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Page "mystery" ¶ 1090
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

So and driver
So, for example, to specify to the vfat filesystem driver that all files and directories are to have owner ID 745 and group ID 15, the < tt > mount </ tt > command would be invoked as < source lang = bash enclose = none > mount-t vfat-o uid = 745, gid = 15 </ source >.
So, after a non-finish for Williams at Long Beach and a stunning pole position and third-place finish at Monza for Ferrari, this would be the last Formula One race for America's greatest Grand Prix driver.
So many vehicles have power windows that some people no longer understand the ( formerly ) common sign from another driver of using their hand to simulate moving a window crank to indicate that they wish to speak with someone ( stopped at a light or in a parking lot ).
So, with a solid business plan in place, a wealth of experience in junior formulae, a sound car and engine package and a solid driver duo, Onyx Grand Prix looked set to have a rather promising future in Formula One.
So a tell tale is a small story for the driver.
" Farley was also in a Dairy Queen commercial advertising the Kit-Kat Blizzard, commercials for Hertz Rent-A-Car, and portrayed Felix the limo driver on Disney's That's So Raven.

So and started
So it was that when Mr. Brown and Mr. Sharpe first saw the French tool on exhibition in Paris in 1868, they brought a sample with them to the United States and started Brown & Sharpe in yet another field where it retains its leadership to this day.
`` So I started practicing on it in spring training.
So I started making some calls of my own.
So all their crafts initially stemmed from necessity but later on they started exporting their goods to the other places as well.
So the data in a newly started Freenet will be distributed somewhat randomly.
So John ends up back where his whole adventure started, in the Why Not ?, and is reunited with Ratsy.
So, he started its exportation and its fanbase flourished, including Admiral Nelson and his fleet.
So they started putting their money in places like Raleigh, North Carolina ; Nashville, Tennessee ; Phoenix, Arizona ; and Madison, Wisconsin.
So far, 13 net art exhibitions have been shown since the initiative started in 2000 including Tate in Space ( 2002 ) which was nominated in the Interactive Art category for the 2003 BAFTA Interactive awards.
" The impact attributed to the book is great, reinforced by a story that when Abraham Lincoln met Stowe at the start of the Civil War, Lincoln declared, " So this is the little lady who started this great war.
According to Stowe's son, when Abraham Lincoln met her in 1862 Lincoln commented, " So this is the little lady who started this great war.
So I started to draw and to write.
So the Super-posse chases our heroes unceasingly, until we've long since forgotten how well the movie started.
So in 1954 construction started on a new storm surge barrier, the first installation of the Delta Works.
So great was the revival that in the 1960s, production of player pianos started again.
So explosive ordnance disposal ( EOD ) operators started connecting them to Wheelbarrow robots.
" So she started it.
So that started him in the producing business and recording business.
So Twelfth Night, having decided to forge ahead as an instrumental band, started gigging in earnest early in 1980.
( So, if a piece is moved on board A, it is transferred to board B at the completion of its move ; if the piece started on board B, it ends up on board A.
So damaged was her voice that he insisted that she should not sing at all for three months, to allow her vocal cords to recover, before he started to teach her a secure vocal technique.
So influential was this practice that it was imported to the United States, where in 1861 Yale University started granting the Ph. D. degree to younger students who, after having obtained the bachelor's degree, had completed a prescribed course of graduate study and successfully defended a thesis / dissertation containing original research in science or in the humanities.
So that it would seem as though the town of Monroe started out as simply being called Cheescocks or the Cheesecocks Patent area, which remained largely wild prior to the Revolution.
So, together, they started making the musical.

So and curse
So as to counteract Arianrhod's curse, Math and Gwydion:
So as to counteract Arianrhod's curse, Math and Gwydion:
So as to counteract this curse, the magicians Math and Gwydion:
So I curse your life out!
The conflict discouraged Froude from continuing his biography of Carlyle, as he wrote in 1881, " So much ill will has been shown me in the case of the other letters that I walk as if on hot ashes, and often curse the day when I undertook the business.
So Brahma forced Surabhi ( in some versions, Surabhi instead suggested that Brahma should lie ) to falsely testify to Vishnu that Brahma had seen the top of the linga ; Shiva punished Surabhi by putting a curse on her so that her bovine offspring would have to eat unholy substances.
So kind friends, take my advice and shun the fatal curse of drink,
So despite its dire-sounding name, the winner's curse does not necessarily have ill effects in practice.
So he had to submit to their sentence against him-may Allah's curse be upon them!
So if they curse you it proves you're really hot, like a big soccer star ... if you score now, they'll cheer, but they'll curse you for sure if you miss the next time round.
So apparently this is the only way to defy this curse.
So may Allah, His angels and all of mankind curse them ".

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