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So and most
`` So from raw materials to finished erection the costs of materials handling ( most of it inefficient ) add up to one-fourth of the total construction cost of housing ''.
So far these remarks, like most criticisms of Hardy, have tacitly assumed that his poetry is all of a piece, one solid mass of verse expressing a sensibility at a single stage of development.
So in closing, fellow retired members, I advise you to make the most of each day, enjoy each one to the n'th degree.
So therefore, if Searle is right, it's most likely that human beings ( as we see them today ) are actually " zombies ," who nevertheless insist they are conscious.
So, to optimize the chip's performance for what they believed to be the most likely application of the CPU, the integer execution resources received most of the transistor budget.
So, for example, an intensional definition of ' Prime Minister ' might be the most senior minister of a cabinet in the executive branch of government in a parliamentary system.
So to capitalize on his production and make some income, he turned to graphic arts to reproduce many of his most famous paintings, including those in this series.
So I, Feral Faun, became ... an anarchist ... a writer ... a Stirner-influenced, post-situationist, anti-civilization theorist ... if not in my own eyes, at least in the eyes of most people who've read my writings.
110 of the most famous strips have been reprinted in their original size and colors in the 2005 collection Little Nemo in Slumberland, So Many Splendid Sundays ( ISBN 978-0-9768885-9-8 ), a 16x21 inch hardcover book from Sunday Press Books and its sequel the 2008 collection Little Nemo in Slumberland, Many More Splendid Sundays, Volume 2 ( ISBN 978-0976888550 ) with 110 more images.
So tame was the Parliament grown, that though it was most visible that Monk's letters and Arthur Haslerig's instructions were designed for the dissolution of the longstanding Long Parliament, they were obeyed by the remainder of the members and all these designs were to be put into execution.
So long as everyone was using the same tactics these weaknesses were not immediately apparent, but with the advent of the Roman legion they proved fatal in every major engagement, the most famous being the Battle of Pydna, as the Romans were able to advance through gaps in the line and easily defeat the phalangites once in close.
So, for most of the history of life on Earth the only forms of life were microorganisms.
So Opel is in most cases fully responsible for all the car architectures and technologies up to the Opel Insignia / Buick Regal.
If anything, the goal behind outing is to show just how many gay people there are among the most visible people in our society so that when someone outs the milkman or the spinster, everyone will say, ' So what?
Moore says that, “ references to Roman locales must have been stunning for they are not merely references to things Roman, but the most blatant possible reminders that the production occurs in the city of Rome .” So, Plautus seems to have choreographed his plays somewhat true-to-life.
So, from its foundation, Stockholm has been the largest and most important Swedish city, inseparable from and dependent of the Swedish government.
So even before SECAM came to Eastern European countries, most viewers ( other than those in East Germany and Yugoslavia ) could not have received Western programs.
So for most of the rounds played, the odds are between 14: 1 and 13: 1.
A 1953 remake of So Big starred Jane Wyman in the Stanwyck role, and is the version most often seen today.
So, the code may not be tuned to any particular CPU, or may be tuned to work best on the most popular CPU and yet still work acceptably well on other CPUs.
So much land was devoted to sugar that most food had to be imported from New England.
So too the nature of the heroes ; most sword-and-sorcery protagonists, travellers by nature, find peace after adventure deathly dull.
So far, most human supplementation studies about vitamin E have used only alpha-tocopherol.

So and constraints
So, we also have very strict and severe constraints on irrelevant Lorentz violating operators.
So far this high cost has generally kept VIPs out of traditional housing situations, However, their very low thermal conductivity makes them useful in situations where either strict insulation requirements or space constraints make traditional insulation impractical.

So and ended
So symbolically ended the era of the Fujiwara regents.
So ended the rule of the direct descendants of Penda.
That's how the first two films ended ," he said, " So I thought, let them lose the Grail, and let the father – son relationship be the main point.
So ended the Battle of the Ancre, and with it the Battle of the Somme until ground conditions improved in January 1917.
Two new series also premiered, the That's So Raven spin-off Cory in the House ( which ended after two seasons ), and the more successful Wizards of Waverly Place, starring Selena Gomez, David Henrie and Jake T. Austin.
Hannah Montana and The Suite Life on Deck ended their runs in 2011 ; Sonny with a Chance meanwhile, was retooled as So Random!
In January 2012, Wizards of Waverly Place ended its run on the channel, becoming Disney Channel's longest-running original series with 106 episodes ( the record for the channel's longest-running series was formerly held by That's So Raven, which ran for 100 episodes ).
So I ended up driving from work every Wednesday to rehearse with them.
In her first audition, in 1949, she sang " So Long ," which ended up becoming a hit.
So Achilles consecrated his hair to the river Spercheus and vowed not to cut it until he should return safe from Troy ; and the Hebrew Nazarite, whose strength resided in his flowing locks, only cut them off and burned them on the altar when the days of his vow were ended, and he could return to ordinary life, having achieved his mission.
So, the adoption of health care across Canada ended up being the work of three men with diverse political ideals-Tommy Douglas, John Diefenbaker and Lester Pearson.
So to beef up the Blues, Mulligan signed five new players: back Obie Bristow and guard Steve Owen from the Kansas City Cowboys which ended its season in Hartford ; fullback Roy Mackert from the Rochester Jeffersons ; end Herb Kopf, and, most newsworthy, halfback Don Miller, became the third Horsemen to sign a contract with Mulligan.
So, Operation Assaf was planned and carried out starting October 5, just two weeks after Operation Yoav ended.
So, the 2003 Season ended with split champions which is what the BCS was organized to prevent.
The season finale ended with Paris confronting Nicole, stating " We have to talk ", and Nicole answering " So talk ...", followed by a screen that read " To be continued ... next season!
So, the re-discovery of the US Constitution led nowhere, it did not shape a new political reality, and in the end probably ended up right back in a collection of old documents.
So, it is possible that there were many Yayoi dialects in the period before Old Japanese emerged, of which the dialect of the warring states that ended up prevailing politically as the Japanese state was unified superseded other early Yayoi languages or dialects.
" So ended the series.
So March " borrowed " the first three days of April but made them so bitterly cold and miserable that before they were ended the unlucky bó riabhach had died.
So many breweries had rushed beer to market before it was ready when Prohibition ended, that customers were wary of getting " green " beer.
' So from that point on, I ended every session with a picture of me and my subject.
So far, the highest position achieved by Armenia in qualifying rounds of international competitions was in Group B of the Euro 2012 qualifying, when they ended 3rd with the most goals scored in their group.
He ended Password with a " password of the day ," and then " So long, see you tomorrow, I hope.
So he sent John's mother, Alice Hemming OBE, a well-known journalist, on a cruise through the Panama Canal that ended in British Columbia.

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