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Page "humor" ¶ 165
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

She and told
She told me.
Meredith was irritated when the Grafin knocked at his door and told him, `` She is a great beauty!!
She was told by the manservant who opened the door that his lordship was engaged on work from which he had left strict orders he was not to be disturbed.
`` She told me he was in Germany ''.
She said it was after she returned from her vomiting spell in the back yard that Mrs. Borden told her to wash the windows.
She told police about the prospective tenant she had heard quarreling with her father some weeks before the murders, but she said she thought he was from out of town because she heard him mention something about talking to his partner.
) She snarled terribly but intuition told him, again, that she was bluffing, and he could see that half her attention was distracted by the dogs.
She paused at the kitchen door, caught her breath, told herself firmly that the opium was only an attempt to frighten her and went into the kitchen, where Glendora was eyeing the chickens dismally and Maude was cleaning lamp chimneys.
She calmly repeated what Moore had told me.
She found herself wishing an old wish, that she had told Doaty she was running away, that she had left something more behind her than the loving, sorry note and her best garnet pin.
She felt mindless, walking, and almost easy until the church spire told her she was near the cemetery, and she caught herself wondering what she would say to Doaty.
She told herself rebelliously, and with pride, I am an American!!
`` She should have told me herself.
She told everyone that the money came from her father, who died at about the same time.
She later told the Avalanche-Journal:
She had run out of things to say to Noel and so she told him a story about " four little rabbits whose names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter.
She had earlier told the House of Commons that if she had been aware of such facts she would have done something about it.
She was not aided by memories of Queen Constance, the Provençal wife of Robert II, tales of whose immodest dress and language were still told with horror.
She chose that name after being told by producer Lee Shubert to drop her real name and claims she was inspired by two cosmetics bottles in her dressing room, one labeled Evening in Paris and the other by Elizabeth Arden.
She had to hurdle a barbecue pit to touch Lady Bird Johnson, she accidentally knocked Pat Nixon down, and Nancy Reagan told her to get out of her face or she'd have her arrested.
She was foiled by Galanthis, her servant, who told Hera that she had already delivered the baby.
She told a Japanese person that she would like to have an Akita dog ; one was given to her within a month, with the name of Kamikaze-go.
She appeared in a silent film, Deliverance ( 1919 ), which told her story in a melodramatic, allegorical style.
She later testified that she experienced her first vision around 1424 at the age of 12 years, when she was out alone in a field and saw visions of figures she identified as Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret, who told her to drive out the English and bring the Dauphin to Reims for his coronation.

She and sheep
She was admired by her shepherds and farm managers for her willingness to experiment with the latest biological remedies for the common diseases of sheep, and for her employment of the best shepherds, sheep breeders, and farm managers.
She left nearly all her property to the National Trust, including over of land, sixteen farms, cottages and herds of cattle and Herdwick sheep.
She has been called " the world's most famous sheep " by sources including BBC News and Scientific American.
She demonstrated this remarkable feat with a sheep, which leapt out of the cauldron as a lamb.
She was about 9 years old and was included with a flock of sheep for $ 100 to John Neely, near Kingston, New York.
" She has the face of a simpering sheep ," she informs Henry, " and the manners, but ' not ' the morals.
She also possessed the " king of boars ", Torc Triath, and Cirb, king of wethers ( sheep ), from whom Mag Cirb is named.
She was known as the " red sheep " of the family.
She was scorned by her father for her Christian faith, and lived in the country, which is now modern day Turkey, with a foster-mother keeping sheep.
She bumps into The White Queen, who sings of the logic of " Jam tomorrow, jam yesterday, but never ever jam today " as a consequence of living backwards and ends up turning herself into a sheep.
She had a message to Diệm's opponents: " We will track down, neutralize and extirpate all these scabby sheep.
She is ten years old when she meets her “ mother ’ s oldest friend ,” Mr. Wyvern ; the plot thereafter is derived from the intervention of family, fun in the Absecon inlet, the guiding phantom eye of Pastor Billy Milk, his fundamentalist sheep roving Atlantic City with juice jugs of milk, and the problems posed by her extra gifts.
She was said to have a ringing personality, never lost a sheep in her life, and taciturn ' unless something was worth saying '.
She is the black sheep of her foster family and is often embarrassed by their habits.
She committed Arundell to the Fleet, remarking that ‘ I would not have a sheep branded with another man's mark ’.
She starts counting sheep.
She is to then tell the rest of his sheep that he had in fact married a princess during a ceremony attended by the elements of nature themselves, and marked by the falling of a star.
She is sometimes imagined as “ an old woman who insults the month of March when she goes out with a herd of sheep or goats .” Her name probably originates from the Byzantine calendar, which celebrates the 2nd century martyr-saint Eudokia of Heliopolis ( Evdokia ) on March 1.
She is the " black sheep " of the Flowers family, having embraced the materialistic lifestyle that they claim to renounce.
She was born in New Zealand on a landlocked sheep farm and did not learn how to swim until the age of 23.
She and Pippin visit a sheep farm and a wool factory in search of supplies.
She meets George Mellis, the black sheep of a wealthy Greek family, and seduces him into helping her.

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