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So and powerful
So powerful was the attribution of " the Lions " nickname that three heraldic versions of the animal returned as the jersey badge in 1930.
So although he did not invent the technique of cross-cutting, he did consciously develop it into a powerful method of film construction.
So powerful was the assault of the dragon fleet that the Host of the Valar was driven back from the gates of Angband onto the ashy plain of Anfauglith.
In order to meet Norman's hospital bills, in November 2002 Solid Rock Records began releasing the Essential Series on CD-R, a set of seven Norman albums, with 142 songs ( including 16 previously unreleased songs ), which comprised: Instigator, which included rough mix versions of two previously unreleased songs, " Butterfly " and " Kulderachna ", both removed from 1973's So Long Ago the Garden ; Agitator, which included three unreleased bonus tracks, " Sweet Silver Angels ", " God, Part 2 ", and " People In My Past "; Liberator, which included songs that were aimed at " liberating Christians who felt trapped inside the church and also providing a cultural doorway to allow those who felt dismissed and isolated by Christianity to find their way into fellowship with Christ regardless of the church's response toward them "; Collaborator, which featured songs representing " the combined efforts of Charles and Larry from lyrics and melodies to arrangements and production ", including three unreleased songs: " Perfect World ", " Don't Wanna Be Like You ", and " Jesus Is God ", recorded about 2000 ; Emancipator, included two unreleased songs of Norman singing with Randy Stonehill: a Christian version of the folk song " He Was a Friend of Mine ", which had been popularized by The Byrds and Bob Dylan, which was re-titled " He is a Friend of Mine ", and " I Love You ", the song Stonehill and Norman co-wrote in 1971 for Stonehill's Born Twice album ; Infiltrator, which sees love as " the most powerful infiltrator in the world ", is a collection of Norman's love songs, and includes two new releases: a cover of David Noble's " Waves of Grace ", and " Stranger, Won't You Change "; and Survivor, included the full 8-minute version of " Dark Passage ", an unreleased third verse of " Baby Out of Wedlock ", and " One Star Remains ", which is Judee Sill's " My Man On Love " from her 1971 eponymous debut album.
So for a given weight, ' dirty ' weapons with fissionable tampers are much more powerful than a ' clean ' weapon ( or, for an equal yield, they are much lighter ).
So, Alexander famously advocated on-site improvisation by concerned, empowered users, as a powerful way to form very workable large-scale initial solutions, maximizing the utility of a design, and minimizing the design rework.
So, while first rates and second rates were both larger and more powerful, the third-rate ships were in a real sense the optimal configuration.
So the discovery of bio-engineered ceramides and the capsules packaging together is a powerful force and remains till today a Arden signature and symbol.
So it's in the interest of the woman to find one man who will stay with her, or at least help her take care of her offspring, and some might argue that man is preferably wealthy or powerful.
So powerful, even Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd are forced to flee from them to the M51 Galaxy with the threat of being destroyed.
So, to contain the still powerful French the House of Orange-Nassau was put on the throne in the Netherlands, which formerly comprised the Dutch Republic and the Austrian Netherlands ( Belgium ).
So powerful had Jamaat become in Islamist ranks by then that the Sunni government of Saudi Arabia personally intervened to secure Maududi's release by dangling the specter of " revolution " in Pakistan.
: Oh, Saint Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession, and obtain for me from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, So that, having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most Loving of Fathers.
So the one step construction is more efficient in a way but more complicated and the result is less powerful.
So, a proposition is true if it " makes us powerful " or is " produced by power ", thus the slogan " truth is power ".
So powerful have corrupting social forces become that they overcome and denature George's life, for while in his youth he was capable of virtue, love, and creativity, he finds no ideal to which he can devote himself.
So powerful were they that they summoned and sustained an army of daemons, and infected the centuries-old dragon Skjalindar with chaos.
So powerful is this sensibility that we seem to have no other mode of looking at Iranian cinema other than to equate it with a universal concept of humanitarianism.
After Yuri's arrival, the declared crown prince and successor to Ju-Mong's throne, So Seo-no decides to leave ' her beloved KoGuryeo ' with all her subordinates and servants to establish a new kingdom-one ' much more powerful than KoGuryeo ever was '.
So powerful are these currents, that the ocean retains the Demerara's brown color for a considerable distance out to sea.
So, now it is up to Kajika and Giri to return the egg, but it will not be so easy now that they are being hunted down by the world famous assassin known as Isaza, who is also a member of the powerful Kawa tribe.
" Beguile the Time " features a brief but powerful anti-war message, while " So Cold " sounds like a salvo being fired towards Kalnoky and his new outfit, Streetlight Manifesto.
So omnipresent and powerful was satire in the Augustan age that more than one literary history has referred to it as the " Age of satire " in literature.
So omnipresent and powerful was satire in the Augustan age that more than one literary history has referred to it as the " Age of satire " in literature.

So and was
So simple, in fact, that it might even work -- although Pamela, now, in her new frame of mind, was careful not to pretend too much assurance.
So long as Sally's pa was coming out best on the haggle, Dan didn't feel the need of putting in his two-bits' worth.
So if all these beers was to get me in bed, man, you just spent a lot of money ''.
So Dandy Brandon trustingly entered the house with Delphine Lalaurie and trudged up the rear steps to the attic room which was to be his new home.
So the verdict was `` death at the hands of a person or persons unknown '', and the elite of the city, accepting Delphine's testimony, welcomed her and the doctor back into the fold.
So was my brother.
So persistent were these attacks that in March of the following year, Woodruff was finally moved to action, and Pike was to learn his first lesson in frontier politics, the subtle art of diversion.
So what Fred and Ralph did was to attempt to prorate the money fairly by taking into account what each of the five had received, if anything, from the estate before Papa's death.
So, because he had received less than Tom, it was felt proper that Fred should receive the few hundred dollars that remained.
So choosing a good tree, he clambered up into it, found a comfortable notch, and curled up in it to sleep, like the tousled bear he was, with his hands across his chest, as though surfeited with honey.
So Charles was dead.
So they parted when she was in an impatient humor.
So the pattern was established.
So it was that when Mr. Brown and Mr. Sharpe first saw the French tool on exhibition in Paris in 1868, they brought a sample with them to the United States and started Brown & Sharpe in yet another field where it retains its leadership to this day.
So young Prokofieff was the darling of success: in his motherland ; ;
So Prokofieff was able to cultivate his musical talents and harvest a rich reward from them.
But the greater part of semester time was actually centered around the attitudes: `` So we are married -- now how do we make the best of it ''??
So with all this experience, Bob Fogg was a natural choice to receive the first Emergency Air Mail Star Route contract.
So, after the sitting has been held, several readings at one time are mailed, and the distant sitter ( whose name or whose communicator's name was given to the medium ) must mark each little item as Correct ( Hit ), Incorrect ( Miss ), Doubtful, or Especially Significant ( applying to him and, he feels, not to anyone else ).
So filled was Mel Chandler with the spirit of Garryowen that after Korea was over, he took on the job of writing the complete history of the regiment.
So strenuous it was physically, with its days of horseback riding over rough roads that it seems an amazing feat of endurance for both Miss Packard and Miss Upton.
So was the attack upon Charles E. Bohlen when Eisenhower appointed him Ambassador to Moscow.
So somebody else could have come in, too -- then or later while she was out of the room.

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