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She and received
She went downstairs and received another curious shock, for when Glendora flapped into the dining room in her homemade moccasins, Sarah asked her when she had brought coffee to her room and Glendora said she hadn't.
She was arrested by Phoenix Police after they received the indictment papers from Portland detectives.
She would be taxed on the pensions when received, of course, but the company's contributions would be tax-free.
She answered her accusers that she received tuition from Thomas Reid, a former barony officer who had died at the Battle of Pinkie some 30 years before and also from the Queen of the Elfhame which lay nearby.
She was only the third Roman woman ( Livia Drusilla and Antonia Minor received this title ) and only the second living Roman woman ( the first being Antonia ) to receive this title.
She habitually drank a lot of wine and was said to have received her name from that circumstance, as " Sanape " was purported to mean " drunkard " in the local language.
She was not empowered to inflict punishment, and when she complained about their behaviour received no support, but was criticised for not being capable.
She received a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1983, and a doctorate in polymer science and engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1991 as a member of the Air Force ROTC.
She was a near contemporary of better-known American artist Mary Cassatt and also received her training in Philadelphia and France.
She made a fine impression and was well received by the people of England.
She became known in the 1970s in films such as Hester Street ( for which she received an Academy Award nomination ) and Annie Hall.
She received a Golden Globe nomination as Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture in 1984 for her role in Irreconcilable Differences, in which she starred as a young girl divorcing her parents.
She received an Academy Award nomination for her performance in Pillow Talk, won three Henrietta Awards ( World Film Favorite ), a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Presidential Medal of Freedom, Legend Award from the Society of Singers, Los Angeles Film Critics Association's Career Achievement Award and, in 1989, received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in motion pictures.
She received a greeting from officials and a $ 10 gold piece.
She feeds him the last of their food, and Elijah's promise miraculously comes true ; thus, by an act of faith the woman received the promised blessing.
She never did, although she received many offers for her hand ; the reasons for this are not clear.
She received a star posthumously on Canada's Walk of Fame in Toronto on June 5, 2005.
She writes that he has been a paid consultant for many years for ARCO, ExxonMobil, Shell, Sun Oil Company, and Unocal, and that SEPP has received grants from ExxonMobil.
She eventually received Franco-British support for this after the Congress of Soissons ( 1728 – 1729 ).
She received a bachelor's degree in mathematics, music and education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
She received a fine classical education and, as a girl, met many famous humanist scholars and artists.
She complained in a letter to Leonardo that her husband had given the sketch away and requested another, which she never received.
She received the prophecy that the twins were fighting in her womb and would continue to fight all their lives, even after they became two separate nations.

She and media
" She said that " pro-homosexual activists ... are creating media events all over the country and even internationally.
She has refused to do so, and since then Scappaticci has not launched any libel actions against the media making the allegations.
She was presented with the 2002 Raúl Juliá Award for Excellence for her efforts, as the executive producer of the sitcom George Lopez, in helping expand career openings for Hispanic talent in the media and entertainment industry.
She has appeared in other media relating to The Simpsons — including video games, The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons Ride, commercials, and comic books — and inspired an entire line of merchandise.
She later received extensive media coverage during her battle with cervical cancer, from which she died in 2009.
She gives birth to her baby, attracting media attention, and she sets up a new life with the help of new friends.
She has been praised in the media and by personalities in cinema and culture, including:
She has appeared in other media relating to The Simpsons – including video games, The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons Ride, commercials and comic books – and inspired a line of merchandise.
She is a featured media commentator on the effects of technology for CNN, NBC, ABC, and NPR, including appearances on such programs as Nightline and 20 / 20.
" She had an immediate rapport with the media, and the Teacher in Space Project received tremendously popular attention as a result.
She collected written, first-hand accounts from a total of 400 subjects, recruited by means of appeals in the mainstream media, and followed up by questionnaires.
She was given her " Prom mom " nickname by the American mass media.
She has appeared in most other media adaptations of the character as an important part of the Spider-Man series.
She performed in more than three dozen motion pictures for Monogram, experience which made possible her success in other media.
She blamed the media for the tragic ending of her pregnancy.
She was noted in the media as the first woman appointed to lead a British national museum.
She was reputedly worth more than O ' Reilly when they met, as the tabloids and even some mainstream news media pointed out.
She created a small media sensation in the 1970s by presenting works purportedly dictated to her by Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms, Johann Sebastian Bach, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Franz Schubert, Edvard Grieg, Claude Debussy, Frédéric Chopin, Robert Schumann and Ludwig van Beethoven.
She became an object of mockery in the media, especially the BBC.
She is also employed by Quebecor, a prominent Canadian media distribution company.
She has been described by the media as his " best asset " and his " secret weapon ".
She is first seen making an apology for her involvement in the Paul Burrell affair — and is mocked by the media as being someone " who holds all the answers to all the unsolved cases without even realising it ".
She became a media sensation when she returned to the United States.
She claims she was persecuted by a US attorney who was trying to gain media coverage by calling her a terrorist agent and get himself promoted to a federal judgeship.

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