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Some and popular
Some popular designs use the following types of ANOVA:
Some see them as a " popular university ", an occasion to make many people aware of the problems of globalization.
Some species, particularly songbirds and parrots, are popular as pets.
Some Bud advertising campaigns have entered the popular culture in the United States.
Some popular brands of liquor include Er guo tou, Du Kang, Mao Tai, Lu Zhou Te Qu and Wu Liang Ye.
Some chemical reactions, like those used to produce the active ingredients for the popular statin drugs, must occur at low temperatures of approximately − 100 ° C ( about-148 ° F ).
Some of the more popular games include Donkey Kong ( the pack-in ), Donkey Kong Jr., Carnival, Lady Bug, Mouse Trap, and Zaxxon.
Some of the problems and contradictions in this terminology will perhaps disappear as more systematic terms, such as ( non ) load / store, becomes more popular and eventually replaces the imprecise and slightly counter-intuitive RISC / CISC terms.
Some have interpreted this last point as an early expression of ' popular sovereignty ' – that government is contractual and that kings can be chosen by the community rather than by God alone.
Some popular approaches include:
Some of the more popular translations are written from a less scholarly perspective, giving an individual author's interpretation.
Some popular solos and concerti, such as the Koussevitsky Concerto are available in both solo and orchestral tuning arrangements.
Some popular bands decided to anchor their sound with an upright bass instead of an electric bass.
Some popular types of ethnic foods include Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, American, Cajun, Thai, and Indian cuisine.
Some of the most popular multi-fin configurations use two rail fins ( a " twin-fin "), two rail fins plus a similar-sized central fin mounted further back ( e. g. a " Thruster "), or four fins ( a " quad ").
Some websites and tools exist which provide a phonetic guide for Japanese web pages ( in hiragana, romaji or kiriji ); these are popular with both Japanese children and foreign Japanese learners.
Some of the most popular sketches and segments on Hee Haw included:
Some other popular sights are the Waterloo Column, the Laves House, the Wangenheim Palace, the Lower Saxony State Archives, the Hanover Playhouse, the Kröpcke Clock, the Anzeiger Tower Block, the Administration Building of the NORD / LB, the Cupola Hall of the Congress Centre, the Lower Saxony Stock, the Ministry of Finance, the Garten Church, the Luther Church, the Gehry Tower ( designed by the American architect Frank O. Gehry ), the specially designed Bus Stops, the Opera House, the Central Station, the Maschsee lake and the city forest Eilenriede, which is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.
Some popular types of soups are:
Some of the cassettes for the Sing Along machines were recorded by Filipino cover bands for popular songs so that the vocals and accompaniment could be played independently.
Some famous and popular tourist attractions near Karachi city are
Parks: Some popular parks are Bagh Ibne Qasim, Boat Basin Park, Mazar-e-Quaid, Karachi Zoo, Hill Park, Safari Park, Bagh-e-Jinnah, PAF Museum Park, Maritime Museum Park, Aziz Bhatti Park and Jheel Park.
Some ministers wanted St. Laurent to stay on and offer to form a minority government, following the logic that the popular vote had supported them and even though their Parliamentary minority was smaller than the Conservatives, the Liberals ' more recent governmental experience would make them a more effective minority.
Some critics of Stalin's policy, such as the popular writer Viktor Suvorov, claim that Stalin's primary motive for signing the Soviet – German non-aggression treaty was his calculation that such a pact could result in a conflict between the capitalist countries of Western Europe.

Some and freeware
Some would serve as file clerks, describing and inserting newly arrived shareware, freeware, and other files into appropriate download directories.
Some freeware DNS server software supports a different dynamic update procedure.
Some antivirus software can act as ad blocker, including some freeware such as Avast.
Some software titles are trial versions ; many are freeware and shareware.
Some early freeware applications which convert the files can be found from third parties such as at The Green Button.
Some concordancers used in corpus linguistics are AntConc ( freeware ), ApSIC Xbench, WordSmith, MonoConc, GlossaNet / Unitex ( open-source free software ), AdTAT ( free software developed by The University of Adelaide ), CorpusEye, KH Coder ( open-source free software ), and Linguistic Toolbox ( freeware ).
Some are freeware, some are commercial.
Some previously commercial versions of SoftMaker TextMaker were later released as freeware ( SoftMaker Office 2006 and SoftMaker Office 2008 ).
Some of them were freeware or shareware, or demo versions of commercial programs, but other material was original to the disk magazine.
Some of these are freeware, some shareware and some are commercial programs.

Some and BBS
Some of the larger commercial BBSes, such as MaxMegabyte and ExecPC BBS, evolved into Internet Service Providers.
Some companies were able to make the move to the Internet and provide commercial products with BBS capabilities.
Some BBS chat programs ( i. e. Celerity BBS ) also used a similar interface.
* Some hacker related e-zines, which, like samizdat, were distributed via email and FTP over early Internet links and BBS quoted and developed ideas coming from SI.
Some special noted features for all Infini series are: infini logo on the back, upgraded suspension, upgraded ECU, higher horsepower, lightened weight, 15-inch BBS aluminum alloy wheels, Infini logo steering wheel, aero bumper kits, bronze colored window glass, floor bar on the passenger side, aluminum bonnet with scoop, flare and holder.
Some years later, Randolph hosted the Igmeister Zone BBS, a WWIV node at speeds up to 9600 bit / s.
Some discreet " Storm " badging, a colour-keyed front grille, 15 inch BBS " Solitude " alloy wheels, and standard fitment of some previously optional items ( such as the leather heated front seats ) were all that differentiated this model from the base Corrado VR6.
Some databases contain historical release records dating back to the BBS era.
Some of the most popular installations included the highly optimized and fast Blue Board program, and the Color64 BBS System, which allowed the use of Color graphics using the PET-ASCII system.
Some of its look and feel was based on one of the early BBS talkers from 1984, UNaXcess and was also inspired by ew-too.
Some of the more notable features of Mystic BBS include:
Some variants of the 65C02 ( including the WDC W65C02S and the Rockwell R65C00 family ) feature individual bit manipulation operations (< tt > RMB </ tt >, < tt > SMB </ tt >, < tt > BBR </ tt > and < tt > BBS </ tt >).

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