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She and starred
She later starred in Jean-Luc Godard's 1963 film Le Mépris.
She divorced Vadim in 1957 and in 1959 married actor Jacques Charrier, with whom she starred in Babette Goes to War.
She starred opposite Anthony Perkins in the 1978 Alan Rudolph film Remember My Name and opposite Jeff Bridges in the 1979 film Winter Kills.
She intermittently took classes at Portland State University studying English, as well as San Francisco State University and the San Francisco Art Institute, where she took a film class taught by George Kuchar and starred in one of his short films.
She starred in the off-Broadway play Love, Loss, and What I Wore in February 2010.
She starred as Kitty Walker McCallister on the ABC drama, Brothers & Sisters.
She received a Golden Globe nomination as Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture in 1984 for her role in Irreconcilable Differences, in which she starred as a young girl divorcing her parents.
She starred in Alfred Hitchcock's suspense film, The Man Who Knew Too Much ( 1956 ) with James Stewart.
She starred in the western film The Ballad of Josie ( 1967 ) and starred in a comedy film centered on the Northeast blackout of November 9, 1965 called Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
She also starred in the pilot episode of Eight Is Enough as Nancy Bradford, the role that, in the series, went to Dianne Kay.
She also starred in Rich Man Poor Man with Nick Nolte and a host of other well-received television mini-series.
She played the title role in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette ( 2006 ) and starred in the comedy How to Lose Friends & Alienate People ( 2008 ).
She also starred in the successful musicals Lili ( 1953 ), with Mel Ferrer ; Daddy Long Legs ( 1955 ), with Fred Astaire, and Gigi ( 1958 ) with Louis Jourdan and Maurice Chevalier.
She co-wrote, directed and starred in the film and produced it under the banner of her own company, Leni Riefenstahl Productions.
She also starred in the nearly universally panned film remake of Lost Horizon in 1973.
She also starred in the short-lived Annie McGuire in 1988.
She subsequently also guest starred on Ellen DeGeneres's next TV show, The Ellen Show, in 2001.
She soon starred in the 1953 science fiction film Donovan's Brain ; Crowther said that Davis, playing the role of a possessed scientist's " sadly baffled wife ", " walked through it all in stark confusion " in an " utterly silly " film.
She also made appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, The Man from U. N. C. L. E., and Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, The Virginian and starred in television specials.
" She also starred in Sergio Castellitto ’ s melodrama Don ’ t Move.
She then starred on the short-lived television series, CBS's Live to Dance, which lasted one season in 2011, and was subsequently a judge on the first season of American version of The X Factor with her former American Idol co-judge Simon Cowell which premiered on September 21, 2011.
She then starred in films such as The Princess Bride and Forrest Gump ( earning her a Golden Globe nomination ).
She also starred in ads for Candie's shoes and Gitano jeans, who also sponsored her 1998 – 1999 Come On Over Tour.

She and Whose
Reunion, a radio play, was produced by John Juliani in 1984 for CBC " Saturday Stereo Theatre "; Gregory Sinclair produced The Collaborators for CBC's " Speaking Volumes " in 1989 ; Kathleen Flaherty produced Within the Copper Mountain ( 1997 ), History 605 ( 1998 ), The Masked Man in Warsaw ( 1999 ), Edith Stein: Whose Saint Was She?
She has appeared as a panellist in shows such as Call My Bluff ( a regular as a team captain ), I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, Whose Line Is It Anyway ?, Mock the Week, QI and Have I Got News for You.
She also appeared in the original production of Whose Life Is It Anyway ?.
She appeared at the Mermaid Theatre in their 1978 production of Whose Life Is It Anyway ?, which later transferred to the Savoy Theatre and in 1981 played Frances Shand Kydd in the Ray Cooney comedy Her Royal Highness at the Palace Theatre, London.
Pressman has often portrayed a doctor, such as in Mighty Joe Young, TV movies A Fighting Choice, Whose Daughter Is She ?, Murder Without Conviction, Victims for Victims: The Theresa Saldana Story, as well as in guest roles on Hawaii Five-O, Paper Moon, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Griff, Dawson's Creek, The Drew Carey Show, Providence, The Practice, Dangerous Minds, Law & Order, Matlock " Ghost Whisper " and Marcus Welby, M. D.
Their members are " Law Man " ( Wielder of the mighty sword of Dobber ), " Fire Man " ( Whose fiery balls of fire can start fires ), "( Kometh the ) Ice Man " and ( Apparently the most powerful of all ) " She Woman Cat Type Thing ".
She is " the fair most fatal Juan ever met ", the " queen bee, the glass of all that's fair ,/ Whose charms made all men speak and women dumb ".
Later in 1995, Hoffmann would star as the object of a custody battle in the 1995 CBS TV film Whose Daughter Is She ?.

She and Life
She sent her students a definition of the Trinity ( circa 1898 ), which read in part: " Jesus in the flesh was the prophet or wayshower to Life, Truth, and Love, and out of the flesh Jesus was the Christ, the spiritual idea, or image and likeness of God.
She was the wife of Sir Michael Redgrave and mother of Vanessa, Lynn and Corin, and published her autobiography, Life Among the Redgraves, in 1988.
" She also appeared on an episode of It's a Great Life as " the blonde in the mink coat.
She appeared as a guest on Nigel Slater's A Taste of My Life.
In 1675, a book appeared in English entitled A Present for a Papist: Or the Life and Death of Pope Joan, Plainly Proving Out of the Printed Copies, and Manscriptes of Popish Writers and Others, That a Woman called JOAN, Was Really POPE of ROME, and Was There Deliver'd of a Bastard Son in the Open Street as She Went in Solemn Procession.
She also helps him develop social skills, such as helping him get a date with Vidiian Dr. Denara Pel (" Lifesigns "), and supporting him when he deals with the loss of his " daughter " in a holographic family simulation (" Real Life ").
She is most known in America for playing the role of Pippa McKenna on The Facts of Life in the late 1980s.
She was created by Don Rosa and appears in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck and on the Duck Family Tree.
Some of the most popular TV series which premiered during the 1980s or carried over from the 1970s include: Alf, Airwolf, The A-Team, Dynasty, Dallas, Knight Rider, MacGyver, Magnum, P. I., Miami Vice, Diff ' rent Strokes, The Jeffersons, The Facts of Life, The Cosby Show, Murder, She Wrote, 21 Jump Street, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Night Court, Who's the Boss ?, Family Matters, Quantum Leap, Saved by the Bell, Roseanne, Full House, The Golden Girls, Cheers, Growing Pains, Family Ties, Seinfeld, The Simpsons and Married ... with Children.
She was eulogized in the chroniclers, most notably in the two accounts centered on her reign – The Life of Tamar, Queen of Queens and The Histories and Eulogies of the Sovereigns – which became the primary sources of Tamar's sanctification in the Georgian literature.
She worked in Off Broadway productions such as For Dear Life and Dancing on Checker's Grave, and supported herself with several part-time jobs, which included working as a telemarketer, waitress, and bike messenger.
She appeared in several high-profile films from the 1950s to 1970s, including The Hucksters ( 1947 ), Show Boat ( 1951 ), The Snows of Kilimanjaro ( 1952 ), The Barefoot Contessa ( 1954 ), Bhowani Junction ( 1956 ), On the Beach ( 1959 ), Seven Days in May ( 1964 ), The Night of the Iguana ( 1964 ), The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean ( 1972 ), Earthquake ( 1974 ), and The Cassandra Crossing ( 1976 ).
She also appeared briefly as Lillie Langtry at the end of The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean ( 1972 ) with Paul Newman and Jacqueline Bisset, and in The Blue Bird ( 1976 ) with Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Fonda.
She was in most of the major fashion magazines and general interest magazines from the 1930s to the 1950s, including Town & Country, Life, Vogue, the original Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, and Time.
She is the author of several books, including Life and Other Punctures, an account of bicycling in France and Holland on an early Moulton bicycle ; and Cedric Price Retriever, an inventory of the contents of the bookshelves of her partner, the architect Cedric Price.
She also appears in the cartoon segment at a different Rebel Base, located in an asteroid field, and at the Life Day ceremony at the end of the film.
She gained more significant exposure in Jacques Doillon's critically acclaimed Family Life, which cast her as the volatile teenage step-daughter of Sami Frey's central character.
She played an officious headmistress in The Happiest Days of Your Life at the Apollo Theatre in 1948 and such classical roles as Madame Desmortes in Ring Round the Moon ( Globe Theatre, 1950 ), Lady Wishfort in The Way of the World ( Lyric Hammersmith, 1953 and Saville Theatre, 1956 ) and Mrs Candour in The School for Scandal ( Haymarket Theatre, 1962 ).
She reprised her stage roles of the headmistress alongside Alastair Sim in The Happiest Days of Your Life ( 1950 ) and Miss Prism in Anthony Asquith's film adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest ( 1952 ).
She reflects on her unusual love life (" The Love Of My Life ").
She has mastery over the element of Life.
She played the role of Gabriella Guglielmi-Valentino in Silent Life, released in 2012.
She is quoted as saying in Life on Screen, " Computer screens are the new location for our fantasies, both erotic and intellectual.
She is peace and virtue, and inventor of justice: she weighs " Life and Right " in her scale.

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