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Page "romance" ¶ 866
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

So and one
So the Commission's announcements of the new Soviet shots have been confined to one or two bleak sentences, with the fission yield usually left vague.
So far as I can see, there is only one way out for the positivist.
So far these remarks, like most criticisms of Hardy, have tacitly assumed that his poetry is all of a piece, one solid mass of verse expressing a sensibility at a single stage of development.
So we may conceive the coexistence of the infinite number of universal, apparently momentary states of matter, successive one after another in consciousness, but permanent each on its own basic phase of the progressive frequencies.
So in closing, fellow retired members, I advise you to make the most of each day, enjoy each one to the n'th degree.
So, after the sitting has been held, several readings at one time are mailed, and the distant sitter ( whose name or whose communicator's name was given to the medium ) must mark each little item as Correct ( Hit ), Incorrect ( Miss ), Doubtful, or Especially Significant ( applying to him and, he feels, not to anyone else ).
So many Cubans were reported being swept into the Castro dragnet that the massive Sports Palace auditorium and at least one hotel were converted into makeshift jails.
So the Kirov will fly back to Russia, minus a Chicago engagement, a serious loss for dance fans -- and for the frustrated bookers, cancellation of one of the richest bookings in the country.
So in these pages one can share his wonder at the traditional fiesta of St. Torpetius that still persists in St. Tropez ; ;
So one has to introduce the charge conjugate antiparticle field, with its own creation and annihilation operators satisfying the relations
So many Englishmen and Gascons came to that part, that perforce they opened the king's battle, so that the Frenchmen were so mingled among their enemies that sometime there was five men upon one gentleman.
" So, to be born again means to be saved because in order to be saved one has to confess Jesus is Lord with one's mouth and believe it in one's heart.
So, Bogotá became one of the principal administrative centers of the Spanish possessions in the New World, along with Lima and Mexico City, though it remained somewhat backward compared to those two cities in several economic and logistical ways.
So in the second case cited above, it is likely that two different versions are being conflated: one version with an embassy of three people, another with just two people.
So by reducing the number of tracks used and thus capacity, it was possible to further reduce cost-in contrast to Double Density drives used e. g. in IBM PC computers of the day which saved 180 kB on one side ( by using a 40 tracks format ).
In those passages he reemphasized the concept by adding a divine postscript to the Genesis passage these words: " So, they are no longer two, but one " ( NIV ).
So to classify these groups one takes every central extension of every known finite simple group, and finds all simple groups with a centralizer of involution with this as a component.
So, due to the above mentioned, especially in the consecutive sequences of events, the Hierarchs of Alexandria were considered holding too much of power from one hand, and on the other hand, due to the conflict of the Schools of Theology, there would be an impasse and a scapegoat, i. e. Pope Dioscorus.
So " 0 " will have exactly one successor, which for convenience we can call " 1 ".
(…) So one of my motivations was to put straight a story that had been very badly told .”
So that no one would be unaware of them, they were posted on wooden tablets (-axones ), where they were preserved for almost two centuries, on steles of the shape of three-sided pyramids (-kyrbeis ).
As one article put it: " So why do we agree to a system in which we're dependent on a foreign country's whim before we can prosecute a criminal inside our own borders?
So I'm not surprised, but I was flattered and honored to be considered one of his friends and a cohort in Monkee business.
: So, after all, there was not one kind of Strife alone, but all over the earth there are two.

So and week
`` So that's sculpture '', commented Argiento wryly, when he had sluiced down the floor for a week, `` making mud pies ''.
So it wouldn't be for days or even a week before you could do anything.
So, for example, an event in a project can happen on w43 ( week 43 ) or w43-1 ( Monday, week 43 ) or, if the year needs to be indicated, on w0543 or w543 ( year 2005 week 43 ).
So I wore that 12 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week, for a month.
So many listeners contacted the radio station asking for more of " the singing kid " that the producers hired him to host his own 15-minute show twice a week for a weekly salary of US $ 15 ( equivalent to US $ in ).
So on September 28, 1981, Morning dropped the days of the week from its title ( except for Sunday Morning ), and was extended to 90 minutes and added Diane Sawyer as co-host ; in the process, Captain Kangaroo was reduced to a half-hour daily and pushed to an earlier time period ( 7: 00 a. m .).
So great were the crowds of fans in the street that special police had to be called in during the last week of the run.
So this year, in addition to the coveted prize of lame shoe for best-dressed of the week, will be awarded and the Olive slippers, the worst show of the week.
Less than 200 copies separated So Why So Sad from Found That Soul placing it 1 place higher at number 8, because the overwhelming majority of the sales that week were by the fans buying both.
Less than 200 copies separated " Found That Soul " from " So Why So Sad " placing it 1 place lower at number 9, because the overwhelming majority of the sales that week were by the fans buying both.
So as not to preempt the HRT 427's launch the following week, for its sneak Bathurst 1000 unveiling the yellow Monaro wore Tander's # 34, the car returning to # 427 for the 24 Hour race.
Carl and the Passions – " So Tough " ( Brother / Reprise 2MS 2083 ) hit # 50 in the US during a 20 week chart stay.
So after September, August and June, the “ last full week of July ” ( decided on by Major Breunese ) has become history.
:" So let us today drudge on about our inescapably impossible task of providing every week a first rough draft of history that will never really be completed about a world we can never really understand …" added
So he went and talked to Duchovny and asked him if he could " please " imagine himself as an FBI agent for the " future " week.
So while ' Bart to the Future ' was likely better than anything else on TV the week it first aired, even Mojo the monkey could've banged out a more inventive script [...] Plus, the whole looking-into-the-future premise is merely reliving past glory, carried out far more successfully in 1995's ' Lisa's Wedding.
So on a good week if you won you'd come home with a score.
" So I guess in Japan the Puffy Show aired the final episode last week.
A senior contributing editor for Glamour, in addition to editorial positions at Self, Inside. com and Book Publishing Report, she had gained attention and favorable reviews as the author of So Many Books, So Little Time: A Year of Passionate Reading ( Putnam, 2003 ), in which she stirred a year's worth of reading into a memoir mix of her personal experiences after a New Year's resolution to read a book each week.

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