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Some and publishers
Some independent comics continued in the tradition of underground comics, though their content was generally less explicit, and others resembled the output of mainstream publishers in format and genre but were published by smaller artist-owned companies or by single artists.
: Some of the ISBNs and publishers below may not be for the original edition.
Some academia, some large book publishers, and some dictionaries still use " Web site ", reflecting the origin of the term in the proper name World Wide Web.
Some publishers, for example the American Physical Society, also grant the author the right to post and update the article on the author's or employer's website and on free e-print servers, to grant permission to others to use or reuse figures, and even to reprint the article as long as no fee is charged.
Some of the most successful publishers of the English Renaissance, like William Ponsonby or Edward Blount, rarely published plays.
Some female authors have used pen names to ensure that their works were accepted by publishers and / or the public.
Some publishers employ fact checkers, particularly regarding non-fiction works.
Some of the major publishers have entire divisions devoted to a single franchise, e. g. Ballantine Del Rey Lucasbooks has the exclusive rights to Star Wars in the United States ; Random House UK ( Bertelsmann )/ Century LucasBooks holds the same rights in the United Kingdom.
Some publishers go to the effort of preparing marginal annotations or even cutting into the side of the pages to show markers for each letter so that at a glance a segmented interpolation can be performed.
Some well-known German ( Andreas ), Swiss ( Derib and Cosey ) and Polish ( Grzegorz Rosinski ) authors work almost exclusively for the Franco-Belgian market and publishers.
Some songwriters serve as their own music publishers, while others have outside publishers.
# Some publishers use the web to distribute audio, texts and software, for use offline.
Some, like Timothy Abreu of Gush Publishing, argue that Laura was an " untutored genius ," relying on her daughter mainly for some early encouragement and her connections with publishers and literary agents.
Some publishers have avoided copy-protecting their products, on the theory that the resulting inconvenience to their users outweighs any benefit of frustrating " casual copying ".
Some questions provided marketing data, e. g., average age of the readership ; some were used to provide competitive rankings of SPI's and other publishers ' products, charts that S & T's readers pored over when deciding what game to buy next.
Some yearbook publishers have agreements with schools, whereby the staff send photos and copy for layout by the publishing company ; the layout is later sent to the school for final editing.
Some publishers provide designers and production specialists to lay out the entire book.
Some of the founders ' studios came to resemble separate publishers, each with several ongoing series set in a shared universe.
Some of the Image partners used their studios to also publish works produced outside of their studios, allowing the creators to retain ownership and editorial control over those series, an arrangement which was then uncommon among large publishers.
Some commercial publishers took up the use of colophons, and began to include similar details in their books, either at the end of the text ( the traditional position ) or on the verso of the title-leaf.
Some of the most notable publishers included Willis Woodward, the Witmark house of publishing, Charles K. Harris, and Edward B.
Some of these automated " content marketplace " systems involve careful screening of potential publishers by the content creator to ensure that the material does not end up in an inappropriate environment.
Some publishers now publish paperback originals due to slow sales.

Some and design
Some analysis is required in support of the design of the
Some established jurisdictions require adherence to design and historic preservation guidelines.
Some architects specialize as building code, building envelope, sustainable design, technical writing, historic preservation ( US ) or conservation ( UK ), accessibility and other forms of specialist consultants.
Some undergraduate courses require a team of 2 to 5 students to design, implement, and test a simple CPU in a FPGA in a single 15 week semester.
Some workers died, but the loss of life was limited by the modular design of the factory and its earth works, and the planting of trees that directed the blasts upward.
Some formal design methods and programming languages emphasize data structures, rather than algorithms, as the key organizing factor in software design.
Some are to guide the overall goal of the design.
Some deists see design in nature and purpose in the universe and in their lives ( Prime Designer ).
Some units of the U. S. Marine Corps Raiders in the Pacific were issued a similar fighting dagger, the Marine Raider Stiletto., though the design proved less than successful when used in the type of knife combat encountered in the Pacific theater.
Some national flags have been particularly inspirational to other nations, countries, or subnational entities in the design of their own flags.
Some historians have speculated that since Rome lacked advanced naval technology the design of the warships was probably copied verbatim from captured Carthaginian triremes and quinqueremes or from ships that had beached on Roman shores due to storms.
Some Steinberger electric guitars, owing to their minimalist and lightweight design, have both strap buttons at the bottom of the body.
Some trigger locks are integrated into the design of the weapon, requiring no external parts besides the key.
Some Egyptologists consider this to have been the result of deliberate design proportion.
Some of the important properties of soils that are used by geotechnical engineers to analyze site conditions and design earthworks, retaining structures, and foundations are:
Some of these sketches may even be shown to a client for early stage approval, before the designer develops the idea further using a computer and graphic design software tools.
Some of GLUT's original design decisions made it hard for programmers to perform desired tasks.
Some contemporary players of these modern electric harps, especially solid body and minimalist design instruments, have been able to add the advantage of movement on stage into their musical performance.
Some combination or hybrid bits combine direct pressure and leverage, such as the Kimblewick or Kimberwicke, which adds slight leverage to a two-rein design that resembles a snaffle ; and the four rein designs such as the single mouthpiece Pelham bit and the double bridle, which places a curb and a snaffle bit simultaneously in the horse's mouth.
Some critics disliked the unusual design, however, and criticized the reliance on triangles throughout the building.
Some influential advocates of feng shui in Hong Kong and China criticized the design, and Pei and government officials responded with token adjustments.
Some critics, such as Jerry Coyne ( professor of evolutionary biology at the University of Chicago ) and Eugenie Scott ( a physical anthropologist and executive director of the National Center for Science Education ) have argued that the concept of irreducible complexity, and more generally, intelligent design is not falsifiable, and therefore, not scientific.
Some of the older buildings, especially in the engineering faculty and the Aurobindo Bhavan in particular, have a strong Bengali influence which can be seen in the design of the pillars and even the wooden doors and windows.

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