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Some and variants
Some dialect variants: Somono, Segou, San, Beledugu, Ganadugu, Wasulu and Sikasso.
Some matching-type games are also shedding-type games ; some variants of Rummy such as Phase 10 and Rummikub, as well as the children's game Old Maid, fall into both categories.
Some bets are listed more than once below – the most common payout in North American casinos is listed first, followed by other known variants.
Some of the common variants of derivative contracts are as follows:
Some variants are commonly referred to as square-and-multiply algorithms or binary exponentiation.
Some well-known hemoglobin variants such as sickle-cell anemia are responsible for diseases, and are considered hemoglobinopathies.
Some authors reject both the French and Goidelic theories and instead suggest that the ultimate source both for the Norman French, Scots and Goidelic variants of this word are to be found in a common Norse root.
Some designs-such as the many variants of the MG42-are capable of rates of fire in excess of 1500 rounds per minute.
Some Tetris clones and variants, like the games of Plan 9 from Bell Labs, and Magical Tetris Challenge, do use pentominoes.
Some pizza cheeses derived from skim mozzarella variants were designed not to require aging or the use of starter.
Some variants enclose almost the entire arrow, while minimalist " pocket quivers " consist of little more than a small stiff pouch that only covers the first few inches.
Some ballads, such as Erlinton, feature Robin Hood in some variants, where the folk hero appears to be added to a ballad pre-existing him and in which he does not fit very well.
Some regional groups that adhere to variants of the Humanist life stance, such as the humanist subgroup of the Unitarian Universalist Association, do not belong to the IHEU.
Some Sentinel variants have the ability to learn from their experiences, developing their defenses during an engagement.
Some variants of coherence theory are claimed to characterize the essential and intrinsic properties of formal systems in logic and mathematics.
# Some thirteen volumes have been published by the Institute for the Complete Israeli Talmud ( a division of Mechon ha-Rav Herzog ), on lines similar to Rabinowitz, containing the text and a comprehensive set of textual variants ( from manuscripts, early prints and citations in secondary literature ) but no commentaries.
Some variants interchange the chuo 辵 " go ; advance " radical with the xing 行 " go ; road " radical, with the original bronze " crossroads " depiction written in the seal character with twoand 亍 " footprints ".
Some pen names are strictly not pseudonyms, as they are simply variants of the authors ' actual names.
Some variants include:
Some of the more commonly seen variants involve employment scams, lottery scams, online sales and rentals, and romance scams.
Some chess variants are used only in problem composition and not in actual play.
Some fish also have variants of this, as well as the regular system.
Some variants of airliners have been developed for carrying freight or for luxury corporate use.
Some variants exist.

Some and two
Some brilliant rookies nailed them down, so that this spring just two spots, left and right field, are really up for grabs.
Some experiments are composed of repetitions of independent trials, each with two possible outcomes.
Some even boast two pools, one for adults and one for children.
Some pastors have two sessions in one evening, with a refreshment period between.
Some churches have six or more training sessions of two hours each, generally held on Sunday night or during the week.
Some alloys are made by melting and mixing two or more metals.
Some convictions triggered an automatic penalty, but where this was not the case the two litigants each proposed a penalty for the convicted defendant and the jury chose between them in a further vote.
Some scholars have struggled to determine if either of these two versions is closer to the original text composed by the original author.
" Some of the dishes included in the category of minutas are milanesas, churrascos, bifes, escalopes, tallarines, ravioles ( ravioli ), ñoquis ( gnocchi, although some are very typical of locations that sell food: " bifes a caballo " ( beef steak with two fried eggs ), " milanesa a caballo ", " milanesa completa " ( a milanesa with two fried eggs and a garnish of fries ), " revuelto Gramajo ", " colchón de arvejas ", " suprema de pollo " ( a kind of chicken milanesa ), matambres, " lengua a la vinagreta " and " sandwiches " ( sandwiches de miga ).
Some compounds are quite specific, causing reversions in just one or two strains.
Some are large scale military events with large flying displays and ground exhibitions while others held at small local airstrips can often feature just one or two hours of flying with just a few stalls on the ground.
Some argue that the Aberdeen Bestiary might be the older of the two.
Some doubts have been raised about the long-term effectiveness of antipsychotics for schizophrenia, in part because two large international World Health Organization studies found individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia tend to have better long-term outcomes in developing countries ( where there is lower availability and use of antipsychotics and mental health problems are treated with more informal, community-led methods only ) than in developed countries.
Some of these are challenging to sequence because they have more than two haploid ( n ) sets of chromosomes, a condition known as polyploidy, common in the plant kingdom.
Some of the masterpieces include the ' Standard of Ur ', the ' Ram in a Thicket ', the ' Royal Game of Ur ', and two bull-headed lyres.
These include two 135 tonne Yunnan-class landing craft, which are able to carry and launch smaller craft for troop insertions. Some effort has been made to assess equipment needs to bring L ' Audacieux P103 and Bakassi P104 to an effective combat status.
Some philosophers believe that Block's two types of consciousness are not the end of the story.
Some, like Henry Sidgwick, argue that a certain degree of egoism promotes the general welfare of society for two reasons: because individuals know how to please themselves best, and because if everyone were an austere altruist then general welfare would inevitably decrease.
Some Chinese couplets may consist of two lines of four characters each.
Some see these two aspects of citizenship as incompatible, such that social rights have gone too far with not enough emphasis on duties citizens owe to the state.
Some called for a maximum of two term-periods in each party body, including the Central Committee, others supported Nikita Khrushchev's policy of compulsory turnover rules, which had been ended by the Brezhnev leadership.
Some Christians believe that marriage is the union of two people and that homosexual behavior is not inherently sinful.
Some comics note, in the words of Barry Allen, that " Clark slouches, wears clothes two sizes too big and raises his voice an octave ," making him appear shorter and overweight instead of muscular.
Some players perform with the sides of one, two, or three fingers, especially for walking basslines and slow tempo ballads, because this is purported to create a stronger and more solid tone.

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