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She and travels
She would have been taking more than a fair risk of being seen and recognized during her travels.
She had followed the travels of the Bebop before encountering the ship, and agrees to help the crew track down a bounty-head in exchange for becoming a member of the crew.
She travels to the cabin looking forward to share her discoveries of the book of the dead with her father.
She said she rarely uses a second and when she travels to tournaments it is usually her husband who accompanies her.
She travels to the past and attempts to hand the past Voyager over to the Vidiians while she takes her past self home, but this attempt is thwarted.
She travels to Earth after Belldandy's proximity to Keiichi started creating an increasing number of bugs in Heaven's supercomputer Yggdrasil.
She even finds the feral Black Cat that wandered around the house in the real world can talk, however she learns he is not of the Other World ; he only travels from one world to another and he has come to warn Coraline of the imminent danger, but Coraline pays him no heed.
She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld.
She also visited Switzerland, Italy, Palestine, and Greece between 1856 and 1861, and wrote popular accounts of her travels.
She travels to Haleakaloha in hope of finding proof that Doc has violated an outdated ( but still in effect ) morality clause in the will which would enable her to keep him from inheriting the stock and retain control.
She travels and teaches widely in North America, Europe and the Middle East, giving lectures and workshops.
She raised the money that enabled Osho to stop his travels and settle down.
She had a series of space travels while soul-searching, and eventually returned to Mega-City One.
She travels back to Trill to discover the source of the problems.
She was well-educated, and the devoted companion of her husband's fortunes and of his travels.
She travels the world with her family and usually helps animals solve their problems.
She travels to Washington, D. C. where she interacts with union officials who appear to be more interested in the publicity she is generating than her welfare and that of her co-workers.
She takes a break and travels to Paris, where she sees the dancer Pablo ( Pablo Verón ) performing tango.
She played a major role in establishing and helping administer the modern state of Iraq, utilizing her unique perspective from her travels and relations with tribal leaders throughout the Middle East.
She recalls it as her favorite of the two for the challenge of playing an emotionally battered young woman who travels from city to city assuming various guises in order to rob her employers.
She fell in love with the French minister, the duc de Richelieu, and followed him on his travels until his death in 1822.
She then travels back to America with her mother.
She joins the wolves and travels with them for a while, developing a relationship with Hige.
She also admitted that, though she was raised to believe " that the Indian obstinately refused to be civilized ", her travels in the American West made her realize that the white man unfairly treated the Native Americans ; she considered Native Americans an important part of American heritage.
She travels to the Wetlands and continues training Egwene but she also fights at Dumai's Well.

She and first
She was more excited than frightened at the prospect of having her first child in a foreign land.
She describes, first, the imaginary reaction of a foreigner puzzled by this `` unseasonable exultation '' ; ;
She had been one of the first to collect her wits.
She felt the look and looked back because she could not help it, seeing that he was neither as old nor as thick as she had at first believed.
She had felt that her arm wanted to go up in the first trial, but had consciously prevented it from so doing.
She then described her experience as one in which she first had difficulty accepting for herself a state of being in which she relinquished control.
She worked as a domestic, first in Newport for a year, and then in South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for another year.
She could always predict what Stanley was going to do, ever since she first met him.
She is just home from a sojourn in London where she has become the sweetheart of a young fellow named Ronnie ( we never do see him ) and has been subjected to a first course in thinking and appreciating, including a dose of good British socialism.
She no longer wanted anything about him to remind her of the circumstances of their meeting that first night in Parioli.
She could have found out my first name, of course -- that wouldn't be difficult.
" She first met Poirot in the story Cards on the Table and has been bothering him ever since.
Murder, She Said ( 1961, directed by George Pollock ) was the first of four British MGM productions starring Rutherford.
She is one of a few characters who played a major part in the original cause of the Trojan War itself: not only did she offer Helen of Troy to Paris, but the abduction was accomplished when Paris, seeing Helen for the first time, was inflamed with desire to have her — which is Aphrodite's realm.
She then committed suicide by stabbing herself with the same sword she gave Aeneas when they first met.
She became Tiberius's first wife and was the mother of his natural son Drusus Julius Caesar.
She was the first Roman woman of the Roman Empire to have traveled with her husband to Roman military campaigns ; to support and live with the Roman Legions.
She was only the third Roman woman ( Livia Drusilla and Antonia Minor received this title ) and only the second living Roman woman ( the first being Antonia ) to receive this title.
She is the first of Jack the Ripper's confirmed victims.
She proposes that Kant's first two premises only entail that we must try to achieve the perfect good, not that it is actually attainable.
She was first elected to the House of Commons in the 1987 general election as member for the constituency of Maidstone ( which became Maidstone and The Weald in 1997 ).
She first supported Michael Ancram, who was eliminated in the first round, and then Kenneth Clarke, who lost in the final round.
She has uncovered the politics behind the New York City Greenmarket, and was among the first to publish a long-form article in a major American newspaper about Ferran Adria of El Bulli.
She was one of the first women to explore fully the realm of erotic writing, and certainly the first prominent woman in the modern West to write erotica.

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