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So and ever
" So, and there's another, " Than to ever let a woman in my life.
So to make the audience watch the audience, which that first special ' Street Magic ,' is the best TV magic special ever done and really, really does break new ground.
On the expulsion of Germans after World War II he said: " So far as the conscience of humanity should ever again become sensitive, will this expulsion be an undying disgrace for all those who remember it, who caused it or who put up with it.
So well were his orders carried out that only one copy of the law has ever been found.
So popular was his work that the second item of merchandise ever licensed by Playboy ( after cufflinks with the famous rabbit-head logo ) was a cocktail-napkin set, " Females by Cole ", featuring his cartoons.
So began his career as a vibraphonist, popularizing the use of the instrument ever since.
Simon Le Bon described So Red the Rose as " the most pretentious album ever made ," while Allmusic called it " the best album Duran Duran never made ".
The lead single, " So What ," became Pink's first solo single to ever reach the top spot on Billboard Hot 100.
So far, Édith Cresson is the only woman to have ever held the position of prime minister.
So keen has been their search that they embraced the so-called ' biopsychosocial model ' without ever bothering to check its details.
So when Roger Wilmut came to write his book ' Tony Hancock-Artiste ' ( first published 1978 ) he took the liberty of inventing titles where necessary and these titles, a combination of the file names and Wilmut's own, have become the accepted ones ever since, with the approval of Galton and Simpson and the BBC.
So it never got made, I doubt it ever will.
So phonemic is equivalent to phonetic, but underlying this analysis is the belief that historical sounds such as the gh in night may remain in a word long after they have ceased to be pronounced, or that a phoneme may exist in a language without ever being directly expressed.
So may we serve thee ever alone,
So if there were ever a possibility of escaping the human condition and living imaginatively in another creature's world, it must be with the gorilla.
So too was the need for ' sworn secrecy ', if it ever existed, and an early ban on internal discussion of operations.
So was abandoned, with Einstein calling it the " biggest blunder ever made ".
" So terrible and so incessant a roar of guns few even in the army and navy had ever heard before ," wrote Ambrose Serle, private secretary to Lord Howe.
"// So, Mr. President, / We got this one big job to do / That's lick Mr. Hitler and when we're through, / Let no one else ever take his place / To trample down the human race.
So, to my good fortune, we dined each night with the likes of Ol ' Blue Eyes, Judy Garland, Nat " King " Cole, Rosemary Clooney, Louis Prima and Keely Smith and every other singer that ever performed on Capitol, Decca or R. C. A.
So, Invisible Children's purpose for the video was to raise awareness by making Kony famous through the ever expanding market of social media, and to use the technology we have today to bring his crimes to light.
So I called my lawyer, who was still speaking to me because no one ever leaves Hollywood, and asked him where I should go to sell a movie.
So she was sentenced to the Land with no hope of ever seeing the ones she loved in the afterlife.
In his first despatch to the Secretary of State for War he wrote " So strong, in fact, were the defences of ' W ' Beach that the Ottomans may well have considered them impregnable, and it is my firm conviction that no finer feat of arms has ever been achieved by the British Soldier – or any other soldier – than the storming of these beaches from open boats on the morning of 25 April.

So and king
So long as Ahaz reigned, the kingdom of Judah was unmolested by the Assyrian power ; but on his accession to the throne, Hezekiah, who was encouraged to rebel " against the king of Assyria " (), entered into an alliance with the king of Egypt ().
" So Midas, king of Lydia, swelled at first with pride when he found he could transform everything he touched to gold ; but when he beheld his food grow rigid and his drink harden into golden ice then he understood that this gift was a bane and in his loathing for gold, cursed his prayer " ( Claudian, In Rufinem ).
" So they sought for a beautiful young woman throughout all the territory of Israel, and found Abishag the Shunammite, and brought her to the king.
So far evidence for the earliest periods of the Early Bronze Age in Mesopotamia is very limited. Mesh-Ane-pada is the first king mentioned in the Sumerian King List, and appears to have lived in the 26th century BC.
So, it would appear that the proposition expressed by " The present king of France is bald " is neither true nor false.
So in Anglo-Saxon England, where the Roman political divisions were largely abandoned, the grade of duke was retained as supreme landlord after the king.
So when Pelopia, who at the time stayed in Sicyon at the court of king Thesprotus, came to the bank of a river to wash her clothes that had been stained with blood during a sacrificial rite, Thyestes, covering his face, attacked and raped her.
So now, having the support of their father-in-law, king Adrastus, they decided to claim what was theirs.
So, in the back-story of the myth of Aristaeus, Hypseus, a king of the Lapiths, married Chlidanope, a naiad, who bore him Cyrene.
So long as he lived he was a check upon the worst propensities of the king ’ s administration.
So does the legend of their foundation itself: the peace-loving king Numa instituted the Salii of Mars Gradivus, foreseeing the future wars of the Romans while the warmonger king Tullus, in a battle during a longstanding war with the Sabines, swore to found a second group of Salii should he obtain victory.
: So excellent a king, that was to this
So the king settled the matter in a simple and efficient way.
" Henry V is also cited as an example of Protestant purity: " He was a king blest of the King of Kings ./ Unto the French the dreadful judgement day / So dreadful will not be as was his sight ./ The battles of the Lords of Hosts he fought " ( 1. 1. 28 – 31 ).
So once Henry was recognised as King he re-summoned the same parliament hence validating its previous recognition of him as king.
So, Mongkut then crowned his brother as King Pinklao, the second king.
So, after the comitia curiata, held to elect the king, the king also had to be conferred the imperium.
": " So the LORD our God also gave into our hands Og king of Bashan and all his army.
Often a physical response is included in the lyrics (‘ So we raise up holy hands ’; ‘ I will dance, I will sing, to be mad for my king ’).
So popular was this notion, that for a long time people thought peerage had originated in the reign of Charlemagne, who was considered the model king and shining example for knighthood and nobility.
So, since Kamadhenu had gone to Patala, the guru of Dilip, Vasistha advised the king to serve Nandini, Kamadhenu's daughter who was in the hermitage.

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