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Since and dawn
Since the dawn of Newtonian science with its vision of simple mechanical principles governing the entire universe, some philosophers have been tempted by the idea that consciousness could be explained in purely physical terms.
Since the dawn of comic strips, the ownership of them has been a recurrent issue.
Since Grimm's time, linguists have identified the goddess as a Germanic form of the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European goddess of the dawn, * Hausos.
Since the dawn of the Space Age, close observation by probes has found that Earth and the other planets share characteristics such as volcanism, hurricanes, tectonics, and even hydrology.
Since some of the most important readings and liturgical actions take place at Matins, it is celebrated in the evening ( rather than early in the morning before dawn, as is usual for Matins ) so that more people can attend.
Since walleyes have excellent visual acuity under low illumination levels, they tend to feed more extensively at dawn and dusk, on cloudy or overcast days and under choppy conditions when light penetration into the water column is disrupted.
Since the World Conservation Strategy and the dawn of the sustainable development era, however, these goals have come to sit uneasily with attempts by institutions such as The World Bank to " mainstream the environment ".
Since the dawn of precision guided munitions, military " targeteers " and operations personnel are often considered to have gone to great lengths to minimize collateral damage.
Since the dawn of internal combustion engine technologies in the 17th century, petroleum and other fossil fuels have remained in continual demand.
Since the dawn of photography, people have made portraits.
Since the dawn of the internet age, online voting has again led to ballot stuffing.
Since that tree's rediscovery in 1944, the dawn redwood has become a popular ornamental.
Since the siesta is the traditional daytime sleep of Spain, and through Spanish influence, of many Hispanic American countries and in the Philippines, the word siesta has been taken from Spanish, from the Latin hora sexta – " the sixth hour " ( counting from dawn, therefore noon, hence " midday rest ").
Since the dawn of Hollywood, film directors have commonly come out to shoot films around the mountains and around the surrounding area and mountain ranges, for a break from the bustling Southern California scene.
Since the dawn of creation, Zauriel served The Presence ( God ) as a guardian angel, protecting the souls of countless women, including Cleopatra, Mona Lisa, and Joan of Arc.
Since I don ’ t believe in an afterlife however I can say with absolute certainty I shall never see that particular dawn .”
Since the dawn of time, the Turok have maintained the balance between good and evil, order and chaos.

Since and computing
Since the focus of his book was calculation, Bede gave instructions for computing the date of Easter and the related time of the Easter Full Moon, for calculating the motion of the Sun and Moon through the zodiac, and for many other calculations related to the calendar.
Since NC contains NL, it is also unknown whether a space-efficient algorithm for computing the GCD exists, even for nondeterministic Turing machines.
Since its inception it has broadened to find applications in many other areas, including statistical inference, natural language processing, cryptography, neurobiology, the evolution and function of molecular codes, model selection in ecology, thermal physics, quantum computing, plagiarism detection and other forms of data analysis.
Since 1997, all newly-found Mersenne primes have been discovered by the “ Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search ” ( GIMPS ), a distributed computing project on the Internet.
Since the probability amplitudes of the states are represented with complex numbers, the phase between any two states is a meaningful parameter, which is a key difference between quantum computing and probabilistic classical computing.
Since chemistry and nanotechnology rely on understanding quantum systems, and such systems are impossible to simulate in an efficient manner classically, many believe quantum simulation will be one of the most important applications of quantum computing.
Since we've assumed that we can infallibly identify programs for computing squares, we can determine whether t, which depends on a and i, is such a program, and that for every a and i ; thus we have obtained a program that decides whether program a halts on input i. Note that our halting-decision algorithm never executes t, but only passes its description to the squaring-identification program, which by assumption always terminates ; since the construction of the description of t can also be done in a way that always terminates, the halting-decision cannot fail to halt either.
Since its crystallization in the 1930s, computation has been primarily approached from two traditions: engineering, which seeks to build practical systems using computations ; and mathematics, which seeks to prove theorems about computation ( albeit already in the 1970s computing as a discipline was described as being at the intersection of mathematical, engineering, and empirical / scientific traditions ).
Since its rebirth in the 1950s, advancements in computing technology have allowed scientists from many disciplines to pair traditional Bayesian statistics with random walk techniques.
Since the computing power is more powerful than with webpage or gadget based digital pets, these are usually able to achieve a higher level of visual effects and interactivity.
Since Kane's proposal, under the guidance of Robert Clark and now Michelle Simmons, pursuing realisation of the Kane quantum computer has become the primary quantum computing effort in Australia.
Since 1998, there are large offices of the mobile network operator and Internet service provider Orange, along with the information computing center of Électricité de France for the Northern and Western France region.
Since the discrete logarithm problem reduces to Gauss sum estimation, an efficient classical algorithm for estimating Gauss sums would imply an efficient classical algorithm for computing discrete logarithms, which is considered unlikely.
Since MIT Lincoln Laboratory ’ s establishment, the scope of the problems has broadened from the initial emphasis on air defense to include programs in space surveillance, missile defense, surface surveillance and object identification, communications, homeland protection, high-performance computing, air traffic control, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance ( ISR ).
Since it was first developed at a time when computing power was low, and space precious, MARC uses a simple three-digit numeric code ( from 001-999 ) to identify each field in the record.
Since 2003, the British Institute ( Amman ) and the Kenyon Institute in Jerusalem are providing researchers with access to research labs, accommodation, libraries and computing equipment.
Since the early days of embedded computing, embedded software developers have either used:
Since March 2009, part of the Einstein @ Home computing power is used to also analyze data taken by the PALFA Consortium at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.
Since it uses OpenGL and OpenML, it could be ported to many different platforms that have the necessary computing power.
Since then, more efficient ways of implementing the codebooks and improvements in computing capabilities have made it possible to run the algorithm in embedded devices, such as mobile phones.
Since the machine had a vector processor for heavy computing, the SIMD processors themselves could be considerably simpler, handling only the most basic instructions.
Since the above proof is constructive, one may extract an algorithm for computing interpolants.
Since their introduction, there have been many popular and rare floppy disk types, densities, and formats used in computing, leading to much confusion over their differences.

Since and sorting
* Since 1992 ( current version of the modern alphabet defined using the Latin script, replacing Ää by the historic Əə for better sorting ):

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