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She and further
She instinctively sheered away from personal discussions but she filed the comment away for further meditation.
She further stated that " there is no doubt that she Ann was his child.
She popularized the city further as a movie location and tourist destination.
She further states another tradition that when the last Latin Emperor of Constantinople, Baldwin II, was leaving Constantinople in 1261 he took this original circular portion of the icon with him.
She further displayed a shrewd political acumen in her negotiations with Cesare Borgia, who had dispossessed Guidobaldo da Montefeltro, duke of Urbino, the husband of her sister-in-law and good friend Elisabetta Gonzaga in 1502.
She appeared in Little Women the same year and in Jumanji the following year to further acclaim.
She endured surgery and currently has no further signs of cancer.
" She further wrote that although " Islamic historians agree that the prophet Muhammad never hit a woman, it is also clear that Muslim communities face a domestic violence problem.
She suffered further bouts of illness that may have been miscarriages in mid-1678, early 1679, and early 1680.
She was further dismayed when James refused to help when the Catholic King of France, Louis XIV, invaded Orange and persecuted Huguenot refugees there.
She further elaborated on them in her periodicals The Objectivist Newsletter, The Objectivist, and The Ayn Rand Letter, and in non-fiction books such as Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology and The Virtue of Selfishness.
" She further held that to be is to be something, that " existence is identity.
She asked for three pigeons and three sparrows from each house, since she did not want to burden the villagers any further after the siege.
" She further wrote that whereas the original radical feminism " challenge the polarization of the sexes ", cultural feminism simply embraces the " traditional feminine virtues ".
One further work of Germain's on elasticity was published posthumously in 1831: her “ Memoir sur la courbure des surfaces .” She used the mean curvature in her research ( see Honors in Number Theory ).
She was already famous in the UK for her sarcasm while presenting the consumer programme Watchdog, and The Weakest Link saw her develop this further, particularly in her taunting of contestants.
She further attacked his decision to accept the Nobel Peace Prize with FW De Klerk.
She forcefully takes advantage of any opportunity to further her goals.
She was sympathetic to those seeking further reformation of the Church, and actively protected scholars working on English translations of the scriptures.
" She further noted that " a lot of the time the creationists ... they'll search through scientific journals and try to pull out something they think demonstrates evolution doesn't work and there is a kind of interesting rationale behind it.
She further said that we all have a gender schema to organize the ways we view gender around us.
She is said to have had further descendants surviving into the 4th and 5th centuries.
She went on to bear Henry a further eight children, six of whom survived infancy, including the future Charles IX ( born 27 June 1550 ); the future Henry III ( born 19 September 1551 ); and Francis, Duke of Anjou ( born 18 March 1555 ).
She further alleged that Caroline had been rude about the royal family, touched her in an inappropriately sexual way, and had admitted that any woman friendly with a man was sure to become his lover.

She and asserted
She asserted that Atwood " was a truly revolutionary woman ... among the first white women to fight so righteously for their beliefs and to die for what they believed in.
She failed in her attempt to use a church synod to dismiss the catholicos Michael, and the noble council, darbazi, asserted the right to approve royal decrees.
She critiqued the Modernism of CIAM, and asserted that the publicly unowned spaces created by the ' city in the park ' notion of Modernists was one of the main reasons for the rising crime rate.
She leapt into the sea with her son Melicertes in her arms, and out of pity, the Hellenes asserted, the Olympian gods turned them both into sea-gods, transforming Melicertes into Palaemon, the patron of the Isthmian games, and Ino into Leucothea.
She asserted that she had exaggerated information, had been promised a book deal to be co-authored with Hubner for revenue of $ 2 million, and stated on the record that the articles and her appearance on CBS television's 60 Minutes were to get publicity for the book.
She asserted that she was — and would always be — a French, not an English, artist.
She asserted that while 13 Boston schools were at least 90 % black, Chinatown schools were 100 % Chinese, the North End had schools that were 100 % Italian American, and South Boston contained schools that were mostly Irish American.
She asserted that it was a racially discriminatory ruling, given the fact that the Supreme Court had previously ruled that Texas's 6th District, which is 91 percent white, was constitutional.
She rejected the emotion-rationalism dichotomy association with matriarchy and patriarchy, and with Stanton, asserted that rationality was as much an attribute of any mother-age civilisation as of patriarchy, and that it was mainly patriarchal behaviour that was logically irrational.
She rejected the commonly accepted view that parents as the source of the child's body are its owners, and she ardently asserted that she owned and controlled her own body.
She rejected the doctrine that some asserted, of Pre-Tribulation Rapture, and wrote that it was without Biblical foundation.
She asserted that supporters had seen their ballots ripped up and that she had " received one-half the electoral vote of Oregon, and a large vote in Pennsylvania, but the votes in the latter state were not counted, simply dumped into the waste basket as false votes.
He called her « She who leads » in his books, and asserted that on many his canvases, two signatures should be written: his own, and Helena ’ s.
She asserted that some peoples descended from the Lemurians are " semi-animal creatures ".
She asserted that patriarchy introduced a new system of society, based on property rights rather than human rights, and worshipping a stern and vengeful male deity instead the caring and nurturing Mother Goddess.
( She later asserted that the idea that opens Vaughan Williams ' 4th Symphony was taken from her, and it reappears in her 1950s opera The Transposed Heads.
She was largely unassuming as empress dowager, and did not exert anywhere close to the influence that Empress Dowager Lü asserted over Emperor Hui or even her daughter-in-law, Empress Dou, would later assert over her grandson Emperor Jing.
She asserted that there were only two styles of singing: " the good ... and the bad " and argued that a properly trained vocalist could sing the old bel canto style just as easily as the then newer, more dramatic style.
" She also repeatedly expressed disdain for the teachers of her day who offered methods that they asserted would fully develop the voice in only a year or two.

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