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Page "government" ¶ 115
from Brown Corpus
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So and few
So, I mustered my few words of the Manu dialect and said, `` We greet you in peace.
So, because he had received less than Tom, it was felt proper that Fred should receive the few hundred dollars that remained.
So successful has been this program, worked out by white and Negro civic leaders, that further extensions are expected in the next few months.
So Forrest went on for a few more weeks holding what he delighted in calling, " a living funeral ".
So tight was helium-4 binding that helium-4 production consumed nearly all of the free neutrons in a few minutes, before they could beta-decay, and also leaving few to form heavier atoms such as lithium, beryllium, or boron.
So after the movie, at some point – whether it's within a year or a few years – we're probably gonna have that conversation about maybe it's time, maybe it's time to go out on top.
So, just like one can find the value of an Integral ( f = dF ) over a 1-dimensional manifolds () by considering the anti-derivative ( F ) at the 0-dimensional boundaries (), one can generalize the fundamental theorem of calculus, with a few additional caveats, to deal with the value of integrals ( dω ) over n-dimensional manifolds ( Ω ) by considering the anti-derivative ( ω ) at the ( n-1 )- dimensional boundaries ( dΩ ) of the manifold.
So when Appenzell allied with the Swiss, the town of St. Gallen followed just a few months later.
So in 1993 he decided to press a few hundred vinyl copies of the song.
So if one shines a little low-frequency light upon a metal, a few low energy electrons are ejected.
So far, scientific studies, usually focusing on memory, have been few and the results have been inconclusive.
So why reserve your love for a select few?
But the breathtaking beauty pervading his waltzes ... " Pastircek / Hirtenlied ", " Slovenia / Slovenija, odkod lepote tvoje ", " Veter nosi pesem mojo / The wind song ", " Čakala bom " (" I shall wait "), " European Waltz ", " Na svidenje " (" So long "), " On the Bridge ", and " Argentina ", to name just a golden few ... best characterize the profound nature of his impact.
So they only survive as living stumps, or " stools ", with only a few growing enough shoots to produce seeds.
So, after only a few months, Ptolemy evacuates his forces from Syria.
So, a video game may initially be released on a few platforms and then later released on remaining platforms.
So I got a few moves from Elvis and one or two from Sonny Boy Williamson II and Howlin ' Wolf and threw them all together.
His film credits include So I Married an Axe Murderer, Airheads, Young Doctors in Love, Problem Child, Coneheads, UHF, and Trial and Error, one of his few starring roles.
He raised over $ 50, 000 for St. John's Nursing Home at his 60th Birthday Bash Concert, held at Rochester's Eastman Theatre and played a few bars of " Feels So Good.
A recurring joke is that whatever tune he plays on his flugelhorn inevitably shifts into " Feels So Good " after a few bars.
Mangione gave his thoughts on the Yankee players and played a few bars of " Feels So Good.
So the proceeds of the greatest cash robbery in British history were quickly used up, with few of the robbers receiving any real long-term benefit from the stolen money.
So much so that mainstream artists like Larry Gatlin, Charlie Daniels and Barbara Mandrell, just to name a few, began recording music that had this positive Christian country flair.

So and answered
So, not to seem rude, he answered:
Asked about Palme, former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once answered that he usually disliked the people he agreed with and liked the people he disagreed with, adding dryly: " So Palme, I liked-a lot ".
So, for example, if 1 out of 3 dials are answered, a predictive dialer might dial 3 lines every time an agent becomes available.
So the question has not been answered.
He is a man from the tribe of Banu Zurayq who is an ally of the Jews, and a hypocrite .’ The first one asked, ` With what ( did he bewitch him )’ The other replied, ` With a comb and hair from the comb .’ The first one asked, ` Where ( is the comb )’ The other answered, ` In the dried bark of a male date palm under a rock in a well called Dharwan .’) ` A ’ ishah said, “ So he went to the well to remove it ( the comb with the hair ).
" So I called her and this sweet voice answered.
So, just how do we ensure they are being answered properly.

So and question
So, whether Blissymbolics constitutes an unspoken language is a controversial question, whatever its practical utility may be.
So strictly is this principle adhered to that no question is allowed to be raised as to the fairness or unfairness of the contract entered into ..." ( emphasis added )
So quite often he deduces the answer to the next question before asking it.
So analysing and clarifying the way the world is must be treated as a strictly separate question to normative and evaluative ought questions.
So the question can be asked, are adopted children more like their biological parents, who share the same genes, or their adoptive parents, who share the same home environment?
So, after all our journeys of the last 30 or 40 years, the disappearance of the intermediate range ballistic missile revived the old question of the supposed conventional imbalance between the Russian alliance and the North Atlantic Alliance ".
So the question is essentially meaningless: either the force is irresistible or the object is immovable, but not both.
So that a hasty verdict was brought in against him, and the question being asked, if he had anything to say, why judgement should not pass, he only said, that since the Court had refused to hear what was fit for him to speak in his defense, he had no more to say ; upon which Bridgeman pronounced the sentence.
During his term, Ventura appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, in which he responded controversially to the following question: " So which is the better city of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis or St.
So the question is which side appears to be energetic, deeply believing in its message, deeply committed to bringing a vision of hope to America.
So the answer to the question " Which elements are metalloids?
At one point the interviewer asks the question: " So some of these references like babies in bathtubs are not biographical?
So the question is open, for example, whether Albert actually initially did not want to accept the choice, as he would later assert against Pope Boniface VIII.
So the Howl broadcast provided the right-wing politicians a good reason to question the operations of Yleisradio in general, especially in the light of the parliamentary election next year.
So the question for the dualist to try to confront is how can all of this be explained if the mind is a separate and immaterial substance from, or if its properties are ontologically independent of, the brain.
774, at p. 824, Lord Mansfield disparaged the practice of jury nullification: So the jury who usurp the judicature of law, though they happen to be right, are themselves wrong, because they are right by chance only, and have not taken the constitutional way of deciding the question.
So far no substantive evidence has emerged to decide the question, and no general consensus has formed.
So, in the case in question, ousia refers to the general conception, like goodness, godhead, or such notions, while hypostasis is observed in the special properties of fatherhood, sonship, and sanctifying power.
So he goes along with this deception to pull women and invites them back to his house for a " rock ' n ' rurl orgy ", only for it to be announced that the pop star in question has come out in the press as gay.
So the answer to the question of whether I am a racialist is ' no '— unless, perhaps, it is to be a racialist in reverse.
So, ordinarily, the question is more one of keeping the amount of criticism within bounds, to a tolerable level one can handle.
*" So the question is: " How to win?
So Veblen said, " Professor Einstein, perhaps you'll decide ex cathedra a little question for us in regard to the signature of the metric.

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