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Situated and area
Situated in a fertile area, Herāt dates back to the Avestan times and was traditionally known for its wine.
Situated in the country's Atlantic region, it incorporates the island of Newfoundland and mainland Labrador ( located Northwest of the island ) with a combined area of.
Situated in the northeastern portion of the wards area of Tokyo, Taitō is surrounded by five other special wards: Chiyoda, Bunkyō, Arakawa, Sumida and Chūō.
Situated within the geo-linguistic area of La Franja, Benabarre's local dialect of Ribagorçan is a form of Catalan.
Situated in the lowlands of the Henares river, the city is an attractive home for the migratory storks due to the wide availability of food and nesting material in the area.
Situated along the coast of Moss Beach is the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, a California designated area of Special Biological Significance.
Situated in McLean County, the area surrounding Chenoa boasts some of the richest soil in the world.
Situated in the middle of the cemetery is a fenced-in area containing the headstones of the once-prominent Houston family.
Situated in a hilly, rocky, forested area, and with 26 lakes and ponds, Washington is a picturesque resort area.
Situated on the Enchanted Circle Highway, Eagle Nest is a small summer-home and resort area.
Situated in an area where the Foothills of the Great Smokies give way to the Tennessee Valley, Sevierville has long acted as a nexus between Knoxville to the north and the Appalachian towns in the mountains to the south.
Situated on the Eastern border of the city and bounded by three major roads ; the area is effectively an island.
Situated in the centre of the Ypres Salient, World War I destroyed the whole area.
Situated at the Northernmost part of continental Europe, where Norway swings eastward, Finnmark has always been an area where east meets west, in culture as well as in nature and geography.
Situated in a park like setting on an area of 38, 000 m² / 24 Rai, UDTOWN is Thailand ’ s largest open air shopping center.
Situated on the New England and Acadia border, which New France defined as the Kennebec River, the area was once territory of the Norridgewock Indians, a band of the Abenaki nation.
Situated within and intimately intertwined with the extended fur trade network positioned in the Montreal hinterland ( and beyond ), this area fell within the lands of the coureur des bois affiliated with the larger trading hub in Montreal.
Situated directly at the terminal complex will be the BER Airport City with an area of.
Situated mostly in the western area of the West Morava river, this municipality is the connection between the wavy hills of Šumadija in the north and higher regions in the interior in the south.
Situated in Nainital district of Uttarakhand the park acts as a protected area for the endangered Bengal tiger of India, the secure survival of which is the main objective of Project Tiger, an Indian wildlife protection initiative.
Situated on the right bank of the River Seine, this arrondissement is divided in 4 administrative districts: Ternes and Monceau in the southwestern part, two upper-class districts which are more Haussmannian in style ; in the middle of the arrondissement, the Batignolles district, an area mostly occupied by young families or couples, with a marked gentrification process ; in the north-eastern part, the Épinettes district, a former industrial district gone residential, which is mainly middle class and also experiencing a less advanced gentrification process.
Vathe conservation area: Situated in Big Bay, on the North side of the island, you will walk through the rain forest as your guide tells you about the local plants, trees and birds.
: Situated on the south edge of Lago del Inca ( Inca Lake ), fair skiing area.

Situated and once
* Pine forest: Situated between Ooty and Thalakunda, this tourist destination was once featured in a song sequence in the Tamil movie " Dheena ".
Situated near the mouth of the Merrimack River, it was once a fishing, shipbuilding and shipping center, with an industry in silverware manufacture.
Situated at the confluence of the Delaware and Lehigh rivers, Phillipsburg once benefited from being a major transportation hub.
Situated as the hub of steamboat navigation on the Forked Deer River, Dyersburg grew as a river town, especially once the Grey Eagle made the first successful steamboat trip in 1836.
Situated in a once significantly Muslim part of South China, Dali was also the center of the Panthay Rebellion against the reigning imperial Qing Dynasty from 1856 – 1863.
Situated at a height of 123 m ( 700 ft ) in elevation, Ballater is a centre for hikers and known for its spring water, once said to cure scrofula.
Situated on the western side of the suburb of Gwelup, lies the remainder of the once broader Lake Gwelup and accompanying bushland nature reserve.
Situated near the halfway point between Halifax and Truro, Enfield was once home to a prominent railway station constructed by the Nova Scotia Railway and later the Intercolonial Railway ; it has since been demolished.
Situated close to Lough Ramor, Virginia is on the N3 route approximately 85 km northwest of Dublin, where once it was a strategic staging and rest point for the coaches plying between Enniskillen and Dublin.
Situated West of Hwy 400 and East of Hwy 50, North of Steeles Ave, and South Of Major MacKenzie Dr W. It was once an independent town before being amalgamated with nearby communities to form the city in 1971.
Situated at the foot of the Vallejo Mountains, Valle de Banderas was once the capital of a small chieftain ship of Cuyutecos Indians in the great kingdom of Xalisco, who took advantage of the fertile fields of the Valle de Banderas rather than looking to the sea for their main sustenance.
Situated on a peninsula between the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay, NAS Patuxent River is located on of what was once prime farmland, consisting of several large plantations, Mattapony, Susquehanna, and Cedar Point, as well as numerous tenant and sharecropper properties and a few clusters of vacation homes.
Situated on the road linking Mumbai and Agra — now National Highway No 3 — it was once a small junction known as Maliwadi ( hamlet of gardens ) and quickly gained the reputation for being a source of employment.
Situated in Sandiway the craft centre was once a farm and, after converting to a craft centre, has attracted many visitors to the area with over 25 shops including a candle shop ; eclectic art, teddy bears, traditional toys and games, chess sets, carved and turned wood items and handmade cards to mention but a few.
Situated within the park are three notable buildings: Margam Abbey, a Cistercians monastery ; Margam Castle, a neo-Gothic country house that was once the seat of the Mansel Talbot family ; and the 18th-century Orangery.
Situated by the A638, to the west of Barnsdale, it was once engraved with the outlaws ' name but is now derelict.
Situated on the shores of Lough MacNean, this property once formed a portion of the Tottenham estate, where large-scale plantings of broadleaves and conifers took place from the late 1930s to the 1950s.

Situated and called
Situated above the larynx, the epiglottis acts as a flap which closes off the trachea during the act of swallowing to direct food into a separate tube behind the trachea called the esophagus.
Situated on the left bank of the Danube, the city of Pressburg, where Archduke John of Austria ’ s secondary army was situated, was only 40 km away from Marchfeld plain, which meant that John's army could be called upon in due time for the upcoming battle.
Situated at the west coast of the lake, the so called city Manoa or El Dorado
Situated at the banks of River Panchganga, Kolhapur is called as Dakshin Kashi ( Kashi is a holy city in Northern India and Dakhin means South ) for its spiritual history.
Situated behind Grand Central Terminal outside of the grid, the building, which would have otherwise been tucked away into the city, is left totally exposed and contrasted with the other buildings around it, most notably the New York Central Building, which is now called the Helmsley Building.
Situated on an area of slightly higher, drained ground surrounded by moorland ( locally called a ' batch '), Yatton was a well-established village by Norman times.
Situated in a region called the Gemfields, sapphires are mined extensively in the area.
Situated in a region called the Gemfields, sapphires are mined extensively in the area.
Situated in a region called the Gemfields, sapphires are mined extensively in the area.
Situated five kilometers from the barangay proper of Kaatuan called Block 2, the shortest route towards the Wonder Falls is through the land owned by the native Villanuevas.
Situated between the Gustav Line at Cassino, the Hitler Line in Pontecorvo, the Germans then created a third line of fortifications, called the Caesar Line, which stretched between Torvaianica, Lanuvio, Velletri, Artena and Valmontone.
Situated to the north of Ystrad Mynach, is a collection of houses called Tredomen ; these houses were built to house the workers of the since-demolished " Tredomen Works ".
Situated a mile and a half from Haarlem center, in those days it was situated in the middle of a town called Schoten.
Situated within sight of the docks, it was made up largely of coloured residents which included a substantial number of coloured Muslims, called Cape Malays.
Situated between the main campus and the technology building is a five-story ceramic tower covered in tiles called the " totem pole ".
Situated in an area called Mauretania, which was a part of the Numidian kingdom.
Situated in the Red Sea off of the coast of Eritrea, it was formerly called Dahlak Deset.
Situated in an area of the Lake Izvorul Muntelui also called " Little Switzerland ," it is a mixture of modern and archaic culture.
Situated in the ancient region of Paphlagonia, the original city seems to have been called Sesamus ( Greek: Σήσαμος ), and it is mentioned by Homer in conjunction with Cytorus.

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