes and spent Anderson's money freely.
She has a penchant for buying expensive machines like helicopters, Ferraris, and motorcycles.
She commissioned a number of expensive additions and improvements, some to designs by Inigo Jones.
She wanted a bigger house than Tony and Carmela's, with a pool, an expensive wedding, and an affluent lifestyle, even though Richie struggled to afford such luxuries and his attempts to make the necessary income caused conflicts with Tony.
She received expensive gifts from her admirers, with rumors that the German Ambassador had given her a $ 10, 000 string of pearls.
She pretends that items such as statues, cups, and sofas are particularly expensive, so as to show off to the neighbours, a pretence that causes problems with her nervous neighbour, Elizabeth, who is constantly fearful of breaking her collectible china cups.
She began spending money in excess — expensive jewellery and clothes, attending balls every other night — to distract herself from pining for the only man she loved.
She is not at all interested in Edward's " sentimental " gestures, and asks for money and expensive gifts in exchange for sex.
She also returned to Covent Garden following its reopening in 1947 ( a rare exception-the Opera House, in lean financial straits following the war-time closure, was attempting to build up a house company of English nationals, principally singing in English, in preference to expensive guest stars ).
She worked on an Irish travel book, The Dreaming Shore, which drew on her Anglo-Irish upbringing, but proved " a millstone " as it required multiple expensive journeys to Ireland.
She sneaks outside and discovers it to be a pair of expensive red boots.
She is in actual fact, beneath the glitter of expensive jewellery, no more than tendered mutton dressed up as lamb.
She is stoic and polite, even when Kirie destroys some expensive equipment.
She was also the most expensive woman's player in Spain, costing over £ 200, 000.
She demands expensive soaps and creams in an attempt to keep Ellie alive.

She and shopping
She wouldn't be going to get that for an hour or so after Katya had left, go do the daily shopping.
She resumed life with her family, and they supported her fully, acknowledging her chosen path and demanding of her little in the way of household responsibilities, " I was never once asked to do an errand in town, some bit of shopping … so well did they understand.
She promoted her debut album in shopping malls of the US.
She was later picked up on shopping networks around the world, including The Shopping Channel ( Canada ) and Ideal World Shopping ( U. K .).
She became close friends with Victoria and was often photographed shopping with her during their stay in Madrid.
She also has a habit of claiming obvious facts as her own opinions, such as in " Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men " when she says that in her opinion, the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year, though this statement is commonly accepted as fact.
" She often states well-known facts and claims them as her original thoughts, like suggesting that " the day after Thanksgiving is, in my opinion, one of the busiest shopping days of the year.
She is the spinster daughter of a reclusive scholar, who left her to deal with practical issues such as shopping and administering the household while he spent time in his office.
She keeps Polaroids of each of the souls she reaps, in department store shopping bags organized by personality type.
She does, however, carry a string shopping bag ( also in her knickers ) against emergencies, such as being presented with a loaf or a pie or a dozen buns ( probably by a baker who knows that such a gift to a witch ensures reliably good baking ).
She is a graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine and lives an upscale lifestyle, living in a three-bedroom condominium in Essex Fells, New Jersey and shopping only at gourmet Italian shoppes ( as revealed in " Meadowlands ").
She also sells a range of skin-care products on shopping television.
She and Power Girl begin a close friendship, going to movies and even shopping together at an IKEA-esque Scandinavian furniture store.
She finds shopping and the facilities of countries like Poland, such as toilets and baths, bothersome because they are not adequately suited for her height but does not experience the same problem in the US.
She moved the county-owned planetarium from its historic but outdated facility on State Street to a new shopping development known as Gateway.
She then experiences the freedom she now has by going shopping for her own food.
She then walks back into the house, while the football results are on, carrying exotic Indian shopping and her husband looks on in surprise.
She and her family were visiting friends for afternoon tea and went shopping for cake.
She also states that " all the neighborhood women spit at me " whenever she is at the shopping mall.
She impresses Deborah, who begins to treat her like a daughter, taking Cristina shopping, getting her hair done, enrolling her in a private school, and showing her more love than she does the sensitive Bernice.
She carries all of their shopping parcels for them, and when they return home, all three order Cinderella about.
She has many hobbies, such as roller-skating, water-skiing, snowboarding, shopping, playing music and singing.
She was discovered as a model when she was fourteen while shopping with her mother.
She worked on the staff of publisher Lyle Stuart and published a book about shopping in New York.

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