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Some and biblical
Some people even believe that this was the biblical event of Noah's flood, but despite their historical significance, the first spectacular images of these submarine channels were obtained in 1999 ( Di Iorio, et al., 1999 ) in the frame of a NATO SACLANT Undersea Research project using jointly the NATO RV Alliance, and the Turkish Navy survey ship Çubuklu.
Some biblical references on this subject are debated depending on one ’ s school of theology.
Some scholars have identified the biblical creature Leviathan as a monster from Canaanite mythology.
Some Christian denominations ( such as Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox ), include a number of books that are not in the Hebrew Bible ( the biblical apocrypha or deuterocanonical books or Anagignoskomena, see Development of the Old Testament canon ) in their biblical canon that are not in today's Jewish canon, although they were included in the Septuagint.
Some scholars argue that a " Jewish biblical canon " was fixed by the Hasmonean dynasty.
Some five years later, in 1772, Thomas Scott, later to become a biblical commentator and co-founder of the Church Missionary Society, took up the curacy of the neighbouring parishes of Stoke Goldington and Weston Underwood.
( Some Jewish texts also refer to a " Messiah ben Joseph " or " Messiah ben Ephraim ", a military leader descended from the biblical Ephraim, who will successfully lead the army of Israel in many battles before being killed by Armilus, when Israel is defeated by Gog and Magog.
Some authors see the biblical Samuel as combining descriptions of two distinct roles:
Some biblical scholars also consider that parts of the Judean population had stayed to live in their homes during the excilic period and later joined the returning Israelites from Babylon and formed the Jews of the classic and Hasmonean era.
Some modern biblical scholars now believe that the Israelites would have crossed the Sinai peninsula in a direct route, rather than detouring to the southern tip ( assuming that they did not cross the eastern branch of the Red Sea / Reed Sea in boats or on a sandbar ), and therefore look for the biblical Mount Sinai elsewhere.
Some biblical scholars hold a generally sceptical view of the incident's historicity.
Some of the political messianics insist on giving the biblical commandment to ' blot out the memory of the Amalek ' an actual contemporary relevance in the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians.
" Support for Kahle's thesis was bolstered by the discovery of biblical manuscripts among the Dead Sea Scrolls, approximately five percent of which contain a text similar to the Samaritan Pentateuch .< ref > Some examples include the Dead Sea Scroll manuscripts conventionally designated as 4QpaleoExod < sup > m </ sup >, 4QExod-Lev < sup > f </ sup > and 4QNum < sup > b </ sup >.
Some authors argue that Ibri denotes the descendants of the biblical patriarch Eber ( Hebrew עבר ), son of Shelah, a great grandson of Noah and an ancestor of Abraham, hence the occasional anglicization Eberites.
Some of the descriptive passages of the biblical countryside are lush and beautifully written, but they seem superfluous – Technicolor glosses.
Some historians believe the city in Utah came to use this name because of William Pierce, the first postmaster, believing that the biblical Moab and this part of Utah were both " the far country ".
Some biblical scholars suggest that Samson's home tribe of Dan might have been related to the Philistines themselves.
Some theologians say that ' various biblical understandings of the atonement need not conflict '.
Some of Housman's plays caused scandals because of depiction of biblical characters and living members of the Royal House on stage, and many of them were only played privately until the subsequent relaxation of theatrical censorship.
Some ( but not all ) of these members of the Christian Left affirm that some homosexual practices are compatible with the Christian life and believe common biblical arguments used to condemn homosexuality are misinterpreted.
Some Christian also believe that the laying on of hands can have curative properties, based on biblical precedent set by Jesus, who would walk for days, offering his healing power.
Some biblical passages state that God has no presence in the underworld: " In death there is no remembrance of Thee, in Sheol who shall give Thee thanks?

Some and scholars
Some scholars point to a character from the Babylonian cuneiform which may have been derived from a representation of the abacus.
Some scholars favor the unhyphenated form antisemitism to avoid possible confusion involving whether the term refers specifically to Jews, or to Semitic-language speakers as a whole.
Some scholars have hypothesized an original Proto-Indo-European pantheon, with the chief male god ( Di -) represented by the sky and thunder, and the chief female god ( feminine form of Di -) represented as the earth or fertile soil.
Some scholars suggest that Arius may have been poisoned by his opponents.
Some scholars have speculated that members of the Alemannic elite such as king Gibuld due to Visigothic influence may have been converted to Arianism even in the later 5th century.
Some of the fragments quoted by ancient scholars were able to be integrated by scholars in the nineteenth century.
Some scholars believe that Amos's message was recorded after he delivered it to the Northern Kingdom, upon returning to his southern homeland of Tekoa, a town eight kilometres south of Bethlehem.
" Some scholars theorize that the " we " passages in Acts are just such " handed down " quotations from some earlier source who accompanied Paul on his travels.
Some scholars believe that the apologetic view of Luke ’ s work is overemphasized and that it should not be regarded as a “ major aim of the Lucan writings .” While Munck believes that purpose of Luke ’ s work is not that clear-cut and sympathizes with other claims, he believes that Luke ’ s work can function as an apology only in the sense that it “ presents a defense of Christianity and Paul ” and may serve to “ clarify the position of Christianity within Jewry and within the Roman Empire .” Pervo disagrees that Luke ’ s work is an apology and even that it could possibly be addressed to Rome because he believes that “ Luke and Acts speak to insiders, believers in Jesus .” Freedman believes that Luke is writing an apology but that his goal is “ not to defend the Christian movement as such but to defend God ’ s ways in history .”
Some scholars have struggled to determine if either of these two versions is closer to the original text composed by the original author.
Some scholars have objected to the language of the speeches as too Lukan in style to reflect anyone else's words.
Some scholars contend that the most ancient and genuine story told of only four sons of Aeolus: Sisyphus, Athamas, Cretheus, and Salmoneus, as the representatives of the four main branches of the Aeolic race.
Some scholars argue Plato drew upon memories of past events such as the Thera eruption or the Trojan War, while others insist that he took inspiration from contemporary events like the destruction of Helike in 373 BC or the failed Athenian invasion of Sicily in 415 – 413 BC.
Some scholars believe Clement of Rome cryptically referenced Atlantis in his First Epistle of Clement, 20: 8:
Some Nasheed singers avoid instruments in the background due to the opinion of certain scholars that their use is prohibited.
Some scholars see this war as destroying Arnulf's hopes at succeeding Charles.
Some scholars believe that the name and indeed the goddess herself was originally pre-Greek.
Some scholars see Adoptionist concepts in the Gospel of Mark and in the writings of the Apostle Paul.
Some scholars see Beowulf as a product of these early tales along with Gesta Danorum and Hrólfs saga kraka.
Some scholars have claimed that the vow formula of the Rule is best translated as " to live in this place as a monk, in obedience to its rule and abbot.
Some scholars have inferred that the minor judges were actual adjudicators, whereas the major judges were leaders and didn't actually make legal judgements.
Some modern scholars suggest the book of Esther to be a historical novella.
Some scholars have suggested that Amos ’ s reference to Edom is symbolic of all nations who were once enemies of Israel and not meant to literally mean Edomites in the flesh.

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